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  1. JThiessen

    Smarty S06 for sale 400 OBO

    Sold - Thanks Scott!
  2. JThiessen

    Smarty S06 for sale 400 OBO

    PM replied - looks like I need to fix my email notification settings - didnt get an email.
  3. Sold the 06 last week, and selling of some of the extras. I set the truck back to stock, so this is unlocked for your use This not the POD version Have original box and paperwork 400 OBO Edmonds/Everett area
  4. JThiessen

    Hood for '06 Ram

    I'm sure this will fit '07 also, not certain about prior years. Its the inferno red color - slightly lighter shade than the paint on my truck - hence why I ended up not installing it. It has one small ding on the front and a small chip or two - otherwise in great shape. 200 OBO
  5. I recently changed my landing gear jacks on the 5th wheel to a dual motor system. So I have these sitting my garage - its a single motor system - not sure what the rating on it is. It was on a 2005 Keystone Laredo 29RL 5th wheel - so I'd guess its a minimum of 5K, probably 7500 lbs. Motor works great. The non-powered side worm gear is likely stripped - that side stopped working, hence why I converted it. 50 bucks OBO. Craigslist ad here: http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/rvs/5257530043.html Probably best to reply there as I dont get on this forum much anymore.
  6. Pulled this system out of my '06 Dodge about a year ago. Programmed with the Race MPG tune. Includes the wire harness and installation instructions. I have the Pillar mount somewhere in my garage too (Light grey color). And have the fuel pressure kit that was never installed. 100 bucks takes it. email me at jthiessen@frontier.com since I dont get on the forum much anymore. heres the link to my Craigslist Ad with a couple pics http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/pts/5257521189.html
  7. JThiessen

    Rear Molded Splash Guards

    They sold...I didn't check back here at all - sorry T.E.
  8. Last spring I replaced the steering linkage on my truck (2006 3500 4X4 QC) while pursuing a steering problem. Turned out to NOT be the linkage. It includes the pitman arm and stock stabilizer. Make me an offer on it.
  9. JThiessen

    Rear Molded Splash Guards

    Got a brand spanking new set of rear Mopar splash guards that I was given as a gift several years ago. Been sitting on the shelf and I need the space. These are the ones with the rams head. $15
  10. JThiessen

    EFILive on the Cummins

    Very serious - 'specially if it's from you guys. Tired of washing the black off my trailer. ps. How come your fuelly numbers arent' showing up?
  11. I'll start off with a link to this (for those that haven't heard anything about EFILive) My link So what I am wondering is if any local vendors are going to sign up with a EFI tune for a fee system...or If I need to pop for the whole she--bang myself (and sell my Smarty to help fund the $900 price tag).....
  12. JThiessen


    Yeah, there is nothing when I'm turning - the rotational knock is only noticable when going straight. I had suspected driveline also since it went away when I engaged 4WD (gave it some resistance, I'd guess). Drivelines NW isn't too far away from the plant here, so i might try them. I kinda wanted to find a suspension shop to give me a second look at the tie-rods and ball joints. I know they are worn due to the amount of wander I get on the road, but I dont think they are shot yet....
  13. JThiessen


    Who did you have do yours? Got a qoute from Les Schwab today, seems high to me, but they also said I need new tie rod ends and ball joints....1600 with tax! Ouch...There goes my tax return.
  14. JThiessen

    driveline U joints

    I just stopped adt Les Schwab today to have them look at mine (2006, 70K). Have a knock sound that I've been hearing for the last week when coasting to a stop. Goes away when I engage 4WD. They confirmed bad u-joint, but also told me my ball joints are getting really sloppy. Ended up qouting me 1600 to change 2 U-joints, 2 ball joints, inner tie rod end, and alignment....seems a little on the high side. Anyone have any rec's on a shop in the Lynnwood/Everett area for a front end shop that I can get a second qoute from? My garage is PACKED right now due to a remodel, so doing it myself is out right now (probably wouldnt do the tie rods myself). Also looking at having them change out my steering box to a Redhat (? right name???) while they are at it.
  15. JThiessen

    Need Car hauled to Montana

    Yea, its been tossed around. Just schedule conflicts at this time. They are getting ready for harvest, and I've got commitments that extend out through mid Sept. Might have a buddy in Bremerton that is going back soon...