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  1. Sorry, that is for steel only. Car would be considered shredder feed which they pay $0.02/lb Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  2. Not a bad price at all. Our local is like $0.10/lb
  3. 75 Toyota Celica Drove it until 85 when I bought a new Thunderbird. Sold the Celica to someone for what I had paid for it when they knocked on my door and literally told me they saw me working on it all the time so they know it must be well taken care of. I would occasionally see that car around town for another 10 years.
  4. It was a long time ago but I thought the 1st gens had a lever type diaphragm pump (I'm pretty sure that was what my 91.5 had) that was notorious for leaking. We would upgrade them to the early 2nd gen piston pumps.
  5. If not taken, I could see if my local fabricator could whip up some mounting brackets for the truck.
  6. I'll get it in the mail tomorrow Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  7. I've got one sitting out in my pump house. If ya need it send me an address or if you are heading back N from Albany any time soon, I can meet you along I-5.
  8. I should also change the name of this thread as well since as of Sunday, Neither car has a bison hole in the door. When I decided to make the "donor" car a driver, I found a fender and door that were the correct color and actually in much better shape than the ones on the donor car for $50 each. Got those installed and then Monday morning, we swapped out the glass since his has a really dark tint. Not too bad other than the center divider in the rear window was a bit of a pain, along with the little plastic push pin expander that holds the glass in place on the regulator.
  9. FInally got around to going in to get an alignment after rebuilding the entire suspension and lift (haven't been driving the car). Turns out, just like we encountered on Ivan's car, the tie rods are too long. I had to come home, take the tie rod end off, and cut 1/2" off both tie rods. I get to go back tomorrow and hopefully that will be enough. It was easy enough but sure is frustrating that what are supposed to be the correct parts have to be shortened. Gave me a chance to install the new fender liners since the old ones were in multiple pieces along with mudflaps since the car only had one to begin with in the front. Also cleaned out a couple pounds of dirt from behind what was left of the old fender liner.. Ivan's got aligned first as he had to head in to work so he is good to go.
  10. Should be able to provide some real time feedback 2 weeks before. Ivan has to be at school in Florida again August 16. Once you know your route, any of it we cover I'll send you current 411.
  11. How are they having a second wave? According to the CCP, they didn't really have a first wave, just a few cases.
  12. Unfortunately, that will not work for this. The race that comes of when you pull the hub is external on the spindle. As the 2nd pic shows, there is not much for a puller to grip either. The is only the little gap where the seal sat. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  13. Finally got around to replacing the front wheel bearings in my golf tonight. Not a bad job with the right tools. Bought a slide hammer and wheel bearing press so I could do it on the car. Worst part of the whole job was getting the race off the hub. Had to heat it with a torch for a while to get it so I could pull it off. First one went really easy. 2nd one, the puller kept slipping off for some reason. Finally got it after really heating the race. If I do it again on this car, I will just buy new hubs at $30 from Cascade German.
  14. I happen to have a little time on my hands on weekdays... still.
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