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  1. carl20320

    6x6 Ford doing it wrong. LOL

    We did... and she said you are not wrong on that. 🤣 Sorry, couldn't resist.
  2. carl20320

    First Gen

    I still haven't found that VE Manual but I have everything else sitting here. Just need to figure out a way to get it up to you. I'm heading the opposite direction the next 2 weekends.
  3. carl20320

    A good day on the water

    Days spent fishing are not subtracted from ones life.
  4. carl20320

    First Gen

    Sounds like straight from HDM48. Don't worry about the auto. wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Mine was an auto as well. I broke it. I do miss that 91.5. Also plan on getting familiar with the manual shut off on the VE. Mine used to eat the rubber tips on the fuel shut-off solenoids. Only way to turn it off was go out and manually close the valve. Don't buy the solenoids from Dodge or Cummins if you need one. It was the same as the VW VE solenoid which was available for something like $32 vs $110. I went through so many of them for a while that I actually bought a manual choke cable and attached it to the shut-off so I could stop the truck without popping the hood. I think I still have either a PDF or printed copy of the Bosch VE pump manual. I'll see if I can locate it if you are interested. I have a few spare parts and 1st gen specific tools I can send your way as well. As much as I would like to have another, it is just not in the cards for me. Something else I did that made a world of difference on my first gen was replacing the front springs with MOOG Super Heavy Duty springs for the 1 ton. They picked up the sagging front end as the stock springs were just not HD enough.
  5. carl20320

    First Gen

    Unless you want soot on anything you are towing, avoid the PODs. The Bosch 185 injectors had my last dyno run at some change under 300hp to the ground with pump mods (fuel screw, 3200rpm spring, fuel pin, timing), the injectors, and the HX35 with a 16cm Housing. Still had a little smoke with that but it cleared up and pulled a little harder when I put a non-wastegated 14cm housing on it.
  6. carl20320


    Do watch out for the Bison. They are in rut right now and a little testy. And if you see a moron ranger trying to shoo them off the road waving his orange safety vest around, do everyone a favor and run the ranger over.
  7. carl20320

    Golf getting a bunch of work before college

    Looks like someone (cough Destro cough) forgot about this thread. engine , front suspension, and rear suspension are all back together. Things runs really good but the timing is REALLY sensitive. Just a slight movement and it will go from a run to no-run condition. Had it the timing close to what we thought was right while hot one night. Drove it home and went to start it next morning to go to gym and no-joy. Had to adjust it just to get it started. After a little tweaking, it starts and runs hot and cold. After an alignment Thursday morning (following a false start Wednesday morning), Ivan drove up to Hurricane Ridge, around the Olympic peninsula, down to Naselle, back to Kelso, down to Vancouver, and back. Google Maps shows just under 600 miles... all under the guise of doing the cam break-in. Now a quick trip down to Cascade German on Tuesday morning for a little Malone tuning magic and we are off on our cross-country trip.
  8. carl20320

    New Truck

    no worky for me.
  9. carl20320

    2007 5.9

    You are seeing right at what I get with my 06 as far as mileage and mine is an auto. It doesn't change much in town or on the highway. Good luck getting that highway mileage up. If you are successful, please let me know how you did it.
  10. carl20320

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Just depends on how much damage you are willing to accept.
  11. carl20320

    Jesse /Profinish Kent WA

    He did some great work on Ivan's Golf when he was hit. TAT was within our vacation time frame so we were able to go up and pick the car up the day after we returned.
  12. carl20320

    Golf getting a bunch of work before college

    Bank of Dad has the first tuition payment due in 3 weeks as well.
  13. carl20320

    Golf getting a bunch of work before college

    Hmmm, back pedaling already. This is a Golf thread, not a Jetta thread.
  14. carl20320

    Golf getting a bunch of work before college

    That sounds to me like Mark is willing to fund this experiment a little bit sooner. Just how badly do you want to "prove" that Ben can't do it?
  15. carl20320

    Golf getting a bunch of work before college

    Man, this forum is full of . I told Ivan if he earns the full ride 3 year NROTC scholarship for next year, we can do it. Now the ball is back in his court. But he still has to get in NROTC this year with and that means upping his game on his PT training. 💪 Time to put his where his is for his first 2 semesters. Maybe this is a little added incentive. For some reason, I don't think that South Bend Stage 2 Endurance would hold compounds.