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  1. No pic's but it is happening. The box is off and repaired, most of the sanding is done, then they will block it out and get paint on it.
  2. Sounds like they got busy with repairs, so it will be at least another month, but that is ok with me, the pick-up get to sit in a nice warm shop.
  3. I was over there last week and they were working on it, there was a few more dings then I thought, but not bad, I got a call from them today wanting some answers, but I didn't ask when it may be done, if I had to guess I would say just after the first.
  4. You should get it running again, then get it repainted, it's only time and money.
  5. Thanks guys, Gary, it will be the same color, I am have it done, that silver is mostly metallic I have not shot that for more years then I can remember. Rob, I didn't call anyone, I just got up on Saturday, said it's time and busted it out. Ben, I really hope it looks nice, for the cost of paint work now days, it better look great.
  6. Today the old 95 is going under the Knife, actually started it on Saturday 11/ 30 2019 finished my part on Sunday 12/1/2019 hoping to get it back by the end of the year. https://desperado.smugmug.com/2011-Dodge-Ram-2500/i-LwQd7tp/A https://desperado.smugmug.com/2011-Dodge-Ram-2500/i-XRRSRTz/A https://desperado.smugmug.com/2011-Dodge-Ram-2500/i-S5XWgfP/A https://desperado.smugmug.com/2011-Dodge-Ram-2500/i-rZVz6rj/A
  7. I pull the filter out the bottom, never had a mess.
  8. look on car-part.com there is a few HO,MT engines on there.
  9. It takes 3 or 4 bolts to pull the fan then you can clean that area out.
  10. The clutch will hate you with even 60 horse added, don't ask me how I know....
  11. Yup that is the one. Like is said it I would repaint it, what it is now is not my style.
  12. If you want I can get some contact info for you.
  13. I know where there is a 4 door one ton duelly with a big block in it, may want to repaint it, not sure how much he wants for it, it is a 1986~89.
  14. I have had my 2011 Ram front door windows roll down on their own 3 times now, I didn't know what to think, so I called the dealer and explained what was going on of course they say bring it in and we will look at it, then I decided to YouTube it and found out if you push the unlock button on the key fob once to unlock it then one more time and hold it down the windows will roll down till you let off of the unlock button, and I thought I had a ghost in the darn thing.
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