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  1. The reason they give here for closing the lakes and campgrounds is not the people using them as much as the support more gas, food, tackle leading to more social interactions. Our current rule is only in your county you can get a ticket fishing in different county yet I can go anywhere in my county and do whatever I want. Really stupid way of doing things
  2. If you can buy it right for a good deal it would be worth picking up.
  3. Sounds like it would be fun to drive up there with time to see the country. I’ve been to Calgary and red deer both times in winter would have been nice to have time to see the country
  4. I was always told water in fuel needs filters changed
  5. When I lost oil cap I ordered one from amazon wasn’t too bad I found it on next oil change in the belly pan
  6. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. It’s funny all my life I’ve been told to have a 30 day supply of items on hand for emergencies and yet few people do it’s the current mentality of society. Part of the problem is these little houses nobody has room for supplies you should by case of basics and when gone rotate with fresh case this is your food storage. most in society wouldn’t make it a week in a true crisis.
  8. Who do you think paid the fines. Drama sells I’m surprised that instead of fines they weren’t required to advocate for cleaner air publicly
  9. I personally haven’t been to a store in a week I have everything I need at home. The pictures I’ve seen on Facebook and the stories I’ve heard. The news said one Costco had a line to check out clear to the meat department. The local smiths had to call three ambulances for people injured while shopping. I did go to Home Depot tonight I witnessed a couple with a cart stacked with water and toilet paper.
  10. I never thought I would see this level of stupidity
  11. I’m just curious about this not long after it was was filed the local news reported they had settled out of court part of the settlement was to no longer delete trucks and to advocate for the cleaner emissions models talking about how good they are in stock form. If you watch the show since it was filed they no longer delete or tune.
  12. I know in Utah they are branded when the repair exceeds value. I understand they can be fixed right I’m kinda glad with shady people it’s they way it is. Bad part is a car could have had worse damage when newer been fixed with clean title an older car with minimal damage gets totaled over bumper
  13. Today’s adventure hauling home an 12x14 shed it’s insulated and drywall inside for $3500 I think smoking deal. Going to be office for the misses to do Botox and who knows what else. Don’t even wanna think about how many laws I broke today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I’ve he’d the dealer give previous owner my number and received a phone call it was nice
  15. That’s a nice ride love the color I’m partial to two tone. I think you did good on the trade. I always compare what I would put into it and the value to sell versus trade value and decide if it’s fair. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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