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  1. C Paul Go

    Wtb second gen 4x4 cummins

    Looks good. More info.. Funny thing is that truck looks very close to the truck I was referring to. It was a 97. Same color.
  2. C Paul Go

    Fishing 2019

    Hey Rusty interested in a Tuna trip? Waiting may payoff. Dave your not planning for a bigger boat down the road right?
  3. C Paul Go

    Cracked block

    Lay all the info out. I and others can give you an idea but needing a new motor will be a huge hit to value. So much so that it might carry more value in parts.
  4. C Paul Go

    Wtb second gen 4x4 cummins

    I've bought the truck you're looking for. But here is the problem. I did it 3 years ago and the seller was hard pressed for cash. I resold the truck 2 weeks later (never listed) for 2K profit. I did nothing to it but rinse off the mud. The current owner still has it. Loves it. Did have to put a transmission in it and that cost almost as much as the truck. Good luck. I think the best prices are still in Texas and Arizona.
  5. C Paul Go

    Wanted Built 47RE

    You will still have the expense of the build, but now down time.
  6. C Paul Go


    What do you use this "On Line" stuff for?
  7. C Paul Go

    Wanted Built 47RE

    For me that's a Nope.. I want to know who built it, I want the paperwork to go with it.
  8. C Paul Go

    Wanted Built 47RE

    I agreed to pay the seller up front. I paid the labor after it happened like a normal shop bill. I actually ended up buying the same guys gauge package at the sametime.
  9. C Paul Go

    Wanted Built 47RE

    You might also watch for people getting ready to trade in trucks. This is how my deal came about, I reached out and offered cash for the Transmission. Said I would pay the labor on both trucks. I set up both trucks at Mike's shop he did the Remove and replace in a day. It's much easier for a shop if both trucks are there. I'm still in it all said and done about 5K. But the paperwork for the transmission I have alone was about 9K. So I figured I'm still about 5K worth of savings overall.
  10. C Paul Go

    Wanted Built 47RE

    If you have a FB account Key an eye on Diesel Pages and the Market place.
  11. C Paul Go

    Wanted Built 47RE

    I'll keep an eye out. That's how I got mine and they do come up once in a while.