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  1. A 7mm socket with extension will help by adjusting the stockers til you upgrade. On my 16 I had my left a bit lower then the right after adjustment and it was perfect. they were aiming way too high from the factory unloaded.
  2. We have laws up here for the oversized tires. Its enforced. The manufacturers of delete pipes in the USA that one of our wholesalers used, stopped making the delete pipes.
  3. I’ll ‘hold’ the beers while you all polish the rides.
  4. How will it stay powered after truck is off? The power supplies in the newer trucks all switch off. At least they did on my ‘16
  5. Does that get hard wired? Or 12 volt outlet? Also, is there power for break in/shock while parked?
  6. I prefill my coffee mug before any fluids/filters are touched. One thing I always do is dab some oil on the filter ring so it isn’t as difficult to remove as one that’s put on dry. When I was rolling down the highway with 8-12k miles/month, I would change the oil every 15k miles. It made sense after several Blackstone tests. They said the oil had at least another 7k run life but 15k worked for me. 15w40 rotella dino
  7. Up here you’ll find the winter cover and the adapter in plastic packaging under the rear drivers side seat...referring to new trucks. We have seen that the adapter and winter fronts aren’t there on trade ins. Previous owner probably kept them.
  8. Minus 29C here this morning Almost wore my toque and gloves.
  9. I have one of those fender mounts. They will take the paint off if you don’t smear some silicone on it as a buffer. The antenna will wiggle/rub the bracket on the paint over time and the paint on the truck will chip. Just a heads up. BTDT
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