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  1. Thanks for posting that! I did chime in so we shall see. Sounds like a fun next week!
  2. Thanks for chiming in. Those last two are what he is really worried about.
  3. Monday, Ivan called and said his transmission started making a weird noise based off axle rotation (as best as I could get from him) and was leaking transmission fluid from the bell housing. He thought he had a little time to look into it and resolve the issue. Today, his school announce they are shutting down all campus and he has to be out by Sunday. I'm flying out tomorrow night, arriving Friday morning and we are going to see what we can find out. Anyone have ideas? We'll likely be pulling the transmission and going from there. Trying to find a positive but I guess it is good that I am out of a job right now and can head out to help. Just sucks that this happened.
  4. I put the same brakes on my golf and I test my skit plate out every day I drive out my gravel driveway. Did you bed your brakes in following their guidelines? Love that resin smell.
  5. Why am I thinking of Joe Dirt here.... It puts the lotion on the skin, or it gets the hose again.
  6. I think Ben already removed those. This is Frank's way of getting back for the neutering.
  7. Hey, why is this posted under Member "Trucks"??? IS that a truck? Very nice, Shawn!
  8. Even if not, They sent out a new 20% coupon yesterday. I have extras if you don't get them.
  9. Just for you. Ivan just sent me a snap of President Trump giving his speech at the Daytona 500. He is working security and snapchat puts him on pit lane. Rough spot to be. He has been working several days there... including the Busch cup, duels, Friday night and all day today. His ROTC unit does it to raise funds. For his other shifts, he has been working on the fence line right across from the pits between the track and grandstands. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  10. Well, parking brake was non-operational due to the cable not being hooked up at the handle. Looks like one cable is stretched pretty bad though as it is 1" longer. rear rotors need replacing as they are <9mm when min is 10. I suspect someone had a dragging e-brake so they disconnected it at some point in time. Ben, I would like to take you up on that offer. Not real comfortable driving it over as 1) no registration, 2) no skid plate installed yet (have it though), 2, I consider the brakes a little dicey. It stops fine in the driveway from 5 mph but I don't want to find out it will not stop going down our hill that drops almost 400' in 1/4 mile. I'm bring in a Mk4 Golf tdi expert the first week of March. I guess I know what he may be doing assuming VCDS shows everything OK.
  11. Well, continuing with evaluating if this will be a keeper or strictly a parts donor. Motor mount is fixed. Thank you Ben for the help with the troublesome bolt! Oil and filter change last night since I didn't know the status of the last one... only to find a sticker stating it was due in 1500 miles. Close enough to needing to be done anyway. Peeked in through the oil fill hole. Everything I could see looked really clean under the valve cover. Glad to see that. Looks like I need to clear the drains on the back of the sunroof. Will do that this weekend. Also going to investigate why the parking brake does not seem to be connected. Probably isn't is why. Will find that out this weekend as well. As of right now, it is a free car since insurance paid for it. Might just become my daily commuter. Ivan still thinks I need to make it a twin to his.
  12. I don't believe it needs a bath. Prove it!
  13. When Ivan does his blacksmithing, we don't worry about telling anyone. It they are within 200 yards, they're where they shouldn't be AND they are in range.
  14. OK, I've got to do it... I was a huge Roadrunner/Coyote fan growing up. When I got older, I tried to buy one of the animation cells from Warner Brothers that was used in the cartoon. It turns out, WB destroyed almost every siigle one of them. Thousands upon thousands of them 😪 Chuck Jones (primary artist for the Roadrunner/coyote) was putting some individuals cells out that he did but they were not ever in the actual cartoon. Anyway, did ANYONE ever see the episode where the coyote ACTUALLY caught the roadrunner? I have yet to find anyone else that did BUT it does exist!! I present to you... https://youtu.be/KJJW7EF5aVk Don't know how to make it show up as a video link anymore.
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