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  1. Thanks for the reply Guys. The reason I am leaning toward the water pump is that even when over heating the bottom radiator hose is cold to the touch but the upper is hot/warm. I could see air being caught in the heater core and that was my first suspicion. I just can't see the radiator being air locked. That doesn't mean it isn't though. Robert, I am not sure of the fittings you are describing but I did pull the vent line from the top of the EGR cooler and I was getting a small trickle of water out of it with the engine running. I chalked it up to thermal expansion. It certainly wasn't a flow. But it did tell me there is water in the EGR cooler and since the heater core is next inline I figured it had to have something in it. As far as I can tell water just isn't moving. I need to replace the intake and exhaust manifold gaskets anyhow (because I made a very stupid mistake I don't want to talk about). The intake gasket is leaking. I should just bite the bullet and pull the water pump to see for sure. I am going to throw a small but spirited temper tantrum if that pump let go....
  2. Frank is my Daughter’s 2003 Jetta wagon. I have no idea why his name is Frank, I’ve just been told that is what it is. I’m starting to think Frank is an A-hole. I have been working on this car pretty much nonstop since she got it. Long story short, I can’t stop it from overheating. Also there is no hot water getting to the heater core. I have felt the hoses and know there isn’t any flow. I was hoping it was thermostat. Installed a new one and no dice. Still overheating and no water flow. I’m thinking it is something haywire with the water pump. Makes me insane because I changed it with a new one not long ago. I looking for any other ideas if you guys have them. If not, I will dive in and pull the pump....again.🙄
  3. That’s about normal for Facebook. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. LOL! Those are my stands. He comes over and uses my saw![emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Sorry, I was on the mill. [emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. He has a ton more rollers Joe. Getting them isn’t an issue. How many do you want?
  7. I can get the rollers no problem. The bases on the other hand, may be a problem. I don’t think he has too many of those.
  8. Yes, they were required to replace any missing equipment.. at cost. No profit could be made for returning the trucks back to their original state. It cost Source time and the owners parts. Some Gestapo tactics if you ask me...
  9. I feel kind of silly posting this on a diesel board but I have the rollers for the band saw stands I built, for sale. They are salvaged from some sort of racking system. We really have no idea what they were supposed to be for. The bearings have some rust in them so I had to oil them and blow them out but they seem to work fine. The rollers did have some scares and damage but again, they work fine. I think the rollers are about 20"long. I cut them down. They have bearings at each end and hexagon shaft in the middle. He said he would sell them for $50.00 for 4 rollers. This is for the rollers and shaft only. Let me know if you are interested. No shipping but possible Bomber Express.
  10. 30 something if I recall correctly. The .Gov wanted to take Bill away in hand cuffs.....
  11. Thanks for everything Russ! I wouldn’t make it through my day without this site.
  12. Mine is covered in dust right now...😕
  13. I can’t help with the waxing, but I can show you how to drink beer...🤷‍♂️
  14. It was great to see you again Dan! I hope you like the lights. They sure fit nice.
  15. That is why I say you need to check if there is 12 volts to the ignition wire on the starter when the key is turned. That will tell you everything you should need to know to pick the right direction. If your electrician was thinking that, why didn’t he check it?
  16. John, It sounds to me like there is an issue with the ignition switch in the column. Easy way to check is to find the wire going to the solenoid on the starter. Hook a multimeter to that wire on the red side of the meter. Connect the black side to the ground on the battery and turn the meter to DC. When you have someone turn the key you should see some where around 12V on the meter. If you get 12V the issue is most likely with the starter. If nothing happens my bet is the ignition switch has burnt up. I had to replace several on my Daughter's 2004. Never did figure out why they burnt. First indication was the heater and windshield wipers stopped working. We fixed it when some one hit her and totaled the car.
  17. Certainly fear wasn't his Son's problem. Amazing. LOL!
  18. It also brings up another point. Even if you don't change your oil so often, you should be changing your filter. I wish there was an indication on the filter of how much it was filtering from the oil. If the filters delta P isn't increasing over time, then it really isn't doing anything. You really have no way of knowing how effective your oil filter is. Would be nice to know.
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