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  1. yogi_160

    hunting is better in Minn.

    They have crazy rules about how many each person can get I think it’s 3 bucks then over the counter doe limit 3 tags a day until gone. So crazy
  2. yogi_160

    Fire pit grill

    Looks amazing lots of family memories right there. I recently started having evening fires kinda nice and relaxing
  3. yogi_160

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    Ironically you can take cdl test with a pickup and gooseneck the combined gvw has to exceed 26k you would be restricted to no air brakes and if auto then auto only. FYI federal law changes in February and you have to have a training class right now depends on state.
  4. yogi_160

    Let's play "What's wrong with my truck?"

    Radiator my 97 give me grief was almost plugged solid new radiator was $175 cleaning old one was $100. Never had another problem. My buddy did all aluminum in his 1st gen really liked the results
  5. yogi_160

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    I miss the good old days if you owned it you could drive it. in Utah if it’s related to a business it’s commercial and cdl yet same gooseneck owning everything is non cdl
  6. Either way it tells of possible emissions issues
  7. Quick and easy if the exhaust pipe is black it’s tuned the stock doesn’t turn inside black due to the way they work
  8. yogi_160

    New to me 2nd gen project

    Take that carpet to car wash use degreaser and little scub brush will look like new
  9. My buddy at work picked up 2011 with manual 175k miles and flatbed for $19k they are around remember last ten years manual transmission was only 1% of sales making them a unicorn so to speak
  10. yogi_160

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    Honestly I would stop in the scale without a boat maybe a picture they would enforce and guide you to what’s required and when it’s no longer personal and considered for profit I’ve stopped and asked questions in Utah and Idaho very informative I also do it without load for good reason. I think California is just way out there. I remember 20 years ago if it had a flatbed it was a truck if it had a box it was “ pickup “ that’s why lots of guys had the 2 ton trucks with pickup beds on them.
  11. I know you can find deals on 4 th gen giving you big back seat and the bells you want just gotta shop.
  12. yogi_160

    4th gen tricks

    Vw you do with key in drivers door lock at least on my 06 Jetta nice when you leave window cracked and switch shorts out from the snow plan B
  13. My 99 was breaking off in rock springs Wy I went to local dealer it had recalled brackets on it that broke the response was see we fixed it that’s what this bracket is so I bought a heavy duty aftermarket had to leave trailer drive to Ogden Utah get hitch had installed then back for load and headed East. Couldn’t believe the liability they had and didn’t care even about others safety on the road
  14. Reach out to the dealer see if you can get the engine history idle hours number of starts would tell you little about it good scanner can pull info distance is killer for you ask about record of injectors
  15. yogi_160

    4th gen tricks

    Another trick push unlock on remote push and hold windows will all roll down I believe you can roll up using lock if I remember correctly