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  1. Torque Monkey

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    I pulled the dash/cowl to add the speedometer and air temperature gauge. Before After Nothing like drilling big holes in something that can’t be replace very easy...😁
  2. Torque Monkey

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Way bigger cloud than my truck leaves so i would say way worse than that. LOL!
  3. Torque Monkey

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    It is a bit laggy and left a big black cloud when I jumped on it going down the road. It isn’t to surprising as I haven’t done and tuning or changes to the pump.
  4. Torque Monkey

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    The site won’t let me upload the video of it running.
  5. Torque Monkey

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    I don't have a Youtube account and it is really hard to video and drive at the same time. I will tell you that the cab filled with white smoke instantly. I was amazed at how fast it lit the tire up. That second turbo certainly makes a difference! I noticed last night when I got it back int he shop that the front end sits way higher under full compression (air bags flat) than it did with the old front tires. I really don't like it. I just ordered a set of 2" drop spindles for the front end. That should level things out a bit....
  6. Torque Monkey

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    That may have already happened.. 35 psi of boost, 900F EGT’s and half throttle. Pretty sure it went clear to overdrive fast!
  7. Torque Monkey

    Look out bullwinkle

    I am very excited for your whole Group Steve. Sounds like a lot of fun!
  8. Torque Monkey

    Our trip to Grand Canyon (we hopel

    Have a great trip Bob!
  9. Torque Monkey

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Carl came by tonight and helped me tack the exhaust in it’s final position. Nothing left but filling a couple gaps.🤣 Thanks Carl!
  10. Torque Monkey

    New bags for the pickup

    I like the idea of the 7" bags. i want to change the bags in my truck to a larger diameter to get a bit more adjustability with the camper on. Been looking at bags but the highest I have found are rated for 2600 per side.
  11. Torque Monkey

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    If you have time that would be great Carl! I would really appreciate it.
  12. Torque Monkey

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Well the compounds are in final assembly. The oil drain is done, the hot pipe is done and the cold pipe is done. I am waiting on some better boot clamps to show up for the 3” and 4” and also some silicone hose for the crankcase vent. The only thing left is the exhaust pipe. I am struggling to hold the pipes and tack them in place by myself. I also need to do a bit more fitting but they are close. Here is a picture of the backside of the hot pipe where you can see the support bracket.
  13. I just made sure I got $26.00 off and called it good!🙌