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  1. yogi_160

    My Last 98 - Build Thread

    I can do the tranny 5 speed are easy to bad we are so far apart.
  2. yogi_160

    ISO 60's Dodge front clip (older than first Gen)

    That’s the 2 ton version has 14 or 16 foot dump bed gives you the parts to build dump trailer lol. I picked up a parts truck for my 1957 dodge I plan to mount the front clip from it on the shop wall one day was stocked to find rust free floor now to resume work on it hopefully soon will have house with garage supposed to close next week and plan is to try and build shop by summer
  3. yogi_160

    ISO 60's Dodge front clip (older than first Gen)

    Like this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. yogi_160

    ISO 60's Dodge front clip (older than first Gen)

    I can find complete trucks in my area seen some cheap as $500 not sure logistics to get it to you I could probably drop it by my dads halfway between Caldwell Idaho and Ontario Oregon. If you’re serious I will keep my eyes open and let you know when one comes up. Might be cool to get the bed and make a shop bench with it.
  5. yogi_160

    2012 Ford exhaust emissions stuff

    I would keep it Incase she gets in trouble with emissions police. In Utah if you get three complaints on a vehicle then you have to take it in and prove it’s emmi compliance to keep it licensed. Bunch of crap
  6. yogi_160

    The new setup

    Sorry to hear this terrible some people. I’ve heard of uhaul having problems with people drilling fuel tanks to steal gas. Guess this is case of remove warning labels and some problems will fix themselves.
  7. yogi_160

    Operation Enterprise has begun

    Check your pick and pull mine here will let you take cordless tools the impact and saws all come in handy they also have a frame lifts for use just need buddy to move it. Good luck
  8. yogi_160

    Theory of compound turbos

    I wanted back in 2001 someone to reprogram the 24v vp motor in my 99 then boom here comes Marco. I also wanted to P-pump it everyone at the time told me it was next to impossible and cost prohibitive now it’s common place.
  9. yogi_160

    Theory of compound turbos

    I ran across a guy set one up with reastat similar to headlight dimmer he could control the boost as desired. Thought it was cool
  10. yogi_160

    2014 10,000 mile impressions

    They are amazing trucks I love mine. My buddy a die hard manual guy took mine on 1000 mi trip towing his camper he is sold.
  11. yogi_160

    Looking for a NV5600

    I also have heard guys using a street elbow in plug hole to achieve extra capacity
  12. yogi_160

    Looking for a NV5600

    Weld bung into pto cover used sight glass from hydraulic tank would work
  13. yogi_160

    Looking for a NV5600

    I was told to add pint of ATF to your choice of synthetic oil the atf is to lube the synchronizer. I never had oil related failures mine was all poor materials and heavy loads. The 5600 was used had 50 k at instal I put another 200 k never changed oil from what it came with and never touched clutch although it started slipping.
  14. yogi_160

    90 12v grid heaters

    Easy way to eliminate is run a line from lift pump into can of diesel this will isolate system telling you if it’s a problem with the lines. It’s getting the air from somewhere. Could be defective lift pump
  15. yogi_160

    Fire pit patio project

    Turned out amazing and think about less mowing double bonus