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    Travel trailer got vandalized

    I’m sorry you was violated glad it was minor. The cargo doors are false security. Everyone reading this grab your trailer keys I bet a cold coke you have a Ch751 key for compartment door. Also they have master key for door easy to get I have two from transport days can buy online for around $45 you can buy a key ring with one of every key for Rv most trailer doors are fic locks.
  2. yogi_160

    5ver hitch for 6'4" bed?

    Slider is nice in pinch I used to tow an 80’s model 5 th wheel with my mega cab short bed didn’t have any issues I did mount the hitch back little and it worked
  3. yogi_160

    Covington/Renton to Salt lake city

    Are you driving back? I could possibly pickup and store something at my house.
  4. yogi_160

    No 4WD

    Permanent fix is vacuum eliminate by six states distributors it works like pto shift cable. Check vacuum lines on crossmember they can have leaks there.
  5. yogi_160

    Linex in new truck

    I think shes onto something but think of all the cool toys you would have spent the savings on over the years, sure don't compare to the family memories.
  6. yogi_160

    Let's make a difference....

    Just reading this thread brings up so many memories I remember the Idaho bomb parties and dyno days.(crazy to think Idaho had followers and hosted parties) I met rip and Vaughn at an older farmers party, I remember the nice gentleman believe his name was Jim he had the airplane hanger shop, there was definitely a Brotherhood and following I've learned so much through reading and posting on this forum, I remember a young man named Jeff had a jeep was welcomed into the group and loved it, I met Hoss racing the red rocket at firebird in Idaho, I kinda miss the good old days when it would take you couple hours to read through the post, I've never made it to the "big parties in Northwest" still lucky at the people I've met along the way. Fram filters brings memories my first diesel i was scared to death of within a year i wasn't afraid to ask few questions and get into it. back in the day we didn't have google we actually asked people who knew and engaged now its google and go to repair. I get the free work crowd and the curious wanting to learn guys its hard to tell them apart just treat everyone right knowing it all works out and you cant see a rainbow with the rain first.😥
  7. yogi_160

    Brm cam 06 Jetta

    So my check engine light came on and my valves have been noisy so I decided to look into it today. Found three lifters worn through the rest dished. Looks like time for cam and lifters. Any tips best one to buy for the price? Timing belt has 25 k shame to change and shame not to.
  8. yogi_160

    Brm cam 06 Jetta

    Like i said you get what you pay for sure runs so much better. dont go cheap or you will get to do it again.
  9. yogi_160

    Brm cam 06 Jetta

    Well a year later I just replaced it again that was today’s project. Guess you get what you pay for 20k miles had dealer change oil the added the additive at home. New cam from bora this time went with AMC billet car runs better tappets weren’t as bad lobes went flat thinking really cheap crappy metal oh well it got me buy this time I hope is last time a job I didn’t want to get good at.
  10. yogi_160

    VW DSG trans

    Curious did you contact dealer I believe warranty starts when sold could possibly still be covered
  11. yogi_160

    VW DSG trans

    Haven’t looked at tune. I’ve driven mine 60k currently has 245k on car works great little weird when motor is cold
  12. yogi_160

    Traggic Accident

    That’s terrible it really doesn’t matter who’s at fault someone still lost life and loved one that could have been prevented.
  13. yogi_160

    2018 last year for manual trans?

    I figured with most semis being automatic pickups wouldn’t be far behind
  14. yogi_160

    Parts Internet Links

    I use cascade for most stuff just ordered a camshaft kit my eBay chepo barely lasted 20 k it got me by ordered today went with $25 shipping says I will have Thursday I’ve had them do some ecm work seem like great guys haven’t used anybody else online.
  15. yogi_160

    Fuel milage not as good as hoped

    My 06 Jetta gets between 38 and 43 mix of freeway and city of course I’m at 4500 ft elevation and typical freeway is 70 to 80 mph still better than anything else I’ve driven and it has power
  16. yogi_160

    I acquired another truck

    If its tight and right doesn’t get hot or slip throw a single disc billet converter, shift kit , billet servo and strut service it regularly and enjoy the truck. I did this upgrade in my 97 really made it nice the guy who bought it sends me text telling me how much he loves it truck had 220k when I bought I put 30 k always towing in the mountains. Cost was around 1500 in parts (10 years ago) I did labor
  17. yogi_160

    ISO 2WD NV4500 or NV5600

    Wonder what shipping would cost round trip to salt lake I could turn his 4 x into a 2x just change main shaft and tail housing. Replace bearings and synchro easy job
  18. yogi_160

    ISO 60's Dodge front clip (older than first Gen)

    I love that movie. Sign on my front door Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. yogi_160

    My Last 98 - Build Thread

    I had a friend in Idaho that put fuel injected ford v-10 in jet boat he loved it
  20. yogi_160

    My Last 98 - Build Thread

    I can do the tranny 5 speed are easy to bad we are so far apart.
  21. yogi_160

    ISO 60's Dodge front clip (older than first Gen)

    That’s the 2 ton version has 14 or 16 foot dump bed gives you the parts to build dump trailer lol. I picked up a parts truck for my 1957 dodge I plan to mount the front clip from it on the shop wall one day was stocked to find rust free floor now to resume work on it hopefully soon will have house with garage supposed to close next week and plan is to try and build shop by summer
  22. yogi_160

    ISO 60's Dodge front clip (older than first Gen)

    Like this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. yogi_160

    ISO 60's Dodge front clip (older than first Gen)

    I can find complete trucks in my area seen some cheap as $500 not sure logistics to get it to you I could probably drop it by my dads halfway between Caldwell Idaho and Ontario Oregon. If you’re serious I will keep my eyes open and let you know when one comes up. Might be cool to get the bed and make a shop bench with it.
  24. yogi_160

    2012 Ford exhaust emissions stuff

    I would keep it Incase she gets in trouble with emissions police. In Utah if you get three complaints on a vehicle then you have to take it in and prove it’s emmi compliance to keep it licensed. Bunch of crap
  25. yogi_160

    The new setup

    Sorry to hear this terrible some people. I’ve heard of uhaul having problems with people drilling fuel tanks to steal gas. Guess this is case of remove warning labels and some problems will fix themselves.