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  1. It's fun to drive for sure. It also makes tire choice important. 😆
  2. I was time to get back on the dyno and see what the small differences made. Stock was 420whp 439wtq. Today it made 445whp 475wtq for a gain of 25whp and 36wtq. I'm pretty happy with that for such little done to it. And it's power over the entire curve too, not just peak. Its definitely noticeable driving it.
  3. It's different now that modern cars have become so fast. You only need a helmet to run down to 11.50. Then from 11.49 and faster you need a roll bar, not a cage. However, with modern cars and their safety equipment NHRA has a new rule for cars around 2008 and newer. You can basically run 10.00 with only a helmet and I think fire jacket, not fire pants. Since factory Hellcats for example can run mid to low 10s, they don't expect you to have to put a roll bar in a 100% stock car. The rule might even be looser than that too, I'd have to refresh my memory because I know Dod
  4. For anyone interested in keeping Portland International Raceway from being turned into a homeless camp, please let your voice be heard now. From PIR itself. https://friendsofpir.com/news/zoning-code-change-input/ If you are in the PIR area and want to comment for public testimony, you can do so here. https://www.portlandmaps.com/bps/testify/#/s2hc
  5. I thought about it but I don't think I can build one as nice for as cheap as buying one for $1600-$2000. I can't weld and have limited fab skills.
  6. Yep. It's not the capability of the car that I'm worried about. The Ram 1500 has the same transmission as me and has less HP. And I've seen tons of sedans pulling full sized campers and cargo in Europe like you mentioned. I'm not worried about warranty either because that's already long gone. Instead of looking at the situation wanting to figure out the maximum I can safely tow, I just want the absolute smallest load I can but still hold my required racing equipment. As far as speed limits go? I'll deal with that one when the time comes. 😁
  7. I looked at some of those really small trailers that old Street Rods pull but most I saw were reeeeeally small, wouldn't even hold two of my race tires.
  8. Raced another Mustang. This one is a GT500 and supercharged with 160+more HP than me. I kept dead even with him to the 1/8th then he walked away from me to an 11.4 @ 122mph vs my 12.09 @ 115mph.
  9. It was packed, lots of cars there. I got three runs in, 12.073 @ 114.14 12.096 @ 115.09 12.072 @ 114.89 With more practice on the launch and a better 60ft I know the car will run 11s. I was getting 1.79, 1.80, 1.82 with some spinning. I should be able to get 1.70 or maybe high 1.6s judging by what others have done with theirs.
  10. Yep, that's what the manual says, 12sq ft. And you're right, dad's trailer is 6' wide and about 5' tall so 30sq ft. I brain farted earlier with my math. That's why I feel a standard 5x8 trailer is too big. But I think a V nose 4x6 trailer like the black one I shared should be ok. I can't see that having too much aero-drag. Sent from my motorola one 5G using Tapatalk
  11. What I'm thinking would be ideal is something like this 4x6 trailer with a V nose. This company is in Georgia though, I haven't been able to find one similar in western WA area looking online at least. https://makemytrailer.com/4x6-enclosed-trailer/
  12. I'm kinda looking for a small trailer to tow behind my Challenger. It'll be mostly for hauling race tires, jack and jackstands, small amount of tools etc. Dodge says the car is rated to tow as follows: 1000lbs max, 100lb tongue weight, no more than 12sq ft frontal area of trailer. My Dad has a trailer I can have but its 6x8 with almost exactly 12sq ft frontal area. Its a little bigger than I really would like. I think I want as small of trailer as possible because I want as little stress from towing as possible. I would like to drag the trailer at 80mph on long trips. H
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