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  1. donyo

    Moving a 1.9Million lb generator

    No sudden stops or sharp turns.ðŸĪŠ
  2. That's kinda scary ----- for Riven.😁
  3. donyo

    Tool Box from Longview, WA. to the Goat Ranch.

    Sorry to hear this kind of news Dan. We've been wondering about her. Praying for you all for a successful outcome.🙏
  4. Q. What are the size limits for an oversized vehicle? A. Any vehicle that is 11 feet 4 inches high or higher and 7 feet 10 inches wide or wider needs the one-way traffic control service. Any vehicle 13 feet high or higher cannot pass through the tunnel. Length restrictions are 40 feet for a single vehicle and 50 feet for any vehicle combination. This information is also listed on the back page of the Park Newspaper. Visitors must pay for the one-way traffic control service at the entrance stations - not at the tunnel. The above is from Zion's website.
  5. Check on the Park's website. IIRC, there are size restrictions in the tunnel along that road from the East.
  6. Read the fine print on the coupon. They do have exceptions to the 20% off.
  7. donyo

    Places to pull over on I 5 to sleep.

    WALMART is changing their policy on overnight parking. Many now have signs prohibiting it. Evidently too much liability.
  8. donyo

    Ben's Party

    A great time was had by those of us there. A small gathering of NWBombers. Food was great and plentiful. Beer was flowing, and Bob V even did a bit of wrenching on his rig, a bomb party tradition. A few war stories and a lot of BS. For the most part the rain stayed away. A huge THANK YOU to Ben and Kim for a great time.
  9. donyo

    Southern Washington Bombparty

    We are camped in Skamokawa Vista Park (long story). Pouring buckets here.. Joyce and I will be over later this morning.
  10. We will be home (Mill Creek area) until end of June, and then back mid July until late November. Let me know if I need to bring it back home, or maybe just leave it here.
  11. There is a large area just past the scales where trucks park to rest. If scale is not open, would be a great place to meet. Odds of that scale being open on a Saturday is fairly slim. Let me know what ya think.
  12. If there is a SB rest area there, it is new. Last I checked it was a truck scale. Never know when it is open.😊 We plan leaving here late morning, so probably be in that area between 11 and noon. PM me your digits and I can call/text when we get to Renton or South center.
  13. Yup. 405 to 5 all the way. Pick someplace to meet and I can do the handoff Sat. Remember I'll be hearding a dually with a 39' toyhauler behind.
  14. Hey Goatman, got ya covered. I will be picking up your stuff Wednesday, and taking it to Longview on Saturday. Hope you can get it somehow from there. We will be there until Monday morning.
  15. donyo

    Two, WARN snatch blocks SOLD

    Dave, PM me your address and I will try to get up and get the stuff before Friday. I too am busy since our return from AZ.