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  1. SMOKN05

    A little run of GOOD luck

    Gotta love it when a plan comes together.
  2. SMOKN05

    Fire pit patio project

    That looks great! Nice work!
  3. SMOKN05

    clutch not disengaging

    Yeah, that's a lesson I keep relearning Gary. It is what it is I guess. I'm just past my wanting to modify everything stage like when I was younger. I just want to hop in every vehicle I have and drive it without any issues. Its been a great truck and the SB FE clutch and heavy duty hydraulics have been in there for about 10yrs and 125K miles. I know I can't complain. Its the bad part about having so many vehicles, trying to keep them all fixed up is like playing "Whack A Mole". Every time you turn around, something else pops up. I have 7 vehicles on my property, 3 don't run and the truck is always trying to make it 4. I know, I know, get rid of some right? But they all have a specific purpose and they're all special!! I may have a mental problem.....
  4. SMOKN05

    Parts truck

  5. SMOKN05

    clutch not disengaging

    Went to drive the truck this morning. Back out of driveway and the clutch pedal goes soft and clutch won't disengage. I can't get it out of reverse so I shut the truck off, shift to neutral and start it. I get it in 1st gear and back into the driveway. Let it sit and the pedal recovers extremely slowly. I'm thinking the slave cyl is sticking or the fluid is bypassing or something. It's a South Bend master/slave setup. Didn't have time to look at it. Might try flushing the fluid later sometime. It's getting really old having to fix something on the truck every other time I drive it. And everything for it is expensive! But, it's still a good truck and I need a truck so I can't sell it.
  6. 20yrs ago I used to go to Williams Oil Filter Service Company in Fife down by the Tacoma Dome to get AN fittings and such. I know they used to make all kinds of hydraulic lines etc. They could make your brake lines to the specs you provide I'm sure....if they're still in business. lol. I haven't been there in a very long time. Might be worth a shot though.
  7. SMOKN05

    Major upgrade to the Duckworth!

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the Otto Pilot!
  8. SMOKN05

    Fire pit patio project

    That looks like a nice project for the family! It'll be worth every drop of sweat when you're all enjoying it!
  9. SMOKN05

    Rear diff covers put to the test!

    The latest rear diff video has more neat info. At this point I wish he would just hurry up already and quit beating around the bush! There is good info in this video as they did a clear cover with the MagTech design. I would agree with a lot of his points about aeration etc but until I see the final numbers from part 3, I disagree with two things. He says that because the fluid is being aerated and turbulent in the cover area that it is NOT getting to the pinion area. From a scientific standpoint he can't say that. He can say that he "thinks" fluid is not getting there but without actually seeing or measuring the pinion area he cannot say conclusively. And despite the turbulent fluid at the rear, I still think fluid IS getting up front as well, although I would agree that it is most likely aerated fluid. And point two, he can't say it heating the fluid up just because the fluid is having more work done to it unless he actually measures fluid temps. Which he says is all part of the yet to be seen Part 3. Hurry up with the dang numbers already. BUT, so far I would agree that the best design cover in my opinion seems like the AAM aluminum one kcv67 posted above.
  10. SMOKN05

    My new project

    Pretty impressive times for an NA setup. Nice! I know what you mean on gears though. I had an old Barracuda with 4:30 gears and it was not a lot of fun cruising the highway long distance. Lol. It sounds like you have a great platform to play with. Congrats.
  11. SMOKN05

    My new project

    Nice! Does it have the coyote engine? With that ET, I'm assuming you have a supercharger? That's pretty awesome.
  12. SMOKN05

    I got a new Diesel in the garage.

    Lol, congrats on the new ride! Those are definitely nice!
  13. Just wait until it happens like Mr Cob has said and they figure out they can start dropping the hammer on RV people. The automotive industry is a huge market but if there looks like potential for huge income via fines and taxes you can rest assured they will milk it for all its worth.
  14. SMOKN05

    2018 f450 update

    That's all good to hear Bob. All except the offshore customer service that is. Sounds like you have a great setup there and it's ready for years of enjoyment. I won't mention truck payment, I'll just call it "house payment" since the numbers probably look closer to a mortgage.
  15. SMOKN05

    Question on brakes

    I don't know if this is applicable to our trucks, but the Challenger guys with the 6 piston Brembos have terrible dust problems. A lot of guys switch pads to Powerstop Z23 or Z26 pads and love them. I don't know if they make ones for trucks but it might be worth a look.