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  1. Mark, The 518 is a 727 with OD correct? Then is should have two bands. One externally adjusted and one internal??? Or is that part of the OD addition?
  2. thats cool! I sure want a 6.4 bge to build for the cuda.. maybe one day
  3. looks like a good place for a Whipple 4.2..
  4. How are the wheel covers? Do you have them all?
  5. It would be great to see you guys!
  6. If its still a go I'll be there one way or another. Was hoping to run in the small tire class. We will see. This shutdown has everything screwed up. Some tracks are saying they wont open till July possibly. Leaves me no time to get it dialed in after winter upgrades.
  7. 02 Turbo model. It had the 1.8T in it. Standard bumper for the turbos. The rear is different too. I think the rear plate is in a different spot too
  8. My packages were delivered in a gorgeous Orange Mopar! darn that makes me want another challenger!! Sweet Ride Shawn thanks for the delivery!! Thanks Ben and Carl! Some real goodies in there!!
  9. Eibach has a nice spring kit for those.. Drop it about 1.5 to 2" and ride much better. Install is fairly simple even on the floor..
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