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  1. hoosier

    2005 chevy 3500

    So I just picked up a 2005 chevy 3500 4x4 straight truck long bed 4 door. I am about to put a new turbo 4" turbo back exhaust deleting the cat and upgrading the muffler, new fuel system (fass). I have EFI Live for it and am considering stacking it with the edge evolution. Sun coast TC. I would like to run 33s under it. what do you all think the best lift kit to run is? I don't want to run the a leveling kit due to the loss in ride.
  2. hoosier

    Hawaii vacation

    Sounds like a lot of fun
  3. hoosier

    cummins burban

    I am picking up parts. I have a line on a 96 12v and a d60 for the front
  4. hoosier

    cummins burban

    Well this project might just happen sooner than later, my burb is dying quick
  5. hoosier

    cummins burban

    well they did not run the d-max in 95 and I am a cummins guy. they are easy to work on and wery little electronics. as far as the 1500 over the 2500 I picked mine up for free from a guy who got mad and just told me to take it. The TPS was bad and now it runs again.
  6. So with the growing needs of the family I have had to change what I do. I have traded off the built 4runner for a built burban. I have had to stop looking for a dodge and modify my 95 1500 suburban to pull the crawler and my 9500lbs camp trailer. So what I am starting with: - 1995 Chevy Suburban 1500 - SB350/4L60E/NP241(trans and t-case is new, engine has 205k) - 205/75/16 Toyo Open Country - kinda rough body The Plan ---For Now - 12V cummins - Tranny and t-case are undecided but I want to stay automatic - 2006 Chevy 2500 rear end with disks and 3/4 springs and Bridgestone air bags with in cab controls (3.73 gears I think) - Front I am undecided, but I am thinking ford Dana 60 - Clean up the body and paint a nice Blue - Redo the interior and put a nice sound system in with head rest TVs - invertor - on board air with 7 gal tank (Air Horns) - generator - If I dont SAS a small lift - I am sure there is more. So if you have suggestions please let me know Some pics of the runner I got rid of and the towburban
  7. hoosier

    new project help.

    I am going with the cummins
  8. hoosier

    new project help.

    Thx getting divorced seemed to make the saving easier. So I have been in contact with rockey mountain cummins and they seem to be of little help as far as the power gains I am looking for. So I will keep researching.
  9. hoosier

    new project help.

    For now the plan is a set of 2" lift springs in the front and the SAS kit gives 4" so a total of 6" and in the rear I am looking at a shackle reversal with an overload. The rear will be the 14FF not sure of gears but most likely going to be looking at 4.10 and 35s. as far as turbos go I was thinking compounds but not sure yet. like I said I only want to do this one time. The engine is out and sitting on a pallet in my shop. I am most likely going to order the trans this weekend from suncoast. I need to talk to suncoast and see if I can run the 205 behind their tranny and if so I will most likely run the 203/205 doubler just because I already have it and the are stout.
  10. hoosier

    new project help.

    Oh yes dont for the full aray of gauges. Custom intake, custom exhaust (nothing to loud, planing on a lot of miles)
  11. So it has been a LONG time since i have been on here. I have been on some other forums and am finding no help. I remeber the knowledge that was spread around the bunch when I used to hang out here so now maybe I can get some help. So the tranny I think I am going to run is the Suncoast 618 47RE Full Billit comp. T-case I am unsure at this time. Now this is where I have been getting grief, this is going in a 1995 chevy Suburban. I am doing the ORD SAS with a ford D60 and most likely the corp 14 rear. I am looking for a GOOD 600 - 700 horse. The engine I have is out of a 96 d3500 ran great when removed (all stock) but I am considering a full tear down and rebuild. This power that I am looking at getting needs to be safe and realiable. I am looking at doing ALL of the supporting mods needed first. The ones I know of are o-ring and arp's, water meth, BD innercooler, and the trans but where do I go from here. I have spent the last 3 years saving up for this thing so I can do it right. I am doing the complete dodge to chevy bolt in kit and the drivelines are going to be 2 3/4" chromoly. Any help from here would be great. This will be a partial daily and a stump puller.
  12. hoosier

    Fummins Help

    OK, Thanks for the help guys.
  13. hoosier

    Fummins Help

    I'm not sure what the tranny is, but its there 5 speed manual, with granny gear. I did use a pry bar on it for a while, but could not budge it at all.
  14. hoosier

    Fummins Help

    I am in the middle of a Fummins swap. My truck is a 97 F350. I have removed 6 bell housing bolts, the Starter, all the bolts from the dust cover, but I still cant get my engine to budge. I have tried lifting and lowering the front and back of the tranny, the engine, and all different combos. Is there a hidden bolt some where? I'm sure I'm just over looking something small, But any Ideas would be great. Thank you all.
  15. hoosier

    99 powerstoke swap

    ok so I have a 97 ford f350 with the 460 5 speed 4x4 that just broke the cam. I have found a 7.3 out of a 99. now for the question what do i need (i.e. wiring, computer, mounts tranny, ect...) would i need to get this to work. the engine does not come with the wiring or ecu. can I get a stand alone? any help would be great.