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  1. Torque Monkey

    Timing belt let go in my Daugthers Jetta

    Thats is why I bought the head install kit. It isn’t my first rodeo. And yes, it is 2 notch head gasket.
  2. Torque Monkey

    Timing belt let go in my Daugthers Jetta

    Thanks Mark!
  3. Torque Monkey

    Timing belt let go in my Daugthers Jetta

    Completely assemblely with a new cam.
  4. Torque Monkey

    Timing belt let go in my Daugthers Jetta

    No idea... We bought the car about 4 months ago. I told her the belt needed to be changed. She didn't make the time, when I had the time. Now it's going to cost her... Hence the long story about already having the timing belt parts.
  5. I'm not really sure what happened exactly but it died on the road and now there is a bunch of slack in the timing belt. I already have the timing belt kit (long story) and I ordered the head install kit plus a new head. I'm not messing around, just going to change the head. I'm hoping that is the extent of the damage but we will see. I will be playing Ches in the shop tonight and putting the Rat out in the car trailer so the Jetta can take it's place. I certainly have my hands full with stuff to work on lately....
  6. Torque Monkey

    Fishing 2019

    They are out there right now... and they don't appear to be going anywhere. LOL! And all day. Me and the dogs bark back. LOL! It is really funny how some of them just carry on.
  7. Torque Monkey

    Fuel milage not as good as hoped

    I blame me too.... now what???
  8. Torque Monkey

    Fishing 2019

    🤣 Maybe... The Sealions have been going crazy in front of the house. There are hundreds of them out on the River.
  9. Torque Monkey

    Fishing 2019

    You can store the old boat at my place for a while if you need to...
  10. Torque Monkey


    Start pullin and hope it still behind you when you get to your destination. That's how i do it with ANYTHING behind the camper. LOL!
  11. Torque Monkey


  12. Torque Monkey


    I drove with my mirrors flipped up on my 99 once ( custom built mirrors at the time since they didn’t make power heated tow mirrors for 2nd Gens back then) when I had to drive in down town Seattle. I ended up “high fixing” a mirror on a bus. I lost the passenger side mirror and almost the door window. The bus didn’t even slow down. That was an expensive lesson at the time. Never again.
  13. Torque Monkey

    2019 ford fusion hybrid

    Wow! Awesome! Congrats to Wendy!
  14. Torque Monkey

    Northwest Bombers License Plates

    I would say anything is possible. Just takes time. LOL!
  15. Torque Monkey

    Northwest Bombers License Plates

    My Daughter drew up this image for this project. I’m really not feeling it. I like the turbo better. There is another pin up that has the girl sitting on a piston and connecting rod. I may ask her to take a crack at that one.