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  1. Scotty_

    Fire pit patio project

    I’d paint it to look like a giant pancake jmho
  2. Scotty_

    New truck!

    I’m just sharing what worked for my 68RfE equipped trucks and what may not have.
  3. Scotty_

    New truck!

    With regards to transmission service... my 07 went 780,000 miles without rebuild. I did all the servicing myself and all it consisted of was drop the pan and change the filters every 60,000 miles. Never flushed it. Fast forward to my 16 and listening to some ‘experts’ I went against what worked for me previously and flushed at the first 60K miles and then filters and top up every second 60K miles. I cant say for sure that this contributed to the demise of the transmission at juat past 210,000 miles but I’m not flushing it anymore. I had other issues with it as well due to a failed internal cooler. And for me I change the oil every 15K miles and the fuel filters every second oil change. I fuel at the same stops everytime.
  4. Scotty_

    Firestone air compressor

    many well known businesses will offer something online for a much better price and won’t match it in store. So how does that help the box store if even their own online store has it cheaper?
  5. Eye See what you’re saying seeing is good
  6. Scotty_

    Low voltage on the gauge

    When you swap your alternator (if that is the problem) swap the belt tensioner if you’ve never done it before. They lose their spring load over time and eventually the thing will come apart. On my 07 I overlooked that when I changed the belt. A few weeks later there was some noise coming from it. It eventually grenaded. Now I swap the belt and tensioner at the same time. Dave Strokteck did it on my 16’ recently. So glad he could help and fit in there lol Thanks again Dave. I was at 210,000 miles on original. The belt had some ‘it’s time to change me’ cracks and wear and I could hear an intermittent faint squeak. Squeak is gone now.
  7. Put a toy monkey out there and make it look like it’s holding the cable. You know the kind, the one that slams the cymbals together.
  8. Its A-clowns like that that cause problems for all of us.
  9. Scotty_

    Silverwood trip

    I think bags would help and just for science I’d take the bars off and go for a drive. Check the bars and all components to make sure aligned evenly and no tweaks in the bars. Have fun! Nice trip!
  10. Scotty_

    Tool Box from Longview, WA. to the Goat Ranch.

    Prayers from here Dan.
  11. Scotty_

    Pay It Forward Tool Box

    Zip ties are ok lol
  12. Scotty_

    Pay It Forward Tool Box

    Pancakes for everyone!
  13. Have fun! Gary is the shopper check out Jerome and Cottonwood too if time allows. Jerome is a neat drive with buildings right up to the hwy edge.
  14. Scotty_

    Look out bullwinkle

    Moose are all over here. I saw more wildlife in eastern Alberta and Western Saskatchewan then BC this trip. Good Hunting Steve!
  15. 👍🏼 Mark, you said ‘fire’! 🔥🔥🔥 Looks very coool Ben