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  1. Just because one can do something does not mean one should. I too have seen people do some really scary stuff for towing. Maybe it's part of thinning the herd, I just don't want them to take me with them.
  2. As one gains more experience in this thing called life,😁 creature comforts become much more important for long hauls towing heavy.😇
  3. Front rings a famous for broken plastic hooks where they attach to the wheel. They rattle.
  4. Kelly, hope the fires in Pierce county stay away from you.
  5. Saw it only once on my 2011 on a slow 40 KM off road trip to our fishing lake in B.C. Cleared right up once back on the main road and some constant speed.
  6. Exactly what I was thinking.😁😇🤣
  7. WOW All ME FIRST generation butt head. Dropping a dime should be the least of his worries. Not sure how calm I could have remained. License number should be turned in to Grays Harbor County health board, along with a description of what you witnessed.
  8. Fuel stops while towing can be a real challenge. That is why I added a 90 gallon aux tank in the bed. Yes, it takes up a lot of space, but my truck is primarily for towing, so the sacrifice is well worth it.
  9. Sounds beautiful, except for the 105° part.🥵
  10. Your efforts are appreciated ❤ Not really canceled, just postponed for 365 days.😁
  11. Same one that I have flickering. I forget it is doing that because I don't drive it much at night.
  12. Reminds me, I have a couple of dash lights flickering.🙄
  13. Thanks. Being old and lazy, would prefer a can, but also tired of having to redo all the time.
  14. Does that POR 15 come in rattle cans, or brush on only? I've been using Rustoleum on my RV springs, etall for years. Doesn't last long before the rust is back.
  15. I may drop by, but it will be just me.
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