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  1. C Paul Go

    Fire pit patio project

    Hoss don't forget Moses. They have Walleye here.. Some big ones I've seen pictures of.
  2. C Paul Go

    12 Valve Injectors question

    12v injectors are dirty. One type is even dirtier than the other.. LOL the end.
  3. C Paul Go

    Fire pit patio project

  4. C Paul Go

    clutch not disengaging

    Time for a new one. It's the hydraulics.
  5. C Paul Go

    Fire pit patio project

    We used a John Deere Tractor wheel worked good. Just keep in mind it may still be hot hours after the fire is out. Looks good
  6. C Paul Go

    Major upgrade to the Duckworth!

    That thing is amazing! Between it and a fish finder with a memory recall. Both are game changers.
  7. I had mine made for the truck on the truck. So I can't answer that either... You're killing me.. .LOL
  8. How about calling them direct?
  9. C Paul Go

    Time to fix hunting trip damage

    Get a muffler...
  10. C Paul Go

    Question on brakes

    Hoss, I call the manufactures now. I tell them that dust is up on my concerns list. I haven't ordered parts from Performance Brake. But that's who I will order from next. I tell them that dusting is a big concern for me, suggest something that doesn't dust for me.
  11. C Paul Go

    Failed harmonic balancer.

    I'd regift a Coach bag in a second. Win/Win.
  12. As Gary said. Call them direct on Monday. They should be able to send you a new one.
  13. C Paul Go

    Failed harmonic balancer.

    Tell her I like Coach and none of that Knock off Crap. LOL
  14. C Paul Go

    Failed harmonic balancer.

    Ask your girlfriend to tighten it up for you.
  15. C Paul Go

    New truck!

    I heard Randy was making progress. I know he has made that transmission his next goal to concur. But I don't know anyone personally who has one yet.