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  1. yogi_160

    12V EGT/smoke Problem

    It’s tough chasing little things as a new owner where you have no clue when or how it started for guidance. I wonder if you had it on a dyno holding where the problem was most defined if it would help to check where it’s coming from could look for vibration also check motor for any temp variance between cylinders might give insight to the cause.
  2. yogi_160

    1000ftlbs of torque

    Does that mean new wheels and tires voids stock status, asking for a friend
  3. yogi_160

    New to campers

    Nice setup. This past weekend was my first trip in truck camper loved the flexibility could park and go anywhere so nice.
  4. yogi_160


    So I “ weighed the rig “ was 12500 with 7300lbs on rear axle. Surprised the sticker on camper says 2740 dry we had minimal supplies inside as most of the weekend was parked at friends cabin had little food and couple days clothes it’s amazing how heavy they really are.
  5. yogi_160


    My steps I built pretty solid. Left Utah Thursday afternoon spent the night in alpine Wyoming woke up Friday went through Jackson hole and Yellowstone today bison was cool. In island Park until Monday good road trip. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. yogi_160


    Maiden voyage with camper. Jackson hole Yellowstone then spending weekend in island park Idaho good trip long couple days Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. yogi_160

    Electical gremlins on a 2002

    make sure all the grounds are clean they can cause host of issues might be grounded through circuit then when it’s turned on it finds new path. Newer stuff is finicky with dirty connectors
  8. yogi_160

    Looking at a 4th gen 2014 3500 day cab 4x4 stick....

    I know after my State Farm agent saw the flatbed and front bumper my insurance went from $60 mo to $95 only explanation was “ to cover them in accident or theft” I later went elsewhere
  9. yogi_160

    12V EGT/smoke Problem

    Did you try having the dealer give the seller your contact? I had the dodge dealer in Idaho do that the previous owner called me we had nice chat. I’m sure you’ve looked sometimes receipts get hidden in owners manual may get the name
  10. yogi_160

    Got moles?????

    Looks like they still make them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. yogi_160

    Dodge Performance ECU

    Plug and play bob Wagner could answer any questions
  12. yogi_160

    Working on the camper

    Looks great. I would love to do this to mine the park pays power I buy propane lol.
  13. If you have the stock drag link I would upgrade even new they are horrible. Also steering support for pitman arm makes big difference
  14. yogi_160

    Baby's getting new shoes!

    On my 10 I was able to correct via the smarty I know it’s electronic dealers can change not sure what kind of scanner it takes to do it
  15. yogi_160

    1997 Dodge 2500 4x4

    I’m curious if a Canadian owner was on vacation in United States and there “truck breaks down “ and they are unable to get said disabled vehicle home then what do they do. Sucks so much red tape