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  1. Mark, I sent you a text. It's on Offer Up.
  2. There is no way I will be able to make it.. Russ can you move us to a different Carrier for the 4 hours?
  3. Their idea is to get rid of the parts available to get rid of the factory parts.
  4. I didn't know it went that far. I didn't know anything about it until talking to the previous owner of my boat. It was pretty rough on the owners of the rigs also.
  5. That's exactly what they did, no tags until he proved all items had been put back in. He wasn't alone. I guess there was a list of owners.
  6. The guy I bought my boat from was Touched by Source Automotive fines. His truck was required to be returned to stock and had to be inspected.
  7. Hey saw your pictures on FB, I'm really about Cindy's car.


    I know that may have made you pretty busy.  If you need help let me know. If you need more time on the Bug that's fine to.  Or if you need to change your mind and keep it, I'd understand. 


    Just let me know.  



    1. Bulldog


      Cindy's car was a bummer, but it will get fixed. 


      All is good with the bug and the window will be working soon and ready for you. 


      Thanks Paul. 

  8. My 06 has a guage. It is also the fastest car to warm up I have ever owned.
  9. But who is getting the patent rights to "Sinaster's Blue"
  10. I don't doubt that after riding in the Bronco!
  11. How about the turbo oil line breaking going down the road? Think I cleaned my hood for days, that webbing holds a lot of oil.
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