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  1. Just installed a Edge Cts2 in my truck. When i first turned it on i received a message on the screen to update. I have attempted to do this several times with Fusion.Fusion told me the first time the update was complete. I tried it in the truck again with same screen appearing. When i tried to update again it said my device was at the most current version. Anybody else run in to this issue ?
  2. Wow that cylinder block and valve plate really needed to be surface conditioned on a lapping table.
  3. Just the Ford i sold the Dodge a few years ago just fixed the sig
  4. Just thought i would stop in and say hello its been awile since i logged in to this board. .
  5. 1997 Dodge Ram 4X4 Extended Cab With Long Bed Motor cummins turbo diesel 12 valve #8 fuel plate Afe stage 2 filter systen Transmission was rebuilt at 198,000 miles by shop have reciepts 4 inch turbo back exaust Autometer Gauge pillar with tranny/egt/boost 33 inch Toyo mud terrains with aprox 3500 miles on them Frame mounted camper tie downs Truck has aprox 220,000 miles on it Unit bearings replaced 6 months ago Ball joints replaced 1 year ago genuine moog 8500 OBO possible trade for a jeep wrangler Or Nissan Xterra
  6. Well i cant find the problem must have a caliper sticking or something................
  7. I didnt check it but i will.... I kinda assumed my brakes would be rock hard if i was having problems with hydro assist
  8. Ok ive got a weird issue with my brakes. At very random intervals my brake peddle falls close to the floor. I dont lose my brakes but it is a weird feeling. If i pump my brakes up with the truck off it will hold pressure for ever. Does the same with it running. Master cylinder is full. Ok here is the weird part, it tends to be more prone to do it when i am parked down hill on a pretty good angle.
  9. My truck has recently developed a low idle that sometimes makes it feel like it has a mild cam in it. My idle has always been kinda low since i got the truck used. In gear it idles at between 550-600 rpm. It idles worse with the ac on at a stop light. Before i go and raise the rpm can the overflow valve cause this. My truck has 212,000 and on the original valve from what i understand from the previous owner. I always change the fuel filter between 7000-10000 miles.
  10. Well after getting way to frustrated with my tranny i took it to the shop that rebuilt it and they found the problem. Evidently i tore up one of the harness's that tranny gets a signal from. 150.00 dollars later and the transmission is like new again. I highly recomend lakewood transmission they are very honest and fair with there pricing..
  11. Ive been running the moog ones and havent had any problems yet.
  12. Had my tranny rebuilt about 15,000 miles ago and all of a sudden it wont shift from 1- 2 second soon enough. After you drive it for a bit it gets better. Anybody got any good ideas i was thinging about adjusting the band tommorow to see if it helps. The tranny doesnt feel like it is slipping at all. 1997 dodge ram ctd
  13. Thats funny Jeremy..... So i changed the fuel filter and the noise went away... Filter didnt look dirty compared to what i have pulled out of heavy equipment.
  14. Does anybody have the bosch part number so i can order it from cummins nw
  15. Fuel filter only has about 9000 miles on it but ill change it again...
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