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  1. Well…changing the check valve didn’t fix anything….
  2. yeah…the check valve on the brake booster is epoxied together because 2 of the 3 breasts were broken off and so far I haven’t been able to find another one (discontinued by Dodge). That may be the cause. another possibility would be a bad speed sensor? Although I did change that a few months ago (as part of my ABS light issue) and the Cruise worked great all the way to Missouri and back.
  3. Seems my demon possessed ‘93 has decided it doesn’t like the speed when I set the Cruise Control. It will set just fine when I press the button but…it will gradually accelerate until it gets about 15 mph faster, then it will back off about 10 before again increasing another 15. I tell you this truck is possessed! It has a mind of its own! Any suggestions as to how I can… 1. Fix the Cruise (what yo look at that may be the cause), and 2. Perform an exorcism on my beloved truck? oh…and one more thing… My 5th lift pump just started leaking so now I have that issue to speak with too. New one (Cummins this time) is on order through Motor Trucks in Mt. Vernon. That SHOULD be in tomorrow afternoon. No more Delphi rebuilds for me… But…anyone know just WHY these things go bad so often? Is it caused by the ultra-low sulfur fuel? I add an ounce (or 2) of 2-stroke oil at EVERY fill-up to compensate for the lack of lubricity from the sulfur. I have since I got her broke in in October 1993.
  4. I plan to keep an eye on them and will get all new washers and re-torque them at every other oil change from here on out. might be overkill but I’ll have peace of mind.
  5. I just tightened them..because I needed the truck and only had the one washer for the injector that blew out. none are leaking (bubbling) so for now it looks good and runs great!
  6. Actually I did replace all of the banjos Hoss. And naturally I put a new crush washer on that one injector. Also… I checked the torque on each injector. None of them were torqued to specs and 2 of them I could turn with my fingers! All are at 46 lb.ft. now and the truck runs like it should again.
  7. So…I found my parts at Motor Trucks in Mt. Vernon. If all goes right I should be back on the road tomorrow…YAY!!
  8. thanks for the offer Sir…I’ll definitely keep that in mind!
  9. Genos? That’s one I’ve never heard of. I’ll look them up too. thanks mark.
  10. I ordered the parts from Cummins NW today. They were supposed to be in stock (according to the website) but when I went to pick them up none of it was in stock and on back order for at least a month. I NEED ANOTHER SUPPLIER! I NEED TO GET THIS TRUCK BACK ON THE ROAD!!! I’m open to suggestions here people.
  11. No sir…the pump is a performance pump +40hp. But the mechanic was trying to maintain my outstanding mpg’s and used stock injectors.
  12. 🤞🏻🤞🏻 yes I did! #6 was bubbling and I tightened it down several months ago. After this incident I’d best check them all.
  13. Well here’s a new one for you…scary crap too!! I was driving down the highway slowing from 50 mph to make turn off this morning when something under my hood gave way with a HUGE BANG. Immediately a cloud of smoke appears from under the hod and fills the cab. In the 100’ or do it took me yo stop I got fizzy and one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had. Anyway…I got stopped, shut down the engine, grabbed my flashlight (it was 5:30 am and I was going fishing) and extinguisher (you mean everyone doesn’t carry one(?)) then popped the hood. Thankfully there was no fire and when the smoke clears I’m able to see what happened immediately. The number 2 injector was blown completely out of the hole braking the return line in the process!!! I have NEVER heard of this happening before…have you? I spent the next 2 hours on the side of the road with a 6” crescent wrench, a flat screwdriver and duct tape making temporary repairs until I could drive her home. Repairs included were disconnecting the pressure line, screwing the injector back in the hole (yup…went right in nice and easy then tightened down with the wrench using the screwdriver in the handle hole for leverage). Then the pressure line was reattached and finally I duct taped the open ends of the return line. Now…I would like to know what caused this because it has me totally baffled. I’ll likely never know the real cause but maybe contributing factor were my recent pump timing adjustment, or the fact that I have a +40hp pump and stock injectors, or they weren’t installed correctly 3-4 years ago (by my mechanic who now conveniently doesn’t work on diesels anymore) and it just took this long for vibrations to blow it out. What ever the case I need to be sure it won’t happen again. one more thing…I’m badly in need of a return line it broke at the banjo connection for that injector) if anyone happens to have one available.
  14. Well…both lites came back on after a very short time. I’ve just been too busy to give this update (had to pull a 11k pound load to Springfield, MO for my daughter. there’s only a couple of things left to try (that I know of anyway). 1. Change the neutral-safety switch 2. Change the E/brake switch 3. Unplug the black box behind my glove box. The ABS light will go out but not the E/brake light. There’s an awful lot of wires on that plug and I don’t know what other systems will be affected. Any of you know? I have time to do any or all of these things while I’m stuck in Springfield, MO to get my A/C fixed.
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