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  1. SMOKN05

    Truck needs some love

    I drink these sometimes when I'm back in Iowa. https://www.amazon.com/Sioux-City-Sarsaparilla-12-Pack/dp/B000P8DUYA
  2. SMOKN05

    Low voltage on the gauge

    I don't know about alternators for our trucks but for all the cars I've dealt with, I stay away from any lifetime warranty alternator. I've found those Auto Zone, O Reilly's etc, lifetime alts are super cheap and even though its a free replacement, you'll be replacing them regularly. I usually buy a more expensive OEM one from Napa or something.
  3. SMOKN05

    Silverwood trip

    My son, his wife and her family were just there a few days ago also. It must be a popular place for sure.
  4. Pretty crazy. How'd you like to check tire pressures on that setup?
  5. Looks like Never-Dull. I think he's trying to polish the inside of the valve cover one cylinder at a time.
  6. I don't know if I'm becoming more aware of my surroundings the older I get or if people are getting dumber or if its a combination of both. But it seems like I can't open my eyes longer than 5 min without seeing some example of human stupidity. And yes, sometimes it might be in the mirror but that's beside the point!
  7. SMOKN05

    Silverwood trip

    That is quite the difference in trailers. I bet the payments look just as lopsided. lol
  8. SMOKN05

    Silverwood trip

    Have fun camping. That sucks about the fire. It could be another horrible fire season.
  9. SMOKN05

    Odd Electrical

    That's good to hear. I think with the cost of the PDC, I'll keep living with my intermittent wiper problem for as long as I can. As long as I don't have those other issues, I can live with the weird wipers.
  10. Have a safe trip and most importantly, have fun! Looks like its off to a great start.
  11. SMOKN05

    Camping for the 4th

    Looks like a great time for everyone. I spent the 4th on the road. I got home about 4pm. I just relaxed with my wife after a long haul home. 1,900 miles in 1.5 days.
  12. That sounds like a fantastic trip Bob. I'm glad you all had a great time!
  13. SMOKN05

    Tool Box from Longview, WA. to the Goat Ranch.

    I'm very sorry to hear that news Dan. I sure hope the best for you two.
  14. SMOKN05

    Posting pictures via Phone

    I thought the upload size was limited to 600Kb per post. 😕
  15. Sure sounds like an absolute wonderful time Bob!