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  1. cguthrie

    AC Compressor

    Got the new non-AC belt yesterday, I'll drive it till I can get the compressor replaced. It's running fine now, and I don't have to worry about the compressor seizing and taking the belt with it. Thanks for all the replies!
  2. cguthrie

    AC Compressor

    I just talked to Bill at Source and he said the compressor is done, and to put a non-AC belt on there for right now so I don't burn up the AC belt if the compressor seizes. I'll have the pickup over there next week so I guess it will be a warm drive over this weekend lol
  3. cguthrie

    AC Compressor

    It only cycles when I turn the AC on, but I thought I could use the defrost or other settings but yesterday started raining out of nowhere so I had to roll up the windows and I turned the defrost on and it started doing it. It feels like a shuddering and makes a little noise when it does it. I think i'll take it to a shop today and see if they can do an AC performance check on it... I'm supposed to drive to Mt Hood this weekend for camping and then I'm on leave the week after that... other than this the pickup is still running fine.
  4. My compressor is spraying green dye out the back when it cycles. It started after I hooked up a can of refrigerant to it on Sunday... I know I shouldn't have now since it was so hot out that day and the AC just wasn't working as good since it was so hot. I've been reading up on it and it sounds like the system may be overcharged and there is a high pressure valve releasing pressure? Does my system have this? Either way I think I need to have the system evacuated and recharged and see what it does after. And another stupid question... It won't hurt to drive it if I keep the HVAC system off will it? I know this is going to be expensive and not sure I can spend the money on it right now. Thanks guys Chris
  5. Sorry for not posting alot first off but i was thinking about getting my injectors serviced, I've had them in the pickup since about 65K miles and i'm at 178K now, I don't drive the pickup a lot anyways so the downtime wouldn't affect me at all. I ordered them from DDP when they first started making injectors in 05-06??? can't find the receipt but i remember whoever i ordered them from said they were 75HP injectors with jammer tips.... don't know if i'm remembering correctly So anyways what does everyone think? Think i should send them in? I don't have any problems with them but i'm sure they could use some "freshening up" $30 an injector i think is worth it to make sure everything is ok.... now i just need a good turbo lol a little to smoke these days but i am alot higher than the pickup is used to here in Mountain Home.
  6. cguthrie

    4 2001 Alloy center caps

    Oh it's alright, i was just coming on here to say there sold... BUT i do have another set of lug nuts if anyone needs them I won't send need to send them though, I'll be in Idaho in March!
  7. I got new wheels for my pickup and scrapped the old wheels but I still have the center caps. If anyone is interested in them let me know. Chris
  8. cguthrie

    98.5-02 24 Valve lift pump

    Nobody has the stock setup anymore huh? lol
  9. cguthrie

    98-02 Ram 3 gauge pillar

    It looks like it's the Agate color to me, i just held it up against my dash and it looked almost the same color to me.
  10. Pro plus PP-31925, $40 plus shipping OBO
  11. Cummins part number 3990105, $125 plus shipping from NC. Comes with 2 12mm banjo washers. PM me for details. Chris
  12. I replaced the headlight and tail light assembly's in my pickup. Anyone need any? i'm in NC but i only want someone to pay for shipping. i went to these for headlights http://www.summitracing.com/parts/ann-111067 these for taillights http://www.summitracing.com/parts/ann-211048 the left tail light is cracked a little but it might be look better than someones here? i would like to ship as pairs and have these end up with someone that actually needs them, not someone keeping a bunch of OEM parts in there garage... let me know Chris
  13. cguthrie

    Amsoil Injection injector cleaner

    You change ALL your fluids every 10K? That seems a little on the extreme side for anything other than the engine....
  14. cguthrie

    What got you started in diesels?

    When i was a sophomore in high school i started working for a farm down the road, he had a 93 W350 with a Protech flatbed and an 32 foot aluminum stock trailer. We went to the Cow Palace in San Francisco that year and before we left we weighed the truck and trailer and we were right under 30K. I had been interested in diesels before but that was pretty much it for me! The best part of that year was when he told me i was going to take the cows over to the Washington County Fair by myself and i figured i'd be using the old 78 Chevy farm truck lol Then he threw me his keys.... WOW you should've seen some of the looks i got from the FFA and 4-H girls pulling in driving that
  15. cguthrie

    1st gen high egt's

    How heavy of loads are you talking here?