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  1. So, in response to this actual topic... Hauling a camper is no joke, especially with how big and heavy truck campers have become over the last decade. In almost all cases, loading a truck camper on your truck will put you over the mfr rated capacity for your truck. In my case I had an Arctic Fox 811, which is a relatively small camper by today's standards, but still easily put my gross weight over 13K lbs when loaded on my 98 Dodge. This is an everyday occurrence in the truck camper world... That being said, I had taken every reasonable step to properly equip my truck for the additional weight I was hauling and to this day I firmly believe it was setup to safely haul that camper. Back in August of this year I got a chance to test this... I had just loaded my camper, filled it with water and was heading home so we could leave for Mt Rainier first thing in the morning. Less than a mile from the shop I had a guy in a honda car pull out in from of me and I hit him square in the driver side doors... I was satisfied to see all of the time and money I had spent to properly equip my truck to haul a large camper had paid off. The camper stayed on the truck, the truck stayed right side up, and most importantly, I walked away without injury!
  2. The bushing at the rear of the bed will be for the tube frame that the roof top tent will mount to. Not sure what you mean... behind the tire...? I'm building to truck as a toy that I can use to get away on the weekends... have some quiet time in the woods
  3. So... it's been awhile since I been on Bombers! Paul shot me a message to jump in here... so here I am Here are a few pics of my Expo Truck build that has come from totaling my truck and camper back in August (a whole nuther story)... Next, I will be building a tube frame to hold a roof top tent... And Ben is right... It will probably never be done. Good seeing everyone again!
  4. The biggest gain comes from the larger diameter rotors.
  5. Sorry bout the horses... it was good seeing you again!
  6. So... had a pretty good day playing with toys today. Ben and I dug the rat rod out of his garage and brought it down to the shop for a few adjustments. While Ben had his back turned I broke out a few basic hand tools and worked a little magic on the ol 215 pump... then proceeded to take her for a spin. Rolled out of the shop quietly for a trip down the road to get a little heat in the motor and then made a spawn of hell fly by while Ben was in the middle of torqueing heads on a six leaker... This quickly resulted in locking up the shop and going on about a 40 mile cruise around Smokey Point, out to Country Burger and back through Arlington. I'm not sure what was going though everyone's minds as we were passing by, but I'm happy to say we managed put some smiles on faces and we stayed out of hand cuffs. This little car is turning into one hell of a joyride...
  7. Maintaining your ability to draw parallel lines... 1.) New 1's and 0's 2.) New fuel putter inners 3.) New air putter inner(s) 4.) Less exhaust putter inner 5.) More exhaust letter outer 6.) More friction between engine and trans 7.) More friction between left and right front tires 8.) Psssssh Psssssssssh 9.) Ticket lawyer 10.) Good thing the car was cheap! I'll talk to Lisa
  8. 1.5 my ars... that may be what the wrapper says. Funny thing bout 1s and 0s is they all look the same when ya get 'em
  9. Paul - Yours is a BRM... The clutch will be the same though. Prolly should run an HD-OFE. Unless I get to play with your 1's and 0's some more...
  10. Some injectors will help with your clutch problems...
  11. Thx Paul... I talked to Phil just a few minutes ago.
  12. Make the dual mass go away... Currently South Bend is the best option, however, back in the day we had to make our own out of various other bits and pieces... all of these were single mass setups though.
  13. I got one coming... found it behind Hoss' shop. Shhhhh don't tell him.
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