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  1. yogi_160

    Low voltage on the gauge

    Look up LarryB’s buy brushes slip in it and your good to go. My 99 quit at 240k new brushes was still going strong at 400k when it was totaled.
  2. yogi_160

    Paint chips on the 2014

    When I worked in body shop we would clean with grease and wax remover then use paper match sticks to fill chips lightly wet sand with 4000 grit then wax and buff
  3. It’s interesting in Utah they have to hook up and make sure it’s setup safe and legal. It’s funny both 5 th wheels I bought I hooked up by myself no inspection, when I bought cargo trailer they hooked up and checked all equipment to make sure it was safe even though I tow trailers professionally I guess they have to many accidents and liability do to improper towing. It amazes me the number of small suv towing big trailers doesn’t look safe yet the numbers say they can.
  4. Never looks like a transporter plate so he’s professional idiot
  5. yogi_160

    Silverwood trip

    I know when I was delivering new trailers some of them just liked to wiggle didn’t seem like you could make them stop must have been something in axle or suspension. My 2011 Springdale 5th wheel was that way always felt unstable I replaced springs and axle went with higher rated tires never had anything change even with different truck was the same. Sorry I can’t give how to fix advice. I know lots of guys use sway bars in addition to weight distribution hitches
  6. yogi_160

    Adding two speakers to the boat.

    With your battery pack I can’t imagine it’s not enough power especially given that you’re charger is such low amps compared to what two batteries give you I would double check the wiring. Does the charger connect to all 3 batteries? And the amp wired to the two separate batteries, seems like maybe isolation issues quite possibly the trigger wired to one with amps wired to other systems appear merged yet somewhere they aren’t I know you are meticulous and double check everything. Easy way to tell connect all batteries and try amps. My feeling is if batteries are charged and it was not enough power amps would work short term until level of power drops. You can also try connecting everything to one battery see if amps work.
  7. yogi_160

    Camping for the 4th

    I stayed home just having today off worked last night, went and helped a buddy build a raised hearth for wood stove, came home to bbq then topped the night off with rodeo and fireworks. Happy Independence Day to all.
  8. If you continue north on 12 to Torrey you can go check out capital reef national park it’s pretty cool they have campground there it’s in apricot orchard. Also if you might not want to head north from Torrey towards Richfield their is wildfire with some road closures. You can go to Loa head east on hwy 72 will take you to I-70 there is a turnoff that will take you on a scenic loop over gooseberry mountain the locals could give you better details it’s pretty it’s high elevation and you can make camp in the forest for free. Just some ideas for you. Enjoy your trip in the mountains
  9. What part of slc? There’s state parks along Utah lake. Park at his house. Bad part is it’s close to holiday weekend most will fill Friday
  10. Not this weekend staying home bbq with family. I will be in salt lake area. My boat and trailer are at fish lake all summer boat is in a slip. Looks like you’ve had fun trip.
  11. Venture up to fish lake it’s cooler up there take my pontoon for a ride lots of forest service campgrounds. It’s supposed to be much cooler tomorrow in Utah.
  12. I figured when are you in salt lake? ( probably an hour ago) wish we had time and planning I could have met you and let you take my truck sight seeing.
  13. There is a back way to see the copper mine you would have to take camper off truck as it’s a mountain road nice view you can see way more than the old visitors center.
  14. yogi_160

    New Transmission

    I would have Les schwab replace studs I about died when I did the 8 on my 4th gen over $10 each adds up quick.
  15. yogi_160

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Amazing work I hope you’re proud you’re work is outstanding toys are fun. I totally understand shoe string budget. going to my lake getaway every weekend all summer hits my old truck budget. I’m in bad spot I have the best campsite in the park if I give it up I would never get it back. Add in a divorce and my old truck sits in my buddies yard waiting for me to work on it.