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  1. carl20320

    Project Firebird

    LOL, had to go back and look again to see it.
  2. carl20320

    For Sale 1999.5 VW Jetta TDI

    I still can't believe my wife suddenly had a change of heart yesterday and said buy it... only to be a little late. The search will go on looking for something else for Ivan... unless we decide to do the JDM engine swap.
  3. carl20320

    Ball joints, shocks, unit bearings

    Exact setup all the way around that I went with when my front end was converted from the Y-T configuration. I've always liked Timken bearings and the unit hubs seemed solid.
  4. carl20320

    Front Axle Assembly 2013 Ram 2500

    It is no help but when I first read this, I was wondering if you were in Whitehorse. Company I work for has labs there.
  5. carl20320

    The new setup

    This sucks. Person doing it probably doesn't even realize their stupidity.
  6. carl20320

    Puyallup to Longview and back 11/17

    Timer back in 99? Were those invented back then?
  7. carl20320

    Operation Enterprise has begun

    I like your thinking.
  8. As Gary mentioned, Discount Tire through their online store ships to a store for free and then you know the drill from there. Bought my last set of tires that was and beat the best price I could find otherwise by $450.
  9. carl20320

    Operation Enterprise has begun

    Not bad if compared to a JDM engine. Can easily bee looking at 2-3.8K there.
  10. carl20320

    Odd wiper issue...

    I've been running Walmart EverStart Maxx batteries. Made by Johnson Controls and warrantied 36 mos replacement, 60 mo prorated. The Costco in Vancouver is selling Interstate Batteries but being I'm only on my 1st replacement set in 12 years, I don't see a reason to change.
  11. carl20320

    2014 10,000 mile impressions

    That was pretty much my thought when I went form a 1st gen to 3rd gen.
  12. Your welcome. I have no doubt you could have figured out a way to do it solo but it was much easier with two, plus it is always fun shooting the breeze.
  13. I"ll be by this evening.
  14. Sent you a text. Name the day. Tonight, tomorrow, ...