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  1. Your hitch will be at the Hossienda on Saturday.
  2. donyo

    Aug 18th roll call

    Bummer. She is still in my prayers.
  3. donyo

    Seattle city loud exhaust fines

    ðŸ˜Ĩ Sad, being a sanctuary city with safe injections sites, needle exchanges, and lots of giveaways, it is attracting the unsavory element from everywhere else. It is a real craphole with human excrement and garbage everywhere.
  4. donyo

    Seattle city loud exhaust fines

    The above cited ordinance only talks about 90 decibels. No mention of distance.
  5. donyo

    Seattle city loud exhaust fines

    The aforementioned city is all about transfer: Transferring $$$ from your pocket to their coffers. Not sure how they can prove the distance of you take it to court. JMTC
  6. Just because you can does not mean you should. Even the pros, doing everything right, can have problems. BTDT
  7. donyo

    Aug 18th roll call

    Joyce and I plan to be there Saturday. Probably leave really early because of the l-o-n-g drive.😎😁ðŸĪĢðŸĪŠ.
  8. donyo

    Aug 18th food list

    We will have a mac or tater salad, and dessert of some sort.😎
  9. donyo

    need help deciding

    Revmax is a work in progress. It is built for power, not towing. In tow/haul mode the shifts are violent. Come to find out, tuners do not address that side. Have not yet had a chance to tow in "normal" mode.
  10. donyo

    need help deciding

    MPG is also affected by what gears you've got as well as tire size. With my '11(non def), stock tires and 4:10 gears, I've averaged 10.5 over a 5K mile trip to AZ and back from WA. towing a 14K fifth wheel. Mine is the 68rfe, and I usually tow in 5th gear.
  11. donyo

    Doin outside work

    I need to stop by and see this up close.😁 Oh, and if you need a good supervisor for your next project just let me know!😎
  12. donyo

    Thinking about a new(er) truck

    I totally get the wrestling with the money issue, but If you really want a new truck,GET IT!! No one is promised tomorrow, so do it now and enjoy it. I've known folks that waited, but life caught up with them and it quickly became too late 😟 JMTC
  13. donyo

    Thinking about a new(er) truck

    Please let us know how that works for ya.😆
  14. donyo

    Thinking about a new(er) truck

    Could not agree more. Life is short and no one is promised tomorrow. Enjoy your life as worry free as possible for as long as you are able.
  15. donyo

    Moving a 1.9Million lb generator

    No sudden stops or sharp turns.ðŸĪŠ