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  1. Anything I can do to make more work for you, just let me know! 😁😆
  2. My son who was stationed at Fairbanks and is moving to Spokane, he just got to my house last night. Drove through Canada, didn't have much choice as they cancelled the ferry service. He said they ran him through the ringer for 4 hours at the CA border before letting him go. Rightfully so I might add. He didn't mind at all. They told him he had checkpoints to hit and could ONLY use services on the main road, period. If a gas station or restaurant is 1/2 km off the road he will be arrested for using it. They used the word arrested a lot. I guess lots of Americans going north have said they were driving to Alaska then went sightseeing in the mountains etc. Anyway, he basically drove straight through and slept in the car. I'm sure his new base at Spokane will make him quarantine for 2 weeks when he gets there also. Leaving personal feelings whether or not all this is warranted, it sure isn't the best time to try and travel. Oh, my sister who lives in Wyoming drove through Yellowstone the other day. I guess Jackson Hole, Yellowstone and Cody are overrun with tourists, something like 30% more than this time last year! It's a made house. She said she was the only Wyoming license plate she saw too. All out of staters. I guess people are sick and tired of being prisoners in their own home.
  3. Hey Ben, you know your spare tire needs painted now too. 😁 Looks great! Nice work.
  4. I can't tell you how good it is or not but my Dad and I used it all over the floor boards of his '55 Chevy before we painted and put it back together.
  5. Looks great! How did you clean the wheels prior to painting? Did you remove the tire and fit it into the blaster?
  6. Still waiting for sand blaster info, unless its an ancient Chinese secret....
  7. Looks great Ben. Tell me more about this sand blaster. 😁 I've tried using a wire wheel on my truck wheels and it works but doesn't get all the nooks and crannies.
  8. Looks great Ben. Everything you've done is exactly what I have on my to-do list only I haven't started it yet. 😁 One question, why gray por-15 on the links instead of black? Just your color preference?
  9. Here's an article on the evolution of Ram trucks. https://moparinsiders.com/the-evolution-of-ram-trucks-a-new-mini-series/
  10. Hey that looks awesome! And I too love the wiener window! 😆 Nice touch.
  11. Looks great Ben! I'm certainly jealous of the bead blasting and rust coating. My brakes are rusted all around really bad also, the whole suspension is. Too many Montana and Iowa winters I guess. I think that is what ruined my front calipers so fast. I need to do the same to mine sometime.
  12. This was probably the worst of the runners. Before, during and after.
  13. I hope that guy leads a miserable life. I would say his actions are unbelievable but unfortunately there are plenty of absolutely worthless humans.
  14. 80mm stock TB and new 84mm TB.
  15. Before. After. I still have to do some cleanup on it once I'm done with the runners too.
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