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  1. Many friends here are catching large pike and walleyes. I hope to get out on the ice at least once this winter.
  2. Looks like one I saw. Will it troll?
  3. I found some YouTube vids of folks running multiples of this new motor and one guy had five of the 400’s?!!? pretty sure one boat had four of these V-12’s that where spaced for room maybe for a 5th in the middle lol
  4. Seemed like a decent head unit. Went in quickly. 👍🤣
  5. Had a mouse trying to get into the house thru the dryer vent. Probably because its still -1,000,000 here. our dog heard the rustling in the dryer vent pipe. Unhooked the dryer hose and lifted it up to the vent and shook the mouse out. The vent has a small screen so the mouse was very small. Sorry for the hijack I do believe we have a mousicle outside now lol.
  6. Yeah are they aligned yet Sonny? 😁😝
  7. And I can see my neck for the first time in decades.
  8. Frank needs an attitude adjustment
  9. I’ll look at the videos here and let you know There are several new manufacturers and cannot recall their names off hand.
  10. The newest RV’s come with glycol systems to heat the floor and hot water on demand. new ac units are whisper quiet and big rv’s now have three smaller ac units i like the idea of no heat vents in the floor. Heated floors Several are available with fully independent suspensions, disk brakes and air ride pin boxes. Another thing that they’ve finally started doing more often is a water manifold in the wet bay so if there’s a leak you can isolate it without shutting off all the water. More battery trays. Some no longer use fibreglass sides. roof mater
  11. I’ve never figured out how to post pictures on here but try this... ^^^ above is a complete white out.
  12. Mads says my effort to clear her basketball court is acceptable 👍😁
  13. It’s frozen solid and packed gravel surface. Should be good.
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