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  1. I probably would’ve peed on his camper and said I’m using my hose.
  2. I did a trip from Regina to Carrington ND and low fuel light went in sooner than usual. Slip tank empty, -30F outside and bucking a SE wind. There was nothing ahead of me except Carrington and it was well over 30 more miles when the fuel gauge was left of ‘E’ . Radio off, kinda saying to myself you dumb azz and also another part saying, ‘I’ll make it’. Had a small hill to go over and then coast into the truck stop. I swear the truck stumbled a couple times idling up to the fuel pumps. I actually think the two large fuel filters had just enough in them that I made it in there sputtering. As I was fueling I heard the truck sputter and almost die and then all was fine. Never again.
  3. Nice! That thing is either a mobile covid detector or a weingard satellite/antenna.
  4. It is what it is. Aiming for next year.
  5. Did you use the clothes dryer to heat cure the paint on the parts? 😝🙄👋
  6. I need this dudes whereabouts 😜😁
  7. Can you get those at the food court in your Costco? Gary was saying they no longer serve them where he goes. Got them here. By far better than the regular weiner.
  8. Time for Kirkland Polish sausages
  9. You guys are too contaminated 😝 PLM
  10. I’m out cuz there’s no kissing
  11. Last night I was informed by my handler that she accidentally dragged the side of the jeep down the wall and garage door track. The truck on the other side and the small roll of fence on the floor is what got blamed.
  12. Mid to high 80’s here, humid and lots of storms here. Currently in a Severe watch again and clouds are building.
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