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  1. Heard back from my buddy a couple of days ago. after changing the harness twice and new injectors, his issues continued . i bet him his ficm was bad because the problem would seem like it was fixed then after the truck warmed up it would come right back. He changed out the ficm and now...PROBLEM SOLVED! thanks to all of you for your help!
  2. Ok...my buddy fixed the brown wire, and replaced the entire injector harness for the 3rd time (this time he went with a factory injector harness instead of a knock-off). Truck STILL throws codes for injectors 1, 4, 6, 7 control circuit open. My thought (and I told him this a whole back) is he has a bad ficm. But he’s leaning more toward a bad male prong on 1 injector.🤷🏻‍♂️ Question for marksmith...is there a way to test the ficm?
  3. Ok...here’s what I got from him today... (notice he calls it tractor mode, as in farm tractor). It’s throwing #1 injector control circuit the. 7,6,4 injector circuit. Before it was the 1 and 6 losing connection at the injured plug replace those and 1 and 8 ice picked the rest lasted a few months now.. same codes I replaced all the plugs it keeps losing connection at the butt connection so wires to short to soldier so I ran new wires same gauge soldered to the right bank does the same thing starts up then yes I think it shorting out the brown wire over by the alternator insulated t
  4. My buddy has an ‘04 LLY. He’s had on ongoing issue for over a year now with his injector wiring. He’s done the “ice pick” fix, and replaced the wiring and connectors multiple times but it’s always the same issue coming back a month or two later.. is there a fool proof fix for this? Aftermarket wiring harness available that can stop this insanity once and for all? I never had this issue when we had our LLY and I’d like to help him out if I can. I know there’s several threads on here but they all seem to center around the ice pick fix. Thanks guys...
  5. mark...is there anything special I need to know about replacing the accumulator piston??
  6. For those that are interested... I’m gonna go with a new valve body assembly and a shift kit as it looks like something I can do without removing the thing from the truck. BUT...if I do end up pulling it then I may as well go through the entire thing. All of that sludge had to come from somewhere right? I might change that converter out if I can find one that will continue giving me the mpg’s I want...but that is going to depend a lot on how much it will cost me.. I did a TPS bypass many years ago after replacing it for the 3rd time so I already control when it shif
  7. So...I just got off the phone with TRC (the place I bought the tranny from). What they sold me was a 47RH (Heavy Duty...whatever that involves) with a NON-LOCKUP converter. The even had the special note that this was a custom built Ultra-low stall at my request. Purchased in 2012. Now that I know what I have...I have other questions for you all. Other than this issue, which again only happens occasionally after going in reverse, and I need this truck...can I continue to drive it while I look for another tranny and rebuild it. Or is this actually a pretty easy 1-2
  8. So...what are some obvious visual identifiers to look for so I can determine which tranny I have?
  9. marksmith...how do I tell if I have a 618, a 47RH, or a 47RE? I believe it’s supposed to be an RH for 1993.
  10. Mark Smith...clutches and steels? I thought this 1st gen had bands? 🤷🏻‍♂️ When I bought this tranny I asked for a heavy duty one. And an ULTRA-Low stall torque converter (for better mileage). I went through 3 others from them before they just ended up building the converter. Since the tranny went in I had other motor issues (leaking head gasket, etc.) and a bad injector pump. When my mechanic did the repairs he recommended I install a performance pump and injectors...so I did. He says I’m still only at MAYBE 250 hp. But that is the grand total of my mods. Anyway...abo
  11. Really fine stuff...like face powder fine. How do I tell what model the tranny is?
  12. Hey guys...I’m having issues with my auto tranny (518?). Truck is a 1993 D250 2-wheel Drive. Here’s some background info... My factory tranny lasted me 226k miles...freaking awesome towing up yo 18k pounds!! So when it finally was time I figure to go the same route but... This is a reman that has under well under 40k miles on it that I bought from a place just off of Hwy 18 on the West Valley Hwy probably 3-4 years ago at a cost of $3500. I have NOT done any heavy towing since I installed this. But now it’s giving me fits and of course it’s out of warranty.
  13. I think we found the issue. i found a bare wire that goes to the lights on my visor pinched. threw some electrical tape over it as a temporary repair and the problem is not blowing fuses anymore.
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