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  1. 287 was a good route every time I used it.
  2. JMSO I’d go further east over to CO and then drop down and then east again Over to top of texas and straight down. You will have heat regardless and storms. I think its hwy 283 or 289 east of Denver, nice road. I’ll confirm...I was close lol, 287 by Denver. Less hills and heading east above Denver is easier drive (less grades) too. BTDT
  3. I’m partial to MB Quart and JL separates I did a 6-1/2 mid range and a 1” tweeter up front and 5-1/4 and 1” rear coupled with 3 JL 10W6 subs if you’re not doing subs or smaller/less subs, a bigger mid range in the rear should work. I did 6x9’s in some doors too but cant remember which trucks lol Last I checked on MB Quart, they’re no longer made in the USA so maybe not an option
  4. I think Steve got the last picture
  5. There was awhile where the Chrysler products had a less than stellar track record with the little diesel you’re looking at as well as the V-6 gassers out there. I remember the 4.0 6 was a good engine then they went to a 3.7 (I think that’s what it was) and it was a dog. If you can find something with the Pentastar 3.6, it has great reliability and power. JMSO, steer clear of that little diesel.
  6. After working at the dealership for awhile, I’ll be getting Coopers. Have seen the level of quality/treadwear on other brands drop. Even the truck that we use for dealer transfers and deliveries with the enclosed trailer had Bridgestones and I switched it to Cooper Commercial HT’s. Feedback is all positive. The Cooper rep asked me if I’d consider trying to sell some of their product over others. Didn’t push his product. Anyone that has put Coopers on is pleased. Staff are buying Coopers now too. I used to swear by Michelin...then I switched to Firestones when I was seeing only 45,000 kilometers on the Michelins. They were quieter but obviously softer then before. LTX was what was available in an LT in a 17”. I know Abbiefire Steve got some Coopers, maybe he will give some feedback on how they’re doing.
  7. Check with US Customs and a Customs Broker. Registered Importer is probably the route.
  8. I used to love the night runs due to low traffic. Didn’t mind the day time sleeping if I had a quiet spot. Downside was having to clean off the bugs all the time. One route I did (not semi) was phoenix to San Diego thru Death Valley at night. Arrive before sun rise, off load and quiet little mom n pop motel across from the dealership. Sleep for awhile, workout at the gym three blocks away, load the cars around supper time and leave at sunset. Mon/weds/fri. Loved the gig...was single then as well.
  9. I can’t kick very high so now was a good time. sneezes are nasty
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