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  1. We are being serviced by a government out of control. Sad to say we have pretty much done this to ourselves.πŸ˜₯
  2. donyo

    Question on brakes

    I use my exhaust brake almost all the time as well. I don't know why Ben was always telling me I didn't need one. These things are great! I will never again tow heavy without an exhaust brake.
  3. donyo

    Question on brakes

    The service brakes on my 2011 3500 dually do not dust bad at all. Guess RAM switched suppliers since mine was built. Of course, the first thing I do upon starting the truck is activate the exhaust brake! I use it even when running empty. The service brakes are only for the final stop.
  4. donyo

    Honda eu2000i generator for sale

    Come to find out that Honda has come out with a new EU2200I with the larger engine this year. Mine is the older EU2000i with the 98.5 engine. Let me know if you're interested as someone else has also expressed interest.
  5. donyo

    Honda eu2000i generator for sale

    Not sure Dave. I bought it about 3 years ago. It is CARB compliant. I will check it out later and let you know.
  6. donyo

    Fuel system upgrades

    Better have an easy way to shut off the flow, else it will flow on to the ground when the main tank is full. That's what my electric solinoid is for. A simple flip of the switch starts/stops the flow.
  7. donyo

    Fuel system upgrades

    I gravity feed my 90 gallon into the factory fill tube. Flow is controlled by a 12 volt solenoid with a switch in the cab. My combo tank took box came with a vent under the lid, near the fill port.
  8. I bought it new and used very little. No longer needed as our new RV has one built in. Bomber special price $700, you transport.
  9. donyo

    48re rebuild

    WOW! Hard to believe someone is stupid enough to break other people's stuff and not say anything. No charge for the install should have been a huge red flag. Was this a commercial shop or a private party? Exactly why I prefer to do my own vehicle work.
  10. donyo

    Looking for transmission shop

    Ha, I remember that day.😁 Never did do mine. I've got really bright LEDs hanging from my 2011. Did I mention bright😁
  11. Ribs for dinner tonight!πŸ– Those that missed the party missed some mighty fine eats.
  12. Too busy eating all the great food, so didn't get any photos. Another wonderful day at the Harris' ranch. Nice to see so many old timers make an appearance. Among other things on the menu: Two different versions of fatties Smoked pork belly Smoked ribs Pulled pork Beans I gotta stop because I'm drooling on my keyboard.
  13. Your hitch will be at the Hossienda on Saturday.
  14. donyo

    Aug 18th roll call

    Bummer. She is still in my prayers.