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  1. C Paul Go

    2006 3500 SRW LOW MILES! $26,500

    2nd reason is this truck was very tempting for me. If it had been Leather I would have been very tempted to offer a trade. I love my Megacab but a Long Bed again would be nice.
  2. C Paul Go

    2006 3500 SRW LOW MILES! $26,500

    Just like to keep tabs on what their moving for. That sale happened quickly.
  3. C Paul Go

    2006 3500 SRW LOW MILES! $26,500

    Can I ask what price was decided on?
  4. C Paul Go

    Insurance advice

    I have Progressive. They were the only ones who would insure the 2002 for the stated Value. I have stuck with them since. No complaints.
  5. C Paul Go

    Insurance advice

    What's the question?
  6. C Paul Go

    Aiming for a "new" (yeah, used) truck

    I might know of a 4th Gen coming up forsale. He bought the truck I mentioned in this post earlier.
  7. C Paul Go

    New Transmission

    Was the turbo repaired at no charge? I think a 63 would also be a good fit but it could be a little laggy in certain situations. Do you not think the old turbo is going to last again?
  8. C Paul Go

    2006 3500 SRW LOW MILES! $26,500

    Your brother has a fine name.. LOL
  9. I would think a local vinyl shop could do it all for you. The making and installing. I know Signs and More in Everett could. They made my stuff for the Boat.
  10. C Paul Go

    New Transmission

    For your uses a 62 as already mentioned by two people I trust. Swing by and talk to Mike. I think for partial off road use a 62 would be better suited for your application. Did they tell you what went wrong with the first turbo? That would help me answer what to do when deciding to switch or not.
  11. C Paul Go

    New Transmission

    OK Pat, since this is more private than FB what's the story on the turbo? They had it long enough that it should have been free. It didn't last and didn't get beaten so it should have been covered under warranty. So I hope it was replaced for free.
  12. C Paul Go

    2006 3500 SRW LOW MILES! $26,500

    Is it Leather or cloth? What shape is the interior in?
  13. C Paul Go

    2006 3500 SRW LOW MILES! $26,500

    Price will depend on how long your willing to sit on it. I don't personally think 28K is in the cards. If it had a built Automatic I'd say 28K would be doable. If it had a 6sp with a dual disk I'm still not sure how long you'd have to wait to get to 28K. I'm not trying to beat you up. It's a very nice Low mile truck. But at 28K people will be moving up in years. The 2006 and 07 5.9 can be pretty sought after because they have the ability to add EFI Live. Have you thought about trading verses selling?
  14. C Paul Go

    2006 3500 SRW LOW MILES! $26,500

    Still factory or rebuilt with mod's? Welcome to the board by the way.
  15. C Paul Go

    2006 3500 SRW LOW MILES! $26,500

    darn nice truck.. I'd almost be willing to trade for mine.... What transmission does it have?