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  1. C Paul Go

    Hand Calculated

    The main part of the drive was I-90 I was traveling East and going the speed limit of the interstate sign.. lol My ETA was 9:30 I arrived at 9. There was the commute from Marysville to I-90 and then Boat launching and a couple of runs to town mixed in. Overall I'm ok with the number, I wasn't driving for mileage gain that's forsure. Just a Typical weekend to get an idea of what the truck get's under normal use.
  2. C Paul Go

    Hand Calculated

    2006, Dually, nearly 200K Zero People passed me when I was headed East. Lets say I was running a pretty good clip.
  3. C Paul Go

    Hand Calculated

    14 MPG over the pass and the weekend combined driving. Not trying for great MPG, just trying to see what I get with my current driving habits. I can count for you how many people passed me Friday night going over, so it was a real world measure...
  4. C Paul Go

    Seattle city loud exhaust fines

    Hold it, Seattle has a new law that makes no sense..... I had no idea they could come up with so many. I used to love going to Seattle. We just went for a concert this summer. I was sickened to my stomach with what I have seen it become. It is the cesspool of Washington.
  5. C Paul Go


    Saturday night we went to the Drive In located in Oak Harbor. (If you get the chance to do this, do it) So it was dusty and people are driving by the truck all night. Get home and I know the truck will have to be cleaned again in the morning. Sunday unload the truck. Get out the detail spray and get ready to wipe the entire truck down. Then I decide I'm going to try my duster first. The duster did the entire truck. Only spray I used was glass cleaner on the windshield. That made for quick work.
  6. C Paul Go

    Put in some work!

    That looks great! BUT 2 CLAYBARS!! Must have been stuff on that paint. Is it smooth? I'll update my post with my test the next day.
  7. C Paul Go


    Slick, it's the easiest on and off. I did do it all by hand. No buffer. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. C Paul Go


    After pictures Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  9. C Paul Go


    Well started first thing this morning. Washed, dried and waxed. Before pictures Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. C Paul Go


    I'm up in the air on what i'll use. I have Slick, I have the pure Carnauba or I have the stuff I bought from Griots. If I go with the Griots I think I'll use the buffer I bought from them and make things go a little quicker. Funny thing Steve, I got a message over Facebook on Tuesday from someone, It said my god you keep that truck shined up... LOL Honestly been 2 years since it was waxed.
  11. C Paul Go


    If the weather is decent and my back is up to it I'm going to wash and wax the truck this weekend. Trucks in good shape wax wise but I do think it will will help with getting the dead bugs off the front after a drive to the lake. Been 10 plus years since I waxed anything other than the boat. Beer fridge in the garage will be stocked prior.
  12. Don't go name brand spray bottles. Amazon offers a foam spraying bottle for 17 dollars vs 50 from the other guys.
  13. Lens is different forsure, not sure about the housing. I'd guess the same.
  14. I'm debating getting a foam cannon and micro fiber mop for the truck. Video's say cuts down cleaning time big time. For brake dust you have 2 choices and I have done them both before. New brake pads and coating the wheels themselves. I don't have any cerma coat experience but for the hours I spend cleaning the truck and the boat (the boat is 3x as much) I'm going to do it this off season.
  15. C Paul Go

    need help deciding

    If you are going to do an Automatic, the after market is still struggling to support the transmissions. Something to consider forsure. The 5.9 motors have many more transmission upgrade options available.