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  1. Scotty_

    We are starting our 2 week trip today!

    Nice trip Ben! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Scotty_

    New trucks are so expensive

    I do like a well equipped big horn
  3. Scotty_

    New trucks are so expensive

    Have seen several up here with the limited pkg in excess of $105K MSRP and one had an MSRP of $119 I’ll pass
  4. Scotty_

    School me on 5th Wheels.

    I had several trailers that chucked in my old reese hitch. It was well worn and over ten year’s old. Switched to a heavier Curt and that helped some. I noticed the 5th wheels (new rv’s) that chucked had play around the jaws. I could feel the play when stopping and starting. It sure is irritating. Maybe more pin weight will help. Maybe the kingpin is worn as well. Are the jaws in the Reese sloppy when closed and no kingpin? I found one of the jaws in the reese head was very loose (up/down) and eventually broke. Hence the switch to the Curt.
  5. Scotty_

    School me on 5th Wheels.

    Does he have a plastic skid plate to stick on the king pin and possibly snug up the play? Cheapest first solution on the up/down chucking if he’s not using one.
  6. Scotty_

    We are starting our 2 week trip today!

    Too bad you didn’t have an oh henry to float in the tub when you were done.
  7. Scotty_

    We are starting our 2 week trip today!

    Party at Ben’s place.
  8. Scotty_

    We are starting our 2 week trip today!

  9. Scotty_

    New to me - not Blue

  10. Scotty_

    New to me - not Blue

    Perhaps if some of the stuff in the pictures falls off and you acquire a good ‘tune’, you’ll have it refined to your liking. Hopefully Gary doesn’t see this...he’s right on the edge 😝
  11. Scotty_

    1000ftlbs of torque

    We carry AEV and they will assist with warranty issues as they do occur. The moment a ball joint, unit bearing or any suspension related warranty issues occur with the Fiat/Chrysler components, the first thing Fiat/Chrysler asks the dealer is if there are suspension modifications. Sometimes they’ll cover it sometimes they won’t. AEV will help if there are issues. dealers can sell any lift kits they want but AEV is the only one I know that steps up for the dealers.
  12. Scotty_

    2019 hunting trip

    Barometer falling very windy 1C Snowing horizontally
  13. Scotty_

    2019 hunting trip

    Balmy plus 3C here. The line where this becomes heavy wet snow is 30 miles west and slowly creeping our way. Winds in the 35-50mph range are making short work of the remaining leaves. Raining steady. Edit. Temp now +2. Winter Storm warning 45 miles west.
  14. I watched an upgrade/recall on a 3500 this week. no welding. All hard parts.
  15. Scotty_

    2019 hunting trip

    Yeah 30-50 cm of snow I’m on the east side of it so far but some snow forecast here late wknd.