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  1. Scotty_

    First oil change on 2018

    I have one of those filter caps from Genos. Also got a billet aluminium fuel cap 👍🏼
  2. Scotty_

    Mounting a new ham radio in truck

    😀👍🏼 sorry I digress feeling a bit giddy about getting out of this holding pattern
  3. Scotty_

    Mounting a new ham radio in truck

    When I first read this I thought what’s wrong with Steve? Why would he want to mount a radio?! 😱
  4. Scotty_

    First oil change on 2018

    That’s what I did. They kept coming back suggested extending the drain intervals Even at 15k miles on dino but I made that my own feel good limit.
  5. Scotty_

    First oil change on 2018

    07 6.7 780K miles Rotella 15/W40 dino every 10-15k miles or monthly Donaldson filter every 15K on the 16 All highway which apparently makes a difference.
  6. Scotty_

    Gary’s new truck

    Always gotta be on your guard and use your best defensive driving skills JMSO Very easy to be distracted or impatient when in a shi tuation that has stress level up. Could’ve been a lot worse. Seen my share of WTF’s and know how easy it is to expect better of the other drivers. Can’t ASSume others will do what we think they should. YD
  7. Scotty_

    New to me - not Blue

    Rob, try manual shifting with the paddle on the gear selector. That way you can use a gear longer, gear down sooner. I always did that.
  8. Scotty_

    New to me - not Blue

    I looked forward to chucking bales every season especially after a rain We would challenge each other for time, height and sleeveless lol
  9. Scotty_

    Gary’s new truck

    Now we wait for pictures... Still waiting
  10. 2020 will be a great year Looking forward to it.
  11. Sure wish I was able to attend Megs booked a week off for it. Enjoy! I’ll be back
  12. Scotty_

    Looking at a 4th gen 2014 3500 day cab 4x4 stick....

    Sometimes up here there are different loans for commercial. Lower rate shorter term stuff. Maybe the bank sees the C&C as a work truck only.
  13. Steve never takes anything across the border that might be questionable 😀 Sorry that just slipped out 🙊
  14. Scotty_

    RV Roof

    Robert do you have a roof like a car port over the camper? Can you do that in the place you’re at?
  15. Scotty_

    New “14 Husky Mudflaps (2)

    Hoss and the Chief have matching rear flaps. 🙈