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  1. I've heard really good things about King.
  2. My transmission cost just South of 10k. Both those shops are very familiar with either of those transmissions Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  3. C Paul Go

    In Search Of a 22cm BHT3B Turbine Housing

    Did you check AGP? Alamo?
  4. Mike at NorthState Automotive in Marysville is the local go to guy in this neck of the woods. Mike Boyd is also adding this to what his shop does. Diesel Outfitters in Smokey Point. I'd be comfortable with either one building one for me. I have a full meal deal 48RE in my Mega from Mike at NorthState. Billet everything. I don't think you will need to go that far. But I'm guessing adleast the Input for that weight.
  5. C Paul Go

    6.7 muff

    I have 2 mufflers on my 3rd gen now and I could not be happier... Call Mike Boyd ask what he put under there.
  6. C Paul Go

    Injectors question.

    LOL, who has the best transmission to go with my new injectors will be next....
  7. C Paul Go

    Injectors question.

    Reading is fundamental Gary....
  8. C Paul Go

    Injectors question.

    If we start talking common rail injectors, don't forget BBI.
  9. C Paul Go

    (4) 18x9 KMC XD Hoss Wheels 8lugx6.5

    Yes you need longer control arms if the truck has been leveled.
  10. C Paul Go

    Fishing 2019

    I didn't get a T-Shirt but I did get a treble Barbed that had to be pushed thru my Thumb nail... Just the thought of it makes me feel like vomiting again. I must admit I got to witness Hoss's. He kept fishing with no drinking. Me on the other hand get handed a Bottle of Fireball before it got pushed through... LOL He said it's times like this that I keep a bottle in the fish box.. Not sure if I drank more prior or after the hook coming out, really not sure if it helped or not but I did keep fishing. Just more drinking was involved...
  11. C Paul Go

    Backup camera display mounting options for early Gen2

    Double Din won't be the cheap route. But it can be done.
  12. Wow, 2006......
  13. C Paul Go

    Backup camera display mounting options for early Gen2

    I suggest making the effort to put in a Double Din Radio and then you have your back up screen at the same time.
  14. C Paul Go

    Newbie with first Dodge/Cummins, 2nd gen

    I would say your next bump to the power bump list should be to have the timing adjusted.
  15. C Paul Go

    I am suspension confused. What do I Need?

    I just have the standard Non-Reservoir type.