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    Who doesn't like MORE POWER?
    06 Dodge 3/4 4X4 Mega cab Long bed 500hp 1000tq -ish
    10 S1000RR BMW
  1. I was told buy a little birdy the 6.7s are the upgrades, my son has a cummins connection and looking into how soon we can get them. #6 crashed and bent the rod and #1 looks lime it's going to go very soon.......so we just as well do them all with the upgrades. Which BBIs did you install?
  2. Last year we had a little problem on the way to buy flowers for mama and it's been on the "back- burner" since. It just barely fit the tow truck, took two calls to convince them "they needed a bigger boat" - haha
  3. Lucky to have this guy around to help his old man......Medically / retired / discharged last year and some days I really feel it
  4. A few years ago I bought Dave's (from Blaine) longbed magacab. We dyno'd it down here in the Rochester area on a brake-dyno and it made some good #s (507hp 1020tq). Things have been running real good and it's really a nice workhorse. I'm lucky to have a really smart and hard working son that came down this last week and helped get the shop lights run and crack the truck open to trouble shoot our little problem. Looks like rocker-arm assemblies HD push rods are in order........while I'm there- thinking about getting rid of the stock sticks and putting in some BBI's and ARP st
  5. If you still have this motor......and it's 100 .....my son can swing by after work tonight and check it out. he will have cashola.
  6. I've always liked the 48' cab-over's with the split front windows.........not sure that's what you had in mind.........
  7. It will if you run 35-40 mph in top gear 1200-1500rpm and don't mind all the people honking at you
  8. we will be looking soon............she wants the DSM.......uhggg
  9. She didn't mind riding it did she? Just park it where she can't see it.........
  10. JT- I like your priorities ........even if it is a KTM
  11. Dan, thank you for opening your home to us it was great to put a couple of more names to faces. Trent is still talking about your goats and the fire!
  12. mr Cob you have never been hard to spot.........hahaha
  13. Kevin- i have no problems checking out your air system
  14. Sounds a little like a Sniper competition........starting line should be the back of an aircraft @ 35K 7 miles from the landing zone.
  15. HMmmmm...... I have a couple of friends there to stay with.......
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