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  1. yogi_160

    98 12V auto transmission problems

    my 97 would do this I dumped extra quart of oil in never had anymore problems
  2. Is this what you need? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. yogi_160

    New enclosed trailer

    I’ve got a 8.5 x 16 with barn doors and side door it’s 2018 I’ve had it a year used for storage and moving would sell for $6500
  4. yogi_160

    Help getting toy hauler home.

    Dead pedal gets annoying mine did that for along time good luck and safe travels
  5. Check your local pick&pull places doors are cheap and the gasser trucks are the same
  6. yogi_160

    SRW to DRW Conversion - Trade

    Look for a roller someone is part out pickup the rolling chassis have everything you need wheels tires sell extra parts to fund project it will be correct and safe or look for a wrecked or blown up truck just something to think about
  7. yogi_160

    One Piece Aluminum Driveshaft Conversion

    What’s the advantage to the one piece aluminum driveline? I understand the reason for the carrier is pipe strength limitation I’m just trying to get on board with motivation for changing it.
  8. I know my 10 has recalls I called to make appointment over a month ago still no response
  9. yogi_160

    One Piece Aluminum Driveshaft Conversion

    I know ultimate transmission in Boise sells these you could reach out I’m sure Dave would take care of you I know he has some premade in stock 2086312133
  10. yogi_160

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    Amazing work looking good.
  11. yogi_160

    Need quick opinions on a 2012 2500 diesel

    Can you delete it ? I know a big advantage is the 3500 won’t have tpms as the 2500 does
  12. You can try Idaho transmission warehouse in Boise they would have everything you need 2083788183
  13. yogi_160

    Ok.... wife wants/needs a new tdi

    I have limited experience mine seems fine. I know you can delete the exhaust you don’t wanna add much power with dsg yet can delete with stock power.
  14. yogi_160

    Airbag install

    Could mount under rear seat could also use the forgotten storage compartments in rear floor.
  15. yogi_160

    Looking for opinions, not spending $$ yet

    My egr has been turned off due to leaking on the arm that controls it i blocked off the ports on exhuast and intake left cooler in place due to lazyness intake was only mildly dirty has some build up when i checked it at cam swap last month its sitting at 247k. I would love a tune sounds like minimal benefit and i have the dsg trans.