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  1. Scotty_


    That’s the way to go Robert. I bet you feel real comfy.
  2. Scotty_

    Back into a CTD

  3. Scotty_

    Trailer supply places ???

    E-trailer is the Costco of RV parts and accessories BBODS.
  4. Scotty_

    Using antifreeze?

    Or the swimming pool on the passenger floor running out the rear door sill like mine did. Leaving a permanent odor and greasy film on the interior from that concert mist out the vents.
  5. Scotty_

    Winter weather

    Three hours to clear the yard. Some of the snow was above my knees. cleared the neighbors two doors down as Bill isn’t able to do his anymore.
  6. Scotty_

    Winter weather

    I’ll be clearing some deep snow later today. electric start on the blower and my extendable snow rake will be busy.
  7. Scotty_

    Winter weather

    We set a record up here yesterday. longest, coldest stretch in 80yrs.
  8. Scotty_

    Travel trailer got vandalized

    I have four keys. Never had a camper or hatch I couldn’t open.
  9. Scotty_

    Winter weather

    No Extreme Cold warning now. A lot more snow overnight again. The yard is close to 3ft deep. I have a special extendable snow scoop for the roofs. I’ll be using that this wknd then clearing all of what comes off the roofs away from the house and garage. Otherwise I get water seepage in the Spring.
  10. Scotty_

    Travel trailer got vandalized

    That sucks! I caught a guy breaking into my truck one time. He kept falling against the corner of the cab with his face. When he finally fell to the ground I called the police. They asked me what happened, he fell. 🥴🥊
  11. Scotty_

    Winter weather

    Back to Extreme Cold Warnings here.
  12. Scotty_

    New Transmission

    Mine would close in on 70-80K miles then have this issue. They sent me a couple of seal kits but the problem is if there’s a leak, there isn’t much of a hope for the motor to work after soaking in diesel.
  13. Scotty_

    Winter weather

    My glass is half full now lol The Extreme Cold Warning is lifted. Its only -37C with the wind. Downright Balmy. -25C ambient.
  14. Scotty_

    New Transmission

    I had some fuses blow and eventually we found the seal in the pump failed. Seeping fuel into the motor side. We tried a different harness, higher amp fuse and then discovered the leak. My experience with Airdog was less than acceptable. Doesn’t mean its like that for everyone. I seemed to have been jinxed. I also ran 10-15k miles/month so perhaps thats why I had the issues show up faster. Hope it all works out for you. Frustrating AF when your truck dies.