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  1. SMOKN05

    New to me Race Trailer

    Wow, that's quite the setup! Congrats!
  2. SMOKN05

    2018 3500 with Aisin

    Well darn, that sucks. I wish you the best of luck!
  3. SMOKN05

    new to me truck

    Wow, congratulations! That's an awesome truck! As these newer assassin tranny truck get older it sure makes it more and more tempting to follow your path and trade up. I think at 80mph I'm turning 2500rpm or more. lol
  4. Safe travels friend! You'll be going through my home state, Iowa. I sure love the geography here out west but I sure do miss the people and the lifestyle of the Midwest. Flip Chicago off for me when you drive by.
  5. SMOKN05

    New to me - not Blue

    Congratulations on a fine new ride! It's always sad to see an old vehicle go but it's way easier when it's replacement is real nice. Looks great!
  6. SMOKN05

    OVERPRICED, but interesting

    Dad's house had green shag carpet in it from the 70s all the way up to 2003 when the house burned down. Was it a blessing?.... maybe.
  7. SMOKN05

    Spray in Bedliner

    I had LineX put in mine before delivery. I've never had any other brand. I like it. I've had a small repair done 10yrs later and it was free.
  8. SMOKN05

    Cerma Coating

    Looks great Paul! I'm more jealous of the shop though. Lol
  9. SMOKN05

    Ben put new mufflers in, Thank you!

    Before and after video. Cold starts on stock exhaust and then the Vibrant resonators in place of the mufflers. Its just what I was looking for. The factory exhaust sounded really sweet and I didn't want a super loud system, I just wanted a little bit more than factory levels. The active exhaust valves are still functional and you can hear them cycle after the initial startup. They're wide open on startup then test cycle closed then back to open and after warming up a bit they slowly close again.
  10. SMOKN05

    Ben put new mufflers in, Thank you!

    Have sawzall, will travel.
  11. SMOKN05

    Ben put new mufflers in, Thank you!

    Doing his magic.
  12. SMOKN05

    Ben put new mufflers in, Thank you!

    New resonators in place of mufflers.
  13. Thank you Ben for doing a great job making my car louder! We cut the factory mufflers off and installed some Vibrant resonators in their place. The factory mufflers are straight through also so its not a huge difference but just enough to make it sound a little louder. I love it and my wife will love it too, I actually had her permission! lol
  14. SMOKN05

    OVERPRICED, but interesting

    $32,000? Pesos? Maybe $3,200 USD. If its on a heavy frame and if it was 2wd and low suspension, that's basically exactly what I'd love to have to tow a 24' car hauler.
  15. Short notice, I forgot to mention it. I'll be going to Ben's tomorrow morning and returning same day. I'll be in my Challenger but can haul clean or well packed items.