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  1. I heard they don't serve lunch at the Hossienda anymore??? Things sure have changed since my indentured service was cleared up. LOL! I had a long talk with DJ Kosa about those heat shrink solder splices. I told him I really want to try them when I was adding AMP steps to the OBS Ford a while back. He told me they had all sorts of problems with them. He said it was very easy to add too much heat and have the solder melt through the heat shrink. Also had issues with the solder not getting hot enough. I asked if he thought he got a cheap set. He told me they tried several.....
  2. The one truck I installed that kit on had head studs but no O-rings in the head.
  3. I saw a video that explained why Gooseneck hitches have chains and 5th wheels do not. The idea is that the 5th wheel will pull out of the hitch before you get out of you parking spot if not engaged properly. If locked, you should never have an issue with a hitch that is functioning properly. Also the engagement is supposed to be much stronger than a ball type hitch. Also there is a chance that the wrong size ball could be installed and the hitch will jump off the ball at speed. They pointed out that no over road trucking uses chains in a 5th wheel application. The trailer will destroy the truc
  4. We could certainly give it a try. Do you Guys still have the old turbo from the donor Golf? We could use it as a template.
  5. That bank is busy funding it’s own projects. LOL! Time to learn to TIG weld and do a custom stainless header....
  6. Hey Paul, what light bar is that under the gate? Do you maybe have a link to where to buy one? I need to change mine.
  7. Bring them donuts. You’ll be able to tear the car completely apart and put it back together again. Plus they will provide security, you won’t have to worry about anything going missing.🤣
  8. When are you going to do the install? And what coast is the car going to be on when it happens??? LOL!
  9. "You flip it over one time and the body gets all dented up for no reason". LMAO! Also, why did he need AC????
  10. I'd like to see the graph. That thing sounded sick!
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