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  1. This evening Leslie came home and had a doe run across in front of her going down the driveway. When she got out, she noticed the big buck standing out in the yard looking at her. He just stood there until she went in the house. She came back out with her phone to get a picture to send to me and he started facing her and making her nervous so she went inside. From the picture she sent me, he was bigger than the one that was caught in the game camera. This one had a rack that was out past his hears a good inch or two on each side and stuck up about 12". I had seen him in velvet
  2. It has always been a running joke since we built this house that i would shoot a deer or elk from the porch. It is no longer a joke. Late buck season ended in western Washington on Sunday for hunters and this guy. He was the middle sized of the five or six i watched for months. After spending days out in the cold and rain, i'm eating ice cream in the kitchen when i see a horizontal line that didn't belong where it was. Grab the binocs and sure enough, right in the spot I've seen him countless times before, he's standing back in the trees eating. The hornady 300gr sst 12 gauge slug did its j
  3. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/792604994638792 Set of 3500 wheels with lug nuts for $60. Not affiliated in any way, just saw the ad
  4. Uh Oh! Someone just went on someone else's poop list!
  5. Is Vonia still service manager there? She was always pretty straight up about repairs.
  6. He's the 2nd largest of the 5 we have seen in the past couple months. I just hope to see any of them other than the one little tiny spike... I'll let him grow up.
  7. And this guy walks through the backyard Saturday. Of course, I'm on the phone with Ivan so I don't see him.. Maybe tomorrow.
  8. Yeah, we bought ours in Florida for a little transmission work that ended up being 2 R&Rs.
  9. The Harbor Freight one works well and pull out a 20% off coupon, the price is right! https://www.harborfreight.com/1000-lb-capacity-engine-support-bar-96524.html
  10. I'm really glad this thread is not what I envisioned when I opened it.
  11. You're running the redline during your 500 mile break-in??? He specifically told us NOT to do that and to use the LiquidMoly gear oil then switch over to the red-line after the break in.
  12. Ivan's transmission came with the shift tower. You will still be having to use your brackets and everything else that goes with it. It is easy enough to make your shifter have a much shorter throw. Mine was reduced by about 25% just by removing the pin and moving it closer in to the midline of the bracket. Had to reshape the counter weight just a little for clearance of the shift end link. It is not the 40% reduction of the Dieselgeek or ECS shifters, but for the price,
  13. Yeah, I was out fishing with Aaron and Andrew from TuneMyEuro a couple weeks ago and he was telling me about that 5th gear that the guy was trying to claim as warranty. When they pulled it apart, the gear was black from heat. We are running the Redline "cocktail" in Ivan's transmission and it is REALLY nice. One of the fluids does not look like ANY transmission gear oil I have ever seen. IT was very thin and opaque, not clear like normal fluids. We did the break-in with the LiquidMoly and drove back from Florida then made the change to the Redline once we got back. The shift
  14. Just make certain to follow their break-in procedure and specific fluids to maintain your warranty. The fact you get a 2 year warranty on that transmission is incredible! You might ask Aaron about the special cocktail of Redline fluids for the transmission. It is what he suggested in Ivan's transmission and his shifts really nice!
  15. you going to be heading down to see Aaron or is he shipping the transmission up to you?
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