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  1. You guys see the man on a leash on his hands and knees right? Society went to crape when these type of people insisted they're ways were to be considered "normal".
  2. Here's another one that was spotted in the south sound area. Sent from my moto g(7) using Tapatalk
  3. I had some of those linkage rods wear and break on my '05. I ordered new ones from RockAuto.com. They fit and work great.
  4. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Lol Sent from my moto g(7) using Tapatalk
  5. Heck of a jigsaw puzzle. Lol. Good luck with the fix.
  6. Come on, driving an unknown truck 3000mi across mountains at the start of winter? I believe they call that an adventure! Nice find. I hope it treats you well.
  7. I used to run VP C16 race fuel when it was $8.75/gal. It's simply too expensive now. Those 5gal cans are $110-$125. At $20-$25/gal I would only use that in a dedicated race car if I could afford one. This can of booster cost $22 and treats 10gal or more depending how much of an octane increase you're looking for. I would never tune a street car to REQUIRE high octane all the time. You can't drive anywhere then. This booster is just a nice safety for track days etc if you're pushing the edge of fuel quality on pump gas.
  8. I picked up a can of VP Fuels Octanium octane booster to give it a try. I datalogged a couple runs then added the VP and did those same runs again. I can say with certainty that it definitely did increase the octane. I added a full 32oz can to about 9gal in the tank. According to VP that should bring 92oct up to about 99-100oct. I can't say for sure how much it increased but it definitely did increase. If you look on the VP Fuels website, they make a few different kinds of additives, leaded, unleaded and even for diesels too. In case anyone is interested in trying some. I bought the unle
  9. No, I just think he wants to stay ahead of the game.
  10. Thanks. I passed along the info. He asked if he should get a torque converter also. He said he might think about the category 1 just for more durability.
  11. Looks good Paul. I hope it treats you as well as I know you'll treat it!
  12. My stepson has an '05 Ford diesel and wants to send it somewhere to have the auto trans rebuilt. He lives in Helena MT. Are there any shops recommended either in Montana or western WA? Are there any tips or things to do with the rebuild? He has only slight power increase and pulls a 5th wheel. Thanks.
  13. There is something about seeing large antlers in the wild though, especially up close. Gets the heart rate going. Trophies are better to see in the wild than the living room, good meat is better to see in the freezer.
  14. That's a lot of places you can get your Johnson serviced.
  15. I went to Bremerton Raceway tonight. I didn't know they switched to 1/8mi only since the new management. It was good practice where I needed it though, at the launch. I got 8 runs in before they shut down at 7pm. I basically just kept doing a round-robin back into the lanes. I think I'm getting my grove back as the last 4 runs I cut a .0xx RT with a best of .018 Ran several et of 7.8 @ 90mph. I'm still only able to get 1.8 sixty foot times with a best of 1.794 but I'm still running the tires at 28psi cold. I need to get an air tank so I can lower pressure at the track. I don't real
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