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  1. MWG-44

    OVERPRICED, but interesting

    I rented a house in 74 that had that orange, brown & seasick green shag. I hated it then to be sure.
  2. MWG-44

    OVERPRICED, but interesting

    I haven't seen shag carpet in a vehicle since the 70's when I worked in a van conversion shop. We never used shag but always got a laugh out of it. Basically to me it looks like an outhouse on wheels.
  3. MWG-44


    I think since it's a membership park they are counting on members dues/purchases to pick up the slack. I wouldn't stay there if I could. I prefer parks like Manzanita State Park. Several different types of spots there.
  4. MWG-44


    There is some kid in The Dalles with a 10-12" tip. It sounds like a tuner car with a fart can on steroids. Doesn't even sound like a Dodge. It's his thing and he is certainly welcome to it.
  5. MWG-44


    What's with all the folks driving around with their mirrors folded up? Nothing screams wannabe like driving around with mirrors up and no trailer on behind. I can tell I'm getting old when the new fads just amuse me instead of interesting me.
  6. MWG-44

    New to me 11 Longhorn

    After things fell off I average 13-14 back & forth to The Dalles (It's uphill both ways ) The best I've gotten on I-84 is 19. The lie-o-meter says 21. I've tried to load pictures but cannot seem to make them small enough. The main thing I miss after the fire are the tools from my Dad and Grandpa. The rest is replaceable. Nobody was hurt and all the neighbors showed up with thier pumpers so it didn't leave the property. So no wheat was lost.
  7. MWG-44

    New to me 11 Longhorn

    I've been away for a long time but finally got back online. My 04 burnt up when my shop burned so I was looking for another 6spd. Couldn't find what I wanted and finally weakened and drove a friend's 15 auto. The very next day I found this and bought it. After driving it for a year I'll probably never buy another 6spd. Since I don't feed the kids cows with this truck. Since then I've added a few things and lost a few. Added a toolbox, headache rack, drip rails on windows, rhino lined the lower quarter panels (I live on a gravel road) and BW gooseneck hitch. I should have had the bumpers done when they lined the sides. I didn't realize the paint on them was so cheezy. This time I kept a muffler as 12 years of straight piped truck was enough I love the creature comforts but miss the fun of the 04. I'm not a fan of the mileage but it is what it is.
  8. MWG-44

    Wiper blades

    I followed the link and they can't seem to match anything to my truck. I guess an 04 is rare. As for stacks, stacks are like Trix. They're for kids. Mine is straight piped and that's loud enough for me.
  9. MWG-44

    Wiper blades

    Thank you for the help. I'll try the Bosh as I can get them locally I hope.
  10. MWG-44

    Wiper blades

    I did a search and it came up with nada. I have an 04 and have tried 3 different sets of blades. Trying to find a set that doesn't make noise. Does anyone know of a brand that works quietly?