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  1. That's going to look good!
  2. Ron R

    This winters boat project

    My wife said no.
  3. Ron R

    Wireless Back Up Camera on Camper

    https://www.statelinetack.com/item/trailer-eyes-wifi-hd-trailer-and-barn-cam/E021739/?srccode=GPSLT&gclid=CJSI1pqd_tICFYNofgodNy8PiQ&kwid=productads-adid%5E161305738065-device%5Em-plaid%5E61813390163-sku%5E528531-adType%5EPLA Anyone try this? Been thinking of adding it to the inside of our horse trailer.
  4. Ron R

    WTB clean 12v or 24v 2nd Gen

    2017 ! 4x4 4 door long bed ! In White! Do it already!
  5. Ron R

    New 2016 3500

    LMC now has switches and power units for the dodges ! Just ordered up a set of switches so we will see how it works.
  6. Ron R

    WTB clean 12v or 24v 2nd Gen

  7. Ron R

    WTB clean 12v or 24v 2nd Gen

    Rear disk brakes? Thinking 02 was a split year? Drum/disk or disk/disk?
  8. Ron R

    WTB clean 12v or 24v 2nd Gen

    http://www.davesmith.com/new/Ram/2016-Ram-2500-b88bcf180a0e0ae9504e6d7a99c44ee6.htm Really ? A 6.5? No!
  9. Ron R

    65 Rambler Marlin

  10. Ron R

    WTB clean 12v or 24v 2nd Gen

  11. Ron R

    New 2016 3500

    He would have loved a CTD first gen but they are out of the price range. I paid for the truck, the kid is paying for the parts to put it back together. If he wants to sell it later on, he has to repay me the perches price. If I want to keep it for myself, I pay for the parts he put into it.
  12. Ron R

    Anyone know a land surveyor?

    Pm sent