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  1. I'm hoping to be able to bring the family up and watch this in person, instead of on TV.
  2. My wife had an 05, I loved it, her not so much. 😆 We bought it with 90K, had to put a trans in it at 110K miles. The trans shop that did the work said they do a lot of 4L60's, so I would say your trans concerns are warranted. The transfer case in them can have the pump rub issue as well, the pump rub fix kit is easy to install. Other than the trans no issues with it, the 5.3 had good power and on my commute I averaged 16MPG, mostly 50MPH country roads.
  3. I've been writing my legislators like crazy this past week over the idiocy they are proposing for this state. If you follow this link, https://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/ , and enter the bill number, you can comment on their lunacy and tell them where you stand on current proposed legislature.
  4. Someone's gotta be the redheaded stepchild of the group. 😂
  5. Not having to go through emissions testing was one of my favorite benefits of living in the rural part of Clark County. Guess I can move back to town now. . . 🤣
  6. Not my old neighbors then. Good looking truck though, I know where it's twin is.
  7. Where'd you find it? It looks an awful lot like my old neighbors truck.
  8. While its not the same truck, I just sold a 2001 24v with the NV4500 and 213K miles for 13K. It was stock other than exhaust and an unknown old school tow tune on it. I didn't have a lot of interest in it at that price, the kid who bought it did so because it looked just like the truck his dad had when he was younger. I also had a couple people seriously low ball me and expect me to cut my price in half, because that's what KBB said the truck was worth. I usually just check Craigslist for similar trucks and price accordingly, which will be more difficult with the upgrades you've added.
  9. I look forward to doing business with Bill at his new shop. He went out of his way to help me out years ago when I needed parts to fix my truck, he's definitely a good guy in my book. 👍
  10. I have no experience with it, but this is the stuff I plan on using if I ever get around to doing the interior of my Jeep. http://www.monstaliner.com/
  11. When I've used plasti-dip it's been very temperature sensitive, if the can is too cold I get blotchy un-even spray out of the nozzle, if the can is warm it seems to spray smooth and even.
  12. I bought some LED bulbs for the stock, non-sport housings on my truck. They are definitely brighter, but they are not focused as well as a halogen, but much better than an HID in the stock housing. I've been running them in my truck for two months and no one has brighted me, so they don't seem to be blinding anyone. The ones I bought have four small LED's, two for the lows, and all four for the high's. I thought that should work good because the light would be emitted in a similar fashion to the halogen bulbs, but what I ended up with is each light emitting two distinct hot spots of light, and neither one is right in front of the truck. These http://www.ebay.com/itm/351512509921?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT are the ones I bought.
  13. I'm running the stock WH1C with a 60MM compressor housing and a manual boost controller, I tow a 27ft long 7K pound camp trailer and have no problem keeping the egt's in check while pulling hills, and I usually have usable power to spare. Before I installed the manual boost controller I really had to watch the egt's, and I barley made any boost while towing, 15-ish pounds, with the boost controller and no other changes I see 30-35 psi pulling the same hills, more air, lower egt's. Might be something to look into.
  14. I'd love to have one of these trucks, but the ones I could afford are all out of warranty already, so for me the possibility of a major engine failure from normal use rules it out. Hopefully someone comes up with a way to pin that gear on, with my commute 25-30 MPG would be very nice.
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