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  1. SMOKN05

    Back into a CTD

    That's a nice looking rig! Congrats!
  2. SMOKN05

    Winter weather

    Even with a snow blower, that's some work. Be careful Scotty.
  3. SMOKN05

    Travel trailer got vandalized

    Glad yours wasn't damaged and nothing taken. I feel bad for the ones they destroyed. You said the doors and locks weren't damaged? How did they get in, break a window?
  4. SMOKN05

    Bought 2018 dodge 2500, need

    OK, you've peaked my interest. What are the flashy lights for and what does the tailgate dealio do?
  5. SMOKN05

    Travel trailer got vandalized

    Well darn, sorry to hear that. Did they give you any idea how much damage? Hopefully it's just spray paint vandalism or something instead of physical damage.
  6. SMOKN05

    2002 rebuilt title

    That's a tough call. Anyone who knows you would know the care of the truck and it's real value but any stranger who doesn't know you us going to use the rebuilt title to try and low ball you as much as they can. Probably be hard to find a stranger who can evaluate and appreciate the truck as is. I've heard CarMax pays more than dealer trade-in value but I'm sure it's still low compared to private party.
  7. SMOKN05

    Winter weather

    I Shoveled my neighbor's driveway this morning, with a small square shovel. I don't have a snow shovel. I don't care to ever do that again! But she's an older woman who lives alone. I didn't even shovel my driveway. I just drove my truck up and down it to make some lanes.
  8. SMOKN05

    Winter weather

  9. SMOKN05

    Winter weather

    Nice! Did you pull her out with the tractor or your truck?
  10. I have worked with a nonstop fresh crop of 18-20yr olds entering the military for the last 31yrs. I can assure you that there are PLENTY of mentally unstable kids currently serving. Two examples are Billy who is now "Bailey and has a penis and D cup breasts on the tax payer's dime and Jeremy who is now Janelle. They both are equally worthless and do nothing at work, can't be trusted and typically just sit alone and play on their phones. And before you say the reason I say they can't be trusted is because they're trans, that's not true. They can't be trusted because they honestly screw up every single job they are assigned, don't even attempt to get along with their straight coworkers and simply don't do their job. Not to mention the drag queen I also have to work with that will get straight guys busted in a heartbeat for saying anything slightly innuendo or such but yet he will make all kinds of gay innuendo nonstop because no one will call him out on it. And the mentally unstable doesn't end with the gay trans crowd. Mentally stable folks don't commit suicide. Read the article I posted in the state of your military thread. Broken doesn't come close to describing it.
  11. SMOKN05

    I've got to get busy today

    Yes, the master cyl input rod is adjustable. The old hydraulics was the South Bend setup as well. It was installed when the clutch was about 135K ago. Got it all done. Sometimes being stubborn pays off, sometimes it doesn't. Today, not so much. I fiddled with the stupid front driveshaft bolts 1 flat at a time on a 12 point box end. I did this for about an hour before I gave up and dropped the skid plate. Then it took about 1 minute. I'm ready for the snow now.
  12. https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2019/02/06/caught-on-video-man-shoots-school-bus-on-i-35w-in-minneapolis/ This. This right here is why I am done. I'm done talking, teaching, everything. There is no more compromising, nothing. I will not even both marching for my gun rights, calling politicians etc. It does no good. Voting is a joke and doesn't work. Voting won't fix squat when the entire pool of people is corrupt ad worthless. There IS a way to fix all this violence and it starts with firearm education. If gun education was mandatory in every grade from 1st through 12th, firearm training, shooting, cleaning, storage and care, by NRA certified instructors, there would be tremendously less people doing stupid crap with guns. But this will NEVER happen, ever.
  13. SMOKN05

    I've got to get busy today

    I have today off, first day in a while and I start back into 13hr shifts tomorrow. My truck broke on my this week. Coming home after a long day the clutch went to the floor. I was able to milk it onto the freeway and rev match shift to get home doing california stops. Ordered new South Bend hydraulics and it just arrived at the house. I have to put the front driveshaft back in also, its been out since the pinion seal change in August. Simply jobs but I've having a hard time getting going, its nice to have a day off. But with the storm a comin' I gotta get big blue back on the road. Gail needs the Jeep to get to work so I have to get the truck done. I wish my son was still stationed here. Oh well.
  14. SMOKN05

    Tank level sending unit.

    Oops, I had the wrong number. I just sent you a text again.
  15. SMOKN05

    Tank level sending unit.

    Liberty sending unit without pump. The top piece will have to be swapped with yours as I cut off the hose barbs for a different project. But the fuel level sender worked fine when I used it. PS, I sent you a text Cliff.