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  1. Torque Monkey

    Looking at a 4th gen 2014 3500 day cab 4x4 stick....

    I really like it Travis! Glad you made it home safe! I can’t believe the insurance issues. My 1 ton has been insured with State Farm since I brought her home in November 2007. It was never even a question...
  2. Torque Monkey

    6x6 Ford doing it wrong. LOL

    Seems like someone did a lot of work, but made a serious engineering mistake...
  3. Torque Monkey

    New backup lights

  4. Torque Monkey

    New backup lights

    This is what I did. But, it requires cutting holes. I know you “new truck” guys don’t like that. These are cheap flush mount LEDs off EBay. The point is, if you see a set you like, I wouldn’t be to concerned about quality (maybe a little), they all seem to work really well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Torque Monkey

    4th gen tow mirrors with light on a 3rd gen

    That must be new. It certainly wasn’t there when I bought mine. I would have definitely gone that route instead. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Torque Monkey

    4th gen tow mirrors with light on a 3rd gen

    I should add to this thread that I have towed a couple of times now. I also put the camper on the truck. These mirrors are quite an improvement over the stock 3rd gen two mirrors. They are a bit longer so now I can actually see a little bit behind the camper on the passenger side. Much better visibility.
  7. Torque Monkey

    4th gen tow mirrors with light on a 3rd gen

    That is the “Pro-level” fix. He isn’t ready for that.😎
  8. Torque Monkey

    4th gen tow mirrors with light on a 3rd gen

    When I was researching the wiring for this, I came across a video on YouTube where a guy was replacing his factory LEDs with aftermarket as the factory were junk. I on y paid $100.00 for the mirror set. These are specific to fit 3rd Gens trucks. If the price was the same for the 4th gen replacements, I would do like Hoss suggested and just change the complete mirror set.
  9. Torque Monkey

    First Gen

    Consider it done! I will dig it out and send some pics.
  10. Torque Monkey

    First Gen

    LOL! I didn’t look where they were coming from. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Torque Monkey

    First Gen

    Just sayin... https://www.ebay.com/itm/VE-Pump-Fuel-Pin-Governor-Spring-Kit-for-88-93-Dodge-Cummins-5-9L-1063/171990056002?hash=item280b67fc42:g:1iEAAOSwk1JWdGB6
  12. Torque Monkey

    First Gen

    ^ This! I have an HE351 that would make a big difference on that engine. It was gifted to me so I will pass it on for what I have in it ($0) if your interested Adam.
  13. Torque Monkey

    Clutch balance?

    Mine sometimes shakes a little bit at idle. If I push the clutch pedal in then let it out again, it goes away.
  14. Torque Monkey

    4th gen tow mirrors with light on a 3rd gen

    Yeah, I was a little disappointed in the contrast between the driving light and the turn signal. I think it will look better in the dark. Also I have since "smoked" the lens and it help a little also. Still, I think it is still better this way than one or the other.
  15. Torque Monkey

    4th gen tow mirrors with light on a 3rd gen

    It was only $55.00 for the kit. I figured I would spend most of that in parts trying to do it myself... and screw it up.