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  1. Hey Carl, the Cannonball record attempt goes from NYC to LA, not Portland to Florida. Safe travels friend!
  2. August, yeah that's probably right about when the second wave will be in full swing. I still ain't scared.
  3. As far as heat goes, it's just a gamble really. One trip east it was 106* all through Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota on I-90. On average it is cooler than the southern route but it's not unheard of to be just as hot.
  4. Couple of videos to maybe help show the problem.
  5. Well that's good news right? Have a safe trip.
  6. Spread the word, a lot of people could have these. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/buying-maintenance/a32600586/harbor-freight-jack-stands-recalled-for-risk-of-collapsing/
  7. A friend of mine had one he bought new. Its a Motori diesel engine from Italy. They are kind of nice but don't get great economy. It would struggle to get 25-26mpg even with emissions deleted. Mostly a low 20s mpg. It did have some warranty issues too but I don't remember off the top of my head what they were. For a few years I had an '07 Liberty with the gas V6 and it sucked. Low power, low economy, and started to have issues at 75k miles. It also had a power window problem that kept coming back so much that Jeep extended the warranty for that window for a lifetime. And it still broke again. We traded it in for out '14 Dart and was happy to see it go. I don't think its a horrible car but I'd say its sure not the greatest either. For example, the new Darts have a pretty horrible reputation for being junk but we have 90k on ours and absolutely love it. It's been great. Maybe the Liberty is the same way. I'd do a thorough check on it and lots of research before I bought one though. Oh, I was going to add, they only made them for a couple of years so parts are probably hard to find too.
  8. Having more sidewall is nice when you hit potholes too. Sucks bending a wheel on every big pothole. Your shocks will thank you as well, they don't get worked as hard with a larger sidewall.
  9. Dave, another idea might be an old Jeep Cherokee with the 4.0L. If you fold the seats down it could probably hold almost as much as a small truck could and they also will run forever. I haven't looked recently but you used to be able to find a mid 90's Cherokee 4x4 for under $3k and quite often you could find ones with a small lift, tires, bumpers, winch etc. for $3k. There are millions of them out there to choose from also.
  10. I swap shifts a lot, I have for decades. It comes with the territory for my work. January through February this year I did a week of days, week of nights, and kept switching for two months. That sucked. It used to be easy but the older I get the harder it is.
  11. Are you looking for newer or older like an old Toyota or something? Somebody those old Toyotas run forever.
  12. I'd love to see the Barracuda ripping it up.
  13. Looks great! Nice work!
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