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  1. I think I’m good... at least with this portion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. You can make money later! I know a Guy that can store it for you till we can get it North..... of course you'll have to pay rent. We can discuss price later. LOL!
  3. Thank you very much Rusty. I appreciate the offer. I think going with the B&W is the way forward for me. Only because then the truck will be capable of towing almost any type of trailer then. I have spent the last 13 years building some one the ultimate tow vehicle. LMAO!
  4. I need to pay attention better. Luckily Bob knows me all too well and called me. LOL! Look familiar??? Thanks again Bob! I have no idea why my Ipad insists on turning the pictures sideways.... Is this the 20K base? I need to read through the set up of it. Also, do you guys know if I am going to have issues with the height of my truck and getting a 5th wheel? It doesn't have a lift, only D25's int he front. Not I need to get the bed kit.... one thing at a time. But this was the first part of the puzzle.
  5. My plan is to go with exactly what David posted. Just want to make sure that is the best option. $479.00 at Etrailers for the bed portion... not bad.
  6. The top turbo is an SXE borgwarner turbo. You can tell by the speed pick-up boss on the compressor housing. I suspect it's a SXE 363 with an S472 underneath. Just a guess but it should be something like that. Nice set up, but the money is really high IMHO.
  7. I am going to sell my camper and get a 5th wheel trailer. We need something a little bigger for us and the dogs. My plan was to install a B&W gooseneck hitch below the bed and then get a 5th wheel hitch to mount in the bed for the trailer. I am looking into this option for two reasons. 1, the truck will be able to move almost anything. It will be set up for campers, bumper pull (Super Hitch), 5th wheel and gooseneck. 2, I don't want anything sticking up in the bed of the truck with everything removed. Is this the best way to go? Is B&W still the way to go?
  8. I have lots of family in Lewiston. You need anything while your there, let me know. I have strings I can pull.
  9. That is the same thing I was thinking. Getting back up right without further damage, was going to be the real trick.
  10. Well, it’s out of the water...🤷‍♂️
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