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  1. Hoss gets his truck back, " runs good Ben, nice and quiet. Seems a little down on power though..." Then again, if Ben put a 4BT in it then it would sound like its supposed to, maybe Hoss won't notice!
  2. So my truck idle is acting funny again, I'm pretty sure its the FCA on the CP3. Its the typical surge at idle but runs fine. It has really only done it a small handful of times in a year so I have chosen to just ignore it up until now. I was thinking if I am going to buy a new FCA why not "upgrade" and just put a bag of parts in the pump instead. Anyone have any thoughts on the choice; 1) keep ignoring it 2) just put a factory FCA in it 3) put a bag of parts in the CP3 pump I saw Alligator Diesel is having 25 days of Christmas sales so I thought maybe I'd keep an eye out and see what goes on sale.
  3. That looks great! For some odd reason my brain keeps seeing the engine as being small in those pictures. Strange optical illusion. Especially the first picture, it looks like a small 4cyl.
  4. I have some exhaust stuff in this thread if you want it.
  5. SMOKN05

    Going hunting again

    Best of luck with the hunt and time relaxing with nature. Also best of luck when you get back to the battle. It is just my opinion but from my life experience I have concluded that not one single insurance company is a friend, they are all enemies of consumers with only company profit in mind. Same goes for governments. Sure they may make a decision that is in your favor but you can bet it was only because its in THEIR favor at that time as well. I agree with Scotty, pull no punches and expose them for all they are worth. Burn the entire company down.
  6. SMOKN05

    Front Axle Assembly 2013 Ram 2500

    My son is stationed at Fairbanks and had the rear differential rebuilt in his AWD Eagle Talon. No one in the area wanted to touch it for any price. He managed to talk one shop into fixing it. I don't think it lasted 6 months. I had an entire spare rearend at my house in WA but shipping to Fairbanks was very costly. We were extremely Lucky that a member of NW Bombers gave us a hookup on his shipping account. It really puts it into perspective just how remote places like that are from the rest of society. Things that may be simple everywhere else, cost an arm and leg in remote places. If I was retired and had the money, I'd drive one up there to ya. Unfortunately I'm neither.
  7. SMOKN05

    Front Axle Assembly 2013 Ram 2500

    It's a shame that being so far north and isolated the dealer or other mechanics aren't more honest or helpful. For $600 they should be able to open up and diagnose the exact problem. There should be no guessing on parts or what's wrong. My line of thinking is if a mechanic can't diagnose my problem and they have to just guess, I'm not paying them for their worthless diagnosis. You could darn near have it shipped to Source Automotive in Portland Oregon and have it repaired and shipped back for $7k.
  8. Inside of the 3.5" bullet muffler. It was never used.
  9. Anyone want this stuff? The 3.5" bullet muffler is new as well as the section of straight 3.5" pipe. I was going to replace the stock muffler on my '03 truck but ended up getting an entire system instead. I've been holding onto this for 15yrs and haven't found a use for it yet! Also, the stock muffler and tailpipe off my '05 truck, it only has 2000 miles or less on it. Again, I have no idea why I kept it for so long but I'm tired of storing it for no reason. The factory muffler and tailpipe are 4" I believe. The straight pipe and bullet are 3.5"
  10. SMOKN05

    Count Your lucky stars

    WOW! Glad you are ok and ended up with a quick fix! That's amazing.
  11. SMOKN05

    The new setup

    Wow, sorry to hear that Phil! Its a shame when someone's stupidity hurts other people.
  12. SMOKN05

    Puyallup to Longview and back 11/17

    I'll have to pass. I haven't figured out a way to make room in the garage yet.
  13. Well if we're spending Hoss' money for him, I vote for a 426 Hellephant crate engine!
  14. SMOKN05

    Question on brakes

    It's always a pleasure to see you post, John.
  15. SMOKN05

    Rear diff covers put to the test!

    It was always about the numbers for me. I WANT TO SEE THE NUMBERS! He explained how they were going to test and measure it and that's what I wanted to see. I like seeing hard data!