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  1. I did own an LB7 for a while. Good truck all around. But like any high mileage vehicle, maintenance is key.
  2. LOL, I dare ya buddy..... There are plenty of 6.0's that are still running.....they live in an OASIS! (Ford Tech Joke)
  3. On a bone stock truck? I would have no issue. If it has been modded, I would adjust my offer accordingly. For the most part, the LB7's are bombproof. Cheaper and easier to fix than other model years (other than injectors) With Average maintenance, I would say it would be good to 500K Below average maintenance (they are an oil cooled motor technically) I would expect an oil cooler change out around the 400K mark. Possibly a set of injectors, and definitely a water pump. Find out the BB Price and bargain with it.
  4. Lol. I would be 'double tapping' the upshift button to try and fake out the computer.... Or be driving it like I stole it. Hmmm decisions decisions. I think you need a 6 speed Russ. In a VETTE!!!! Pull off the top when you want to. Hard top when you don't. 30+ us mpg on the interstates, 400hp, whats not to like?
  5. Next year I will make plans to attend That said, we have all had smoked rice (insert w h y here) and had a good time doing it. Trouble is, technology (electronics and bolt ons) can take even the most pedestrian diesel out beyond 500rwhp. And with great power, respect for it's use/misuse has to be used. Dangerous driving has a threashold. It IS fun and games until someone gets hurt. I believe the best option is to tell participants exactly that. Rollin' Coal is one thing, being a participant in a MVA is another issue. If we don't police our own events, and be somewhat responsible, they will cease to exist because of liability. It can be fun and loose, but just a tiny bit of restraint can go a long way. It is for a good cause, but NO organization worth their salt would dare take any donation from a group that gets termed dangerous. My .02
  6. One thing that ALL BBB forums are experiencing is a drop in volume because of social media sites like Facebook. The reality is, before facebook etc, BBB forums all had a lot more traffic
  7. Even the New Gaurd becomes Old Gaurd when enough time passes. That said, we do have a very tight-knit group of people on here. While not boasting the volume of members as other forums, I am sure that we all know 80% of the active members on here. What we have to offer is a slightly different flavor than other diesel sites. And I will admit, that for a time, I too wanted more active members on here. With a few gray hairs later, I realized that one reason we don't is the lack of drama here (compared to other places) I am glad we have this site, i enjoy all the members here, and their support has been great over the years. Do we have room for improvement? You Bet! Are we having as many 'issues' as other sites? No. If there is anything specific we can add Ben, let us know:) we act for the membership
  8. Welcome to the NWBOMBERS! I had a Duramax for quite a while. Great trucks, and with a few tasteful mods, they perform very well.
  9. I have the 62/14 in my 6 speed 2006. Great Turbo. 14cm housing increases lag slightly but has much better drive pressures (and 200f reduction in egts over the 12 cm housing. Truck is right at the 500hp range, and the turbo is gated to 'crack' at 42 psig and is fully open at 44 Psig. If you only plan to run +40hp more fuelling over stock, get the 12cm housing. If you plan on any more than that, get the 14cm housing.
  10. Lol. Peta drone violates US FAA laws and the drone's operator isnt charged? WTF?
  11. http://www.cnn.com/2013/04/11/us/animal-rights-drones?c=&page=1
  12. http://www.dailytech.com/Can+US+Citizen+Shoot+Down+Domestic+Spy+Drones+Question+Looms/article27687.htm
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