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  1. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Most people use Tapatalk app to load pix you can email to me I will post Yogi_160@yahoo.com
  3. I installed on my 97 took the lights and harness from parts truck pulled headliner drilled and installed wasn’t bad afternoon project.
  4. No experience I know on the 05-07 it was popular mod to mount external voltage regulator
  5. Ironically a friend of mine currently has my truck to haul his 5th wheel to some off grid vacation property he picked up a dolly like the top one I told him just take my truck it’s safer
  6. Great project for the kids. if you can get some plywood signs they are treated for water could possibly get for free or close to free. Also freeway signs would be big thick and water treated
  7. Definitely summers are crazy busy for me hopefully things calm down and seem normal soon
  8. I know where Layton is I’m 20 miles west of airport off I-80 grew up in salt lake valley did 6 years in Caldwell Idaho other than that Utah guy
  9. What part of Utah did you end up in? nice looking setup it’s funny I loaned my 10 to a buddy who is die hard manual guy has 97 12v dually after towing with mine he now hates his lol. these 4th gen trucks are sure nice with a load.
  10. Sounds great 👍 you might get lucky and find a trailer with the adapter you can also change the pin box it’s 4 bolts. all are suggestions if you’re unable to borrow a hitch
  11. I’m not planning any trips this fall I will blow out the lines and if I do get out I will just winterize again might take truck camper and boat for quick trip
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