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  1. Shady

    Pay It Forward Tool Box

    Shazam! Too much information!! 😬
  2. Shady

    OK Help me

    Put me down as a too!
  3. Shady

    Ben's Party

    Sounds like a great time. I wish that we could have made it... Hopefully the planets will align better later in the summer and I will be able to see you all at Hoss's place!
  4. Shady

    1968 BSA Thunderbolt

    Hey Rusty, I could keep that old dump trailer for you and save you all the grief of looking at it... then you'd have plenty of room to ride the bike around inside your shop! I know, I know... but thanks are unnecessary. What are friends for? 😉
  5. Shady

    OK Help me

    PULLMY1 (HINT... 1 = DIGIT)
  6. Shady

    OK Help me

  7. Shady

    Well, I did it.

    I love those trailers... very cool Rusty. just don’t let the skip loader at the gravel pit overload them.. it’s no fun getting pushed down the road when you really wanted to just stop...
  8. I use the filter cap and go through the fender. in spite of being a clutz, I can do the oil filter change easily this way without spilling any. Now, my success at changing the rear fuel filter without making a mess is another story... just ask Rusty...
  9. I like the idea of replacing the hex head bolts with Allen cap bolts so you can use the Allen wrench to insert and start them. From what I’m reading, that seems to be the biggest issue.
  10. Oh, very good! Very clean looking install Mike.
  11. That looks great Mike. Nice install. I am just wondering about the layout. Do you think that the power feeders and terminal block below the fuel lines/connections could be a potential safety issue? I imagine on boats, because of limited space, electrical and fuel systems are necessarily in close proximity to one another. You wouldn't see bare electrical terminals near fuel system connections on one of the Jets I work on. Maybe you could do a cap seal on the terminal connections?
  12. Shady

    Another long weekend

    Good to go Hoss! Glad that you are back on the happy path again.
  13. So nice! Way to go buddy. BTW... I think I missed the notification, but Happy birthday too
  14. Shady


    Yes, sad, but also a New chapter... you've got your retirement truck!