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    Air Ride Suspension Seats in Ram?

    I read about doing it to 3rd gen trucks years back. Even then it was a lot of pretty involved custom work. Nothing bolt on.
  2. Torque Monkey

    Marine electrical question

    I was going to say, they look a lot like Anderson plugs, then I kept reading. I guess I’m a little late. Oh well. Better late than never. https://www.amazon.com/Glarks-Powerpole-Disconnect-Terminals-Connectors/dp/B01EUD2IJ8/ref=sr_1_29?keywords=Anderson+plugs&qid=1555898054&s=gateway&sr=8-29
  3. Torque Monkey

    I got a recall notice for my truck

    I have welded on MANY vehicles. If I were doing some major structural stuff. I would disconnect the batteries. For this, I would have no issue putting the ground clamp on the nut directly and adding a very small tack. We weld next to very sensitive electronics at the power plant and at others all the time. Like Dave said, it’s all about where you put the ground clamp. Electricity follows the path of least resistance. Most electronics are shielded these days. I am much more concerned about flashing bearings. Cutting, or breaking a small surface tack is no issue at all. I do it all the time. Loc-time will work. But a small tack weld wouldn’t require any checking over time. Also there would not be enough heat to effect metallurgy of the components. Just my humble opinion. I would be doing it myself. No way I would let a dealer touch any truck of mine if I could avoid it.
  4. I am starting this thread to share a very interesting project I am working on for a friend from Longview. She picked up a 1995 7.3L F350 with a 5 speed that I think is amazingly clean. It has a few small mods done but for the most part it is totally stock. She is really excited about the truck and I find her enthusiasm is amazing. She went through the trouble to have an emblem designed and want to install King Ranch seats from a newer truck, then replace the factory emblem with this... For my part, I have a pretty big list. We are installing the following... 1995 Chevy AMP steps using custom brackets and a wiring harness from DK diesel in Bellingham. Pioneer flip screen single din deck with back up camera and sub woofer system behind the deck seat. New, upgraded door speakers. Towing mirror from a newer Duramax truck. I have the brackets but not the mirrors yet. LED headlight with clear lenses S&B cold air intake New front ball joints new clutch master cylinder with him joint repair The seats probably won’t happen until after summer. She is shopping for new interior now. Here is a picture of the front end with the new headlights installed. I will update this thread as I go...
  5. Torque Monkey

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    I got the ball joints done and the reverse lights fixed today. The switch was bad at the transmission. I just went and picked up a new one. The only left on my list is waiting for the stereo to come back from repair. Today went really smooth and didn’t have to struggle with anything. It was really nice!
  6. Torque Monkey

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    I changed the lights in the mirrors. A 5 minute job took a lot longer but at least it’s done. I think it looks much better. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Torque Monkey

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    I've never heard of it or seen a problem.
  8. Torque Monkey

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    That would be exactly why I put sealant under them. Clear silicone to be exact.
  9. Torque Monkey

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    Tonight I had a couple quick jobs on the OBS. The new LED cab lights showed up so I swapped those out. Before After We we are going to change the mirror lights to orange LEDs so they match. Should be here any day. Also mounted the backup camera.
  10. Torque Monkey

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    Oh how I hate that feeling. It’s really been getting to me lately.
  11. Torque Monkey

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    Seriously, I have days where it would be more productive to just do nothing at all. I can't explain it but there are times where everything just falls right into place like it should, and others where every thing just turns to poop in my hands. Usually when everything turns to poop, it cost me a bunch of money.
  12. Torque Monkey

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    If I'm lucky....
  13. Torque Monkey

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    Sent in to Pioneer for repair. I hope it comes back soon. The wires are ran for the back up camera, I just need to mount it. All the stock speakers have been changed and the sub system is done. I just need to mount the grills on the woofers. Of course they showed up after I put the back seat back in.
  14. Torque Monkey

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    We finally got the right linkages from AMP today. Finally I can cross the AMP steps off my list of stuff to do. Here are the right brackets next to the wrong brackets. Big difference. And a few pictures of the final install using the OBS Ford install brackets from DK diesel. I also used the wiring harness from DK diesel so only the Driver’s side step comes down withe Driver’s side door and the same with the Passenger’s side. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Torque Monkey

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    I fixed the clutch master cylinder linkage. What a PITA. I didn’t take a picture before but you have to remove the lever from the clutch pedal linkage and remove a pin and drill a hole for the bolt. Then cut the end off the push rod and put the hem joint on. All under the dash. Not fun. I had enough about half way through the job. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. Torque Monkey

    New to me 2nd gen project

    That is exactly how I run the lines on a short box AirDog install. Doesn’t seem to be a better way to get around those body mounts. Looks great!
  17. Torque Monkey

    Ben put new mufflers in, Thank you!

    No problem Shawn. It was great seeing you again. Thank you very much for the ride! That is a very nice car. I am really impressed with the interior. The things you can control with the touch screen inside is unbelievable. I got a picture of Shawn at work also.
  18. Torque Monkey

    07 Injectors

    I personally run DDP injectors. That being said, I have installed a lot of injectors over the years. By far the injectors I am most impressed with are Big Bang Injectors. The next set I install in my truck will be BBI. They are expensive, but very clean.
  19. Torque Monkey

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    I got the mirrors all completed tonight. These are the spot lights that come on with the cargo light. This is the running lights. Here is the best picture I could get of the turn signal. And the power adjustment for both sides work perfectly. Worked out great. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. Torque Monkey

    Olympia to Ben's place and back

    I have to get up early and clean the shop since Shawn is bringing his car down. I feel like I need to mop with such a nice car coming. LOL!
  21. Torque Monkey

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    Welll, let’s just say I’m certainly not going to be rich after this project. I just like her enthusiasm about the truck and don’t mind helping out. It’s a bit of a change from what I’m used to. I can say, this truck has been kicking my butt. It has been fighting me tooth and nail. I will feel a lot better when AMP finally sends the right parts for the steps.
  22. Torque Monkey

    Project “Queen Ranch” OBS F350

    I was able to get all the wires pulled to under the steering wheel. The mirrors directions all all wired and I tested them with a power source. Up and down isn’t working on the drivers side. I think I know what’s going on there. Now I just need to figure out the lights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Torque Monkey

    CR tuners- rail pressure

    For an 06 i would say either go EFILive or Smarty MM3. Either way it would be best to find a tuner, talk with them and give them the trucks expectations. If he is looking for something out of a box that will be the best bang for the buck. Either MiniMax or Edge CTS as he will get some power but also gauges.
  24. Torque Monkey

    Might have to sell my ‘16 Ram...

    I am in the exact same position... It would work very well for me, but I'm not ready for an upgrade in that department yet. Good luck Scotty!
  25. Torque Monkey

    Project EOS

    Don’t we all.