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  1. Trust me, we'd much rather be there. We both tested negative, but have been exposed to 2 that tested positive, so... better safe than sorry.
  2. It's official, we won't be there.... quarantined until the 13th.
  3. Thank you Shawn, your mother is very nice. I actually got there before Ben... Ben, thanks again for the help.
  4. Contact has been made for delivery, should be done within the hour.
  5. We are 30 minutes away...
  6. West from Spokane, I am now in Bonney Lake. Tomorrow I will be available to get the boxes, and will be heading to Albany on Saturday.
  7. I am now in Bonney Lake. Dan (rubystargoats) has some stuff that needs to go to Albany, so I will try to connect with him tomorrow, and plan on leaving Bonney Lake Saturday morning. Ben, if you can get there first and start disassembling we can finish and load directly to my trailer.
  8. Unless things change, I will be heading west tomorrow (Thursday the 11th) and heading down to Albany Saturday the 13th.
  9. Ok, I have read the post multiple times and it still reads like your Mom does NOT need it so, unless I hear otherwise, I am planning for this Saturday the 13th. I will be reaching out to rubystargoats (Dan) as he has boxes to go to Albany... bomber express all the way.
  10. Have these made it to Albany? Could be headed that way...
  11. Wow, sounds like this weekend would be good, so you will have one less thing to deal with. Ok guys... who's up for this??
  12. I am available any day except the 11th and the 20th.... I have sent a pm to SMOKN05 but have not heard anything yet. Thank you to all so willing to make this happen.
  13. Ben, That would be great, 1 more excuse to drive down and check ouy all the goodies you got going... I am waiting to hear back on details...
  14. My wife(Maria) says "Thank you very much, and God bless" We have sons in Bonney Lake so I will be planning from there. Olympia would be great, but I would go to Albany if that will be easier on you. Albany would have to be done on a weekend.
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