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  1. TorqueEngineer

    12' G56 clutch tricks or tips?

    Get the upgrade hydraulic to go with it. The shift boot on mine failed at 50k and was always leaking. Went to polaris dealer with shifter tower amd found a cv axle boot to fit, now no more leak.
  2. TorqueEngineer

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Are you going to put baffles in?
  3. TorqueEngineer

    Valve adjustment.....

    I set mine once to .010 and .020 and all i got was more smoke. 06 calls for .010 and .026. Reading this i might change to .020 on exhaust now that i have the compounds.
  4. TorqueEngineer

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Is there air in the front bags? I see the control arm bracket are close to the ground.
  5. TorqueEngineer

    85 Chev 1500 4X4

    Its was a runner when pulled from truck. 0.060" overbore and 25k on rebiuld amd painted caterpillar yellow.
  6. TorqueEngineer

    85 Chev 1500 4X4

    If your looking for a sbc 400 crankshaft i have one still in engine. Complete carb to oil pan.
  7. TorqueEngineer

    DEF fluid

    The wife and I are pick up a 2015 VW TDI with DEF system. Is the DEF the same to all brands? Does any know if one brand is better then other?
  8. TorqueEngineer

    2015 VW Golf SportWagen S

    The wife is looking at the car in the title. We have looked online for information, good, bad, or ugly but can not find much. Does anyone here have or know of any reason not to purchase car? Has DSG trans, tdi, blue def system, and very very low miles. Thank you
  9. TorqueEngineer

    One Up Offroad traction bars

    I biult a set for my 2006 3500 with parts from ballistic fabrication and 2 6' stick of 2' schedule 80 pipe. Total for materials was $400.
  10. TorqueEngineer

    wtb 2006 stock low mile injectors...

    I have a set out of my 2006. 65k on 4 of them and 30k on 2 others.
  11. TorqueEngineer

    1996 Dodge Cummins, 2500 4x4, $6500

    Is it ok to have somebody not on the board contact him. I sent the link to a friend but it will not allow him to see the pics.
  12. TorqueEngineer

    Type of steel to use

    Bulk head fittings would make it look clean and professional and if you break a line out side box you can just disconnect and run new with out have to get into the box to change the hose.
  13. TorqueEngineer

    Type of steel to use

    Put spacers between plates on bolts to prevent frame deformation.
  14. TorqueEngineer

    FS ATS 3 manifold AND 62/65 s300

    No the flap was stuck in the outlet of the housing. I tried to find a new housing, but unable to locate on the interweb.
  15. TorqueEngineer

    FS ATS 3 manifold AND 62/65 s300

    24 valve 3 piece ATS manifold/ used, can be sandblaster and preserved for you painting skills $250. The turbo is the one I just had a issue with. The waste gate valve broke, so to my knowledge the turbine housing is no good( unless you weld the holes shut) or know how to replace the valves. It is 12cm housing. shaft play is very minimal . compared it to my new turbo. Fins are in good condition. seals are also in good condition no oil on fins. $400 for the turbo. attached is some photos of the issue Turbo.pdf