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  1. Scotty_

    New to me Race Trailer

    Those are really nice to pull! Nice combo. I’ve seen a few with Add a rooms for the dogs and cooking/eating area outside. Nice screened off. 👍🏼😀
  2. Scotty_

    Front hitch on new truck

    ^^^ this is kind of what I’ve seen on a couple trucks here. They used a tow truck style female +/- plug mounted in the front and rear bumpers for winch and boosting power. Is this what your doing? 👍🏼
  3. Scotty_

    2018 3500 with Aisin

    There’s Gary! This is a great truck for you and Becca. adjustable pedals?
  4. Scotty_

    compounds and an exhaust brake??

    I don’t leak often but my housing is definitely cracked. Sorry for slight derail 😀
  5. Scotty_

    Trailer Hitch?

    I’m sure he’ll upgrade the sway bars and put more air in the tires. Speaking of tires, are you going to a 10 ply?
  6. Scotty_

    Trailer Hitch?

    I have a full set of door plugs for the old style truck mirrors. You’re gonna need to put some bigger extended mirrors on it.
  7. Scotty_

    Dually hub cap for an 06

    I am amazed at how cheaply made and how expensive these are to replace. Even with an employee discount they’re North of $300 per corner for full replacement. I opted to go with no caps when hauling because they fly off or take some serious road rash. Could have had four of the aluminum wheels but only polished one side and not rotation friendly with steel inners.
  8. Scotty_

    What tires do you like?

    I like round and black. If I’m not running 99.9% highway I’d consider BFG KO/2’s as well. For a pavement princess I can’t complain about the Kuhmos. Great on ice and mud as well as moderate snow.
  9. If I can make it, I’m down for smokin. I wont have a smoker but I’ll assist with my eleven different herbs and spices. most likely be back to work and unable to attend. Which isn’t a bad thing in the big picture
  10. I’ve used the guy in Abbotsford by suggestion of Dave Stroketeck 👍🏼
  11. Scotty_

    6.7 muff

    I did the same thing Aeroturbine then Donaldson
  12. Scotty_

    Project EOS

    The lake?
  13. Scotty_

    First trip with new truck

    Travel safe Amigo Blessings to the kids. wear your stretch pants tiny. 😀
  14. Scotty_

    Injectors question.

    I ran a custom F1 20HP set in my 07 6.7 for over 600K miles. Better idle, better economy, better power. And very clean. Big improvement over stock. Didn’t go higher HP as I was already running SW3 on a Smarty Was the perfect combo for my needs.
  15. Scotty_

    Tappet Cover oil leak...

    Lots of work. Glad you are being patient (lol not easy)and getting correct part for your engine.