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  1. Thank you! I would never hear the end of it. BTW, don't know if it was just me or not but no pics came through in your first post
  2. You can get mom to help when she comes ou... never mind. That would not go well.
  3. They['ve already done that a couple times. I think they are done with that... now if he makes it a burger and fries ... In all honesty, they were pretty good about it both times. Even though they drove by several times, they didn't really say anything until we were almost done.
  4. I really want to make it out for the Rolex 24 next year
  5. Many years ago, I worked on a Super Gas Vega. We ran at the two Houston tracks (the old ones, not where they are now). One event, Billy Meyer (Hal Needham-Burt Reynolds Racing and first driver to do 250mph in a funny car) and Gary Beadle (Orange Baron) were there. As we were racing, we could literally be up close at the starting line when these cars ran. There is absolutely no experience I can think of, other than perhaps being close to artillery firing) that provides as much of a sensory overload. The sound, the smell of the burning nitromethane, the burning eyes, and the physical poundi
  6. Or being around a good high speed flyby under afterburner... or an F-22 in supercruise without afterburner!
  7. No kidding! First time I saw that 30+ degree bank, I was like WT#!
  8. Ivan is working the fence line today for the 300 mile race and tomorrow for the 500. I'm not a big NASCAR fan but Ivan keeps sending me snaps of videos he takes of the cars going by. It's a pretty nice sound of those cars going by at full speed literally only a safety barrier/fence away.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR1BAxFOzMVrqYARLXSQwPAfFq8uaeYt128hAxkgDASNYhPkGPOjV7J_Nk8&v=E41goSLywA0&feature=youtu.be
  10. Yeah, definitely worse than mine.
  11. And I'd be more worried about the auto trans than the bottom end.
  12. I thought mine was bad... at least it had no shaft play. This one just didn't have a bearing anymore.
  13. SO Ivan headed back to school EARLY Monday morning. That meant on Tuesday, I got to drive the Golf for the first time as it is his car when he is here without his. All I can say is HOLY S$&^!!!!! This thing runs right The clutch will not live long without some serious babying. Just have to make it to February when I have the turbo paid off...
  14. Not snoozing, more like hibernating
  15. So do the 07/08 housings fit directly in place of the 06? Mine are getting pretty glazed over and showing lots of cracking.
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