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  1. DavidG

    1996 2500 body totaled

    Thanks. It was a hard decision to let it go. My 2006 VW NB TDI was totaled by a distracted driver 3 weeks prior to this, so it has been a bad month. I also have the beetle that still runs and drives that I will be trying to sell soon. David
  2. DavidG

    1996 2500 body totaled

    Truck is gone.
  3. DavidG

    1996 2500 body totaled

    Mileage is 280K bout 80K on the transmission.
  4. DavidG

    1996 2500 body totaled

    Here are some pictures, hope they come out.
  5. DavidG

    1996 2500 body totaled

    Sorry about that.I need to resize pics to post. asking 2500.00 for complete truck. pictures soon.
  6. My 1996 2500 got rolled on its side. Cab and bed beyond repair, but was still running. Short notice as insurance wants an answer if keeping. Let me know if interested. David
  7. DavidG


    I just installed a winch style power connector to the front of my truck and have a 1500 watt inverter that I can plug into it. I purchased one of the small 120V compressors that draws less that 300 watts. I used it to inflate completely flat tires on a utility trailer without any issues. I don't think it has the air capacity to run an impact wrench but I have not tried that yet either. I plan to mount another connector inside the cab at a later date. David
  8. DavidG

    96 club cab front seat. FREE!!!!!!!

    Hi, just replied, if it is gone then no problem. If you still have it let me know for the weekend. David
  9. DavidG

    96 club cab front seat. FREE!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the reply. If the previous people do not want it I will take it. Let me know and I will take it off your hands. Thanks David
  10. DavidG

    96 club cab front seat. FREE!!!!!!!

    How does the top of the fold down console look? mine has a hole worn through it. Thanks David
  11. DavidG

    24v, 12v, Jeep parts

    How much for the grill? Thanks David
  12. DavidG

    Well it ain't a truck

    Hi, I have a 2006 NB TDI with the DSG transmission. Unfortunately I have not gotten over 39mpg in any driving conditions, mostly 37-38 with a 27 mile one way commute. I have a blast in the car and have tried to get better mileage but have been unsuccessful, so I drive it to have fun. If the one you purchased has a manual it should get much better mileage. Just my observations and experiences with my particular car. David
  13. DavidG

    need transport to Portland

    I can still meet up in Tacoma if needed on the 21st. My plans are not on a schedule so I can move the times around. I could deliver to RIP on the 22nd. David
  14. DavidG

    need transport to Portland

    If this still needs to be moved from Tacoma, I will be up there this weekend and could bring it back down. David
  15. DavidG

    To Rip's place from the dry side

    It was my pleasure to help get the wheels to their new home. David