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  1. Nice freezer meat! A nice hunting trip is cleansing for the mind and soul.
  2. I had a custom 5" with dual 4" over the axle made by Rip at Source Automotive years ago. When I got my camper the tailpipes had to be redone and moved out of the way. He did that also. I believe he started with an off the shelf kit, probably Magnaflow but I don't know for sure.
  3. I tried that. Didn't work for me anyway.
  4. It didn't pop the tires? The axle itself might not be bent but I'd take extra effort to inspect all the mounting points on the axle as they might have cracks or tears. Before I bolted that under my truck I'd definitely have it checked that its still true.
  5. Ben was saying the same thing about giving them a bit to break in. Maybe my BFGs did the same when they were new, too long ago to remember. I do have a laser heat gun. I used it to isolate driveshaft ujoints also. It works well.
  6. Make sure to look at the intercooler pipe boots also, not just the clamps. You might have a dry rotted boot that is cracked and leaks when under pressure.
  7. The Coopers do seem to ride better than the BFG. My opinion on the sway could be misplaced too because I don't drive my truck much so I'm not used to it. I'm used to the tight handling of the Challenger. When you get back from vacation I should make a trip down there and maybe you can see if my truck feels like yours.
  8. Here are the sidewalls of the Cooper ST MAXX and the BFG KM2.
  9. Got my tires mounted and the 3rd time balancing seems to hold so far. They used stick on weights this time. I just thought I'd share my impressions of this tire. So far I am on the fence about these tires. They seem good enough quality and ride smooth with no noise. I am not impressed with the sidewalls though, they seem really soft and it sways pretty easily. They seem like they sway much worse than the BFG KM2s I had on before. Another negative is they have more bumps and tread on the sidewall than the KM2 so they seem to be really close to touching on the rear dual tires. I haven't had the camper or a load on yet but I'll have to watch it carefully and possibly use spacers if the sidewalls do touch. Maybe my perception is bad because I drive my Challenger most of the time so maybe I'm just not used to it but it sure seems like it has more sway than it used to. I honestly feel like if I had to do an emergency lane change I'd probably lose control of the vehicle because of the sway. And that's under a no load condition too.
  10. Nice work. It's always great to get a vehicle back on the road that's been down a while. Your downtime was 2.5 months, mine tends to be 2.5 years. lol
  11. Interesting. I don't know anything about this method of balancing. I wonder if it's better all around. I'll have to ask my racing buddies. I know doing real high speed on a Dyno, wheel weights are a concern. I imagine doing 200+mph it could be as well.
  12. Is that something most tire shops have the ability to do? Did you have to ask for it specifically?
  13. I'm back at the shop for the 3rd time. They said yes, they can't get the lead weights and the steel ones suck. They're trying the stick on weights now. Fingers crossed.
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