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  1. donyo

    New backup lights

    Nice. Stock backup lights suck at best. LED is definitely the way to go. They brighten my world.😎
  2. Always good to tie up loose ends. Happy you got her home.
  3. Lip smackin, finger lickin good eats. Friends from Canada can make it, what's wrong with you locals?? Those of us that did make it had a good time. Thanks for hosting us again Mark and Terry.❀
  4. donyo

    Dono ever been there

    I'm not trying it in my dually. I think an outfit at Goldfield Mine (tourist trap) does Jeep tours over that road. It's been closed all Summer due to a wildfire in the area. Supposed to reopen late Sept. I think
  5. donyo

    Dono ever been there

    I have been out as far as Tortilla Flat as that is all paved road. I have not been on the part from there to Roosevelt Dam. I've been told that it is not for the faint of heart. One hill on particular looses at least on car per year. Should be fine in your side by side. One friend has taken his bagger bike over it, but said it was extremely challenging.
  6. I plan to be there.😁🍺😎
  7. Not the worst one I've felt (2001 Nisqually), but it got my attention just before 3 AM here in S. Everett.
  8. donyo


    When we were full timing a couple of years ago, one park we frequented had an age limit for rigs. Seem to remember 10 years or newer. If you lived there full time, and your rig aged out, they would ask you to update or move. They also had a two + year wait list. Law of supply vs demand.😎
  9. donyo


    Don't like the view when they are down, and too lazy to change them anyway. Mine are up 100% of the time. If you don't like it, don't look. 😎🍺🌞🀣
  10. I have seen #2 gel in PNW! It doesn't happen often, but when it did, our snowplows spent more time in the shop than on the road. As soon as the shop Superintendent bought winter blend the problem went away.❄❄❄ Personally, I've never used an additive in my 2011. If it makes you feel better, use it despite the figures.🍺🍺🍺
  11. Four words: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! All of the aforementioned laws/bills are infringements to our God given right to self defense. Yes, I said God given. It is wired in from birth. Fight or flight.
  12. The good Lord willing....
  13. donyo


    Yes, we have the truck. The after market transmission is still a work in progress. It is designed/built for you big power people, and not for towing heavy. Hopefully they can come up with a fix by Spring.πŸ€”
  14. donyo


    Had a nice visit with Mike and Sallie. We had a nice dinner and spent time catching up. Good to see them both again in Parker, AZ. See you again next time trhough.
  15. Christmas gift idea ----Kim😎