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  1. 1 Grumpy

    dodge Ram parting out

  2. http://www.1stgen.org/index.php?sid=81c859e5317766e633ed0c4bb0fd92af All the info you need great board.
  3. Had a blast thanks too all that helped put this event together.
  4. 1 Grumpy


    looked like him and pulled into his same driveway. I could be wrong tho
  5. 1 Grumpy

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    rigs looking great Ben almost came by with the jeep yesterday got the arb pump and will install it later this week.
  6. aired up my tires and did a tire rotation.
  7. 1 Grumpy


    Out riding the Harley on Sat. was coming back from wheeling walker pulling jeep thought about rolling some coal but thought better of it. Looked like a killer day for a bike ride
  8. 1 Grumpy

    finally bought a boat...

    there are a few good bass fishing up here. nice boat...
  9. 1 Grumpy

    Cleaning out fishing gear...

    any update on what you still have?
  10. 1 Grumpy

    Looking for a cargo trailer

    does it need too be a cargo trailer or can it be a camp trailer?
  11. 1 Grumpy

    Selling for a friend, 1993 D-350 Cummins Ext cab LE

    how can I contact you. A friend is very interested...
  12. 1 Grumpy

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    you have a pm Ben...unless you dont need the tube bender now then dis regard message
  13. I would love to find a truck like that and 6-7k is the right price range. Let me know if you dicide against buying it. Michael 425-923-3948 looking at one on tuesday down south93 w250 271k miles nv4500 4x4 6k
  14. truck in sig? how much? im looking for a tow rig is this a 4x4 Michael
  15. 1 Grumpy


    I bought it last month lol now just throwing $$$ at it lol