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  1. Making a trip tomorrow from Salt Lake City to Caldwell Idaho returning Sunday to salt lake the way up I will have empty truck bed the way back I will have truck bed and 16 foot stock trailer. Sorry for last minute post.
  2. I know my step dad used mechanical line lock for park brake on an old 69 bronco you would push brakes then push button on the floor seemed to hold well.
  3. Kinda sad reading through and seeing all the people who no longer come to the board
  4. I would consider a billet single disc converter and a shift kit tranny will live longer and it will compliment any power upgrades. The big thing is keeping the pump fed and remove stock lift pump. All vp-44 will fail regardless they are horrible design
  5. The rh has three wires on second plug on the top the re has multiple. The rh was 95 and older the re was 96 and newer the 94 to 95 version was rh with lockup torque converter. it’s possible you have the 518 with 618 internal heavy duty clutch packs stronger parts
  6. If the trans shifts tight no slipping then it’s valve body issue and rebuild won’t help either have valve body rebuilt by a shop or exchange for rebuilt/ performance and the other upgrades while it’s out. Beings it’s RH it’s all hydraulic controlled shifts no computer input except overdrive
  7. My understanding is most failures are from moisture and contamination now if all are tested cleaned and calibrated replacing any defective parts they essentially become reman injectors
  8. If I was going the economy route you can have them “ tested “ and have them repair and replace/clean as needed fixing or replacing the bad ones then making sure others are functioning and in spec so all are balanced
  9. I had a mechanic tell me that one things go crazy check for a/c voltage apparently it’s common on computer controlled vehicles beings it confusing to computer kinda like a virus to us.
  10. Let me know when you finalize I have room for vehicles and overnight corral you could put horses in I’m 30 minutes due west of salt lake airport right off I-80 there’s also motel nearby. the comfort inn off twin Falls exit on I-84 used to have horse corrals for overnight stay. I can check next time I go through
  11. I put the 100 hp industrial remans in the ex’s 06 one had an issue I dropped it at industrial next day it was ready to go no questions or charge. I’m local so it’s easy to swing by.
  12. I really like the versatility of Honda they rear seat converts to bed pretty awesome vehicle
  13. I have a 2013 rzr 4 it’s been nice machine picked it up this spring only has 1200 miles so far I like it. My biL has Yamaha and loves it he uses little ramp he built to raise the front when he loads it in his toy hauler
  14. I figured the right thing would be to exchange for a new safe set like most recalls do. Then I believe it’s in the form of gift card leaving you with basically store credit
  15. I received the email from them about the recall so generous they will refund original purchase price and give you a 20% off coupon
  16. I say take grandpas truck on a trip see what you think. ive owned 2 second gen Cummins 2 third gen now have a 2010 4 gen I love it ties great my 07 was megacab it was good truck my 06 was swb quad cab was okay. Each truck has it’s own personality
  17. It was in Caldwell Idaho at that time 5* I plugged in block heater to warm my hands
  18. Should be able to turn off daytime with vagcom I did on Jetta
  19. Mine went out I didn’t turn off beings I had scanned it. Bought new one put it in and it went out tone ring is 2 piece and a screw came out ended up dropping the pan in January in the gravel driveway to fix good times
  20. Then you have the newer style hopefully this helps. My 99 had both sensors
  21. I would look at the wiring if memory serves me right the older had a cam position sensor behind injection pump and the newer didn’t might be that simple to tell which harness you have and which sensor to use.
  22. I just used oem I believe spicer from 6 states
  23. How fragile are they? Do they need direct trip? In probably 3 weeks I’m going as far as Caldwell Idaho and back quick trip
  24. Don’t stress about finding the transmission from 2x4 only the main shaft and rear housing is different if you find a deal on 4x4 trans you would want to freshen up and update the shaft and nut anyway. I believe the stuff is under the dash to hang the pedal then just drill the needed holes for master I believe somewhere I have the pedal assembly from second gen that’s all I have. Best bet find manual truck for parts and sell what you don’t use find the right deal it would mainly take time to do and little cash
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