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  1. carl20320

    Odd wiper issue...

    I've been running Walmart EverStart Maxx batteries. Made by Johnson Controls and warrantied 36 mos replacement, 60 mo prorated. The Costco in Vancouver is selling Interstate Batteries but being I'm only on my 1st replacement set in 12 years, I don't see a reason to change.
  2. carl20320

    2014 10,000 mile impressions

    That was pretty much my thought when I went form a 1st gen to 3rd gen.
  3. Your welcome. I have no doubt you could have figured out a way to do it solo but it was much easier with two, plus it is always fun shooting the breeze.
  4. I"ll be by this evening.
  5. Sent you a text. Name the day. Tonight, tomorrow, ...
  6. carl20320

    New 426 Hemi crate engine!

    Holy crap... 🤤
  7. Hey, I resemble that remark!
  8. carl20320

    Here's a head scratcher!

    And clean the upholstery.
  9. carl20320

    Another freebie

    I'm ready for some rain to dampen the sound. Can't even try to move around in the woods without making all kinds of noise. We've had a 3 pt, a fork horn, and a spike hanging around our place... then hunting season started.
  10. carl20320

    Here's a head scratcher!

    I know it is not even close to the same scale but I used to have a 75 Toyota Celica with a 4 speed. Had something very similar happen. Pulled the transmission, and it was locked up tight. Pulled it apart expecting to find something in pieces. Everything moved freely when I took it apart so I put it back together and it drove fine for another 50K miles before I sold it. No little pieces, no damage, no nothing. No idea why it locked up and it never happened again. I hate those kind of problems.
  11. carl20320

    Major upgrade to the Duckworth!

    Ummm, who's going to blow it back up fix it when it leaks malfunctions. Autopilot on a boat is nice. Not familiar with that unit as I've been out of boats for 20 years.
  12. carl20320

    Rear diff covers put to the test!

    Not true. I NEVER have.
  13. Looks like you hit the strike through button (or more likely accidentally hit CTRL S) while replying.
  14. carl20320

    I got a new Diesel in the garage.

    Ivan and I both LOL'd.
  15. carl20320

    I got a new Diesel in the garage.

    Nice looking ride! Ivan and I passed you going the opposite direction the other day. We were out at the property and heading to the range. I had told Ivan what you were getting when I told him about your Jetta and he blurts out "There goes Ben!". Not too many of those rolling around Longview.