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  1. PIR 8/31 - 9/2 We have grandstand tickets with paddock passes for all three days. Prime grandstand seats at the end of the long front straightaway on the apex of the chicane. Wanted to get pit passes as well but Ivan is only 16 and must be 18 to go in the pits so not doing it without him. Curious if anyone else is going. Would be nice to see some familiar, or not so familiar, faces if anyone else is going to be there. ALSO, we know my wife cannot go on Friday... the whole Teacher = school day = work day thing.. Ivan will be meeting me there AFTER he gets out of school but still in time to catch the 2nd Indy car practice session of the day. What this all means is I may have an extra Friday general admission ticket and paddock pass. I'm asking my dad if he wants to use Leslie' ticket but he never has been a race fan plus being on his feet all day at over 80 y.o. will likely not sound like fun to him. If he says no, I will offer the GA ticket and paddock pass up at no charge to anyone here that wants to meet up and go. I don't think the grandstand ticket is transferable as those are issued credentials but will not know for sure until I pick them up. I have on-site parking so if we met up and you rode in with me, your day would be free with the exception of any food, drink, or souvenirs you bought. The bad part of that is that I will be spending the entire day there so you would be stuck there all day if you rode with me. I should know after this weekend if dad is going to want to go or not. I'll update this either way. You can see the schedule of events that are going on here.
  2. carl20320

    Sockeye opening

    I don't know, there were two groups fishing in the seafood bin at the Vancouver store last week. No one seemed to notice.
  3. carl20320

    Sockeye opening

    No doubt.
  4. carl20320

    Sockeye opening

    Fresh fillets at Costco - $7.99/lb. Just saying
  5. Using a chainsaw while standing on an extension ladder leaning against the tree - FAIL! Tying yourself off to the section of tree you are removing - FAIL! I was topping a big Hackberry tree in Houston once and was about 40 feet up. Was harnessed onto the tree. Had the cut slide back in my direction and slid between me and the tree inside my ropes. That got real uncomfortable real fast. Still not sure how I got out of that one with only a few bruises. Had to buy a new chainsaw though as the tree snapped the rope I had the saw tied so it hit the ground after bouncing off several limbs on the way down. Agree with Mark, almost everyone of those was operator error.
  6. carl20320

    Aug 18th roll call

    Would like to be there but have a previous commitment. Will be out marshaling planes at an antique plane fly-in.
  7. carl20320

    WTB bricks, lots of bricks

    They also have a large manufacturing plant right across the street from Rip's.
  8. carl20320

    Doin outside work

    Looks great but you know what they say... Practice makes perfect. I happen to have a couple places that need walls built for you to practice on.
  9. carl20320

    FISHING 2018!

    That's racist!
  10. carl20320

    New to me 2nd gen project

    It's a Ferd in disguise!
  11. I think most tracks require anything under 11 to have a cage... at least for your second pass.
  12. carl20320

    Thinking about a new(er) truck

    That's Ben, always willing to help!
  13. carl20320

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Hmmmm, Friday night. Picking the wife and son up at the airport at midnight. I'll be in the Salmon Creek area anyway. Might make for a fun evening to stop by and say Hi and see a few cool rides.
  14. carl20320

    Truck needs some love

    Choice drink of Radar O'Reilly
  15. carl20320

    Moving a 1.9Million lb generator

    tire #247 was 6 psig low.