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  1. loner


    Thanks but it has to be the newer dash style (98-02) to run the gauges but if I remember correct 2000 and up gauge clusters are different.
  2. loner


    Lost all factory gauges. The odometer reads "no bus". Will not kick the alternator on.
  3. loner


    ISO/WTB Pcm for a 98 Dodge Ram 12v manual. Mine died. Also any info, if anyone has had success using other year or transmission type pcm. Thanks, Dave
  4. loner

    Smarty question

    Mine only failed to program once that I recall due to the pump running. I know other trucks have been more finicky. Either pulling the fuse or the relay for the pump while programming will take care of it. I don't know as it would really hurt the pump but I imagine it isn't real great for it either.
  5. For sale, Bushwhacker bed rail caps 2 longbed dodge 3rd gen 2 Shortbed dodge 3rd gen 1 Shortbed ford 80-96 All are smooth texture without stake pockets. $60 each new in box. Link to the same ones for better idea of what they are. http://www.jcwhitney.com/bed-rail-caps/p20...0370y2006g139j1 Also have in channel window vent. ventvisor brand 3 sets for 3rd gen reg cab. $25 each. New in package
  6. loner

    Smarty question

    Sounds the same as what my 06 did. It'd do it with smarty or efi live. When it'd turn on and off I'd know it's almost done and then I'd go back to the truck when it'd stay on steady to finish.
  7. loner

    '96 dodge cc parts truck 4x4

    I saw this http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/pts/3249315841.html Is that what you were looking for ?
  8. loner

    '96 dodge cc parts truck 4x4

    Sorry I want the whole thing gone. I dont have room to keep it around so not parting out. Ron, lmao The hood tag does not mention it having an LS but I have not checked. So best knowledge is no LS
  9. Good for parts but I want to sell as a whole, quick. Make me an offer cash, trade or both and bring a trailer. Thanks Dave. http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/pts/3268374687.html
  10. Looking for a the plastic manual shifter floor console and boots for 98-02 Dodge Also would like to find dodge Dana 80 u bolt plates Call or text 360-398-3202 Thanks, Dave
  11. loner

    06 mega cab long bed for sale

    Hope it treats you well.
  12. loner

    advice on buying a commonrail

    I got mine for sale. '06 mega cab, manual, long bed. Call or text me if your interested 360-398-3202
  13. loner

    common rail preformance

    I said don't raise your overall pressure. The minimal hp gains just aren't worth it. Not that capping is a good idea either though. In my efi live programming I bring rp in sooner but I keep a stock limits. I've also experienced problems with box controllers attached to rp sensor as a failure in the the box could cause a improper signal to the ECM and that could make for some interesting, costly and uncontrolled rp. Also some boxes use rp to build more power. Like torque monkey is saying. There's a theory that besides dirty fuel that injector damage can happen from chopping throttle and the relief can't react fast enough. Just my experience and .02 for what it's worth
  14. loner

    82 6.2 glow plug light blinking

    That's kinda strange. I had a Jimmy a few years back that was doing similar things. Along with not staying on long enough when it was cold out and needed. I did some research on them and found that the gp controllers are somewhat failure prone. I put in a continuous duty solenoid and a momentary switch to turn them on manually.