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  1. I was going where I was told.... I wasn't running the show.... as usual.
  2. Macredy. The girls wanted to go to Terwilliger but they were closed due to fire damage I think.
  3. We were 40 miles East of Eugene, camping just for the weekend. We went to check out so dirty, nasty hot springs. There were a bunch of naked girls running around. That was nice. Also a couple dudes.... could have done without that.
  4. Awesome work! I’m jealous! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Apparently I drove from Longview to Eugene with that can of carb cleaner on the bumper of my camper. That was about 220 miles at speeds of 70 mph. I can’t believe it stayed there the whole time. It appeared to not move at all.[emoji1787]. No wonder I didn’t have many tailgaters. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. My daughter and I were discussing this picture last night. She thinks it’s a bondage thing. I think some one lost a bet or got caught shacking up with the neighbor.
  7. Those are aweso..... I can’t even type it out. Wow!
  8. I have been through several clutches. Finally Peter got me one that won’t break.
  9. I have been 500+ hp for well over 10 years, with a manual trans. No issues.... if it’s done right with proper expectations.
  10. Well, I am sure the kit would handle 600 hp easy. The thing is, overall power doesn’t really matter. The kit spools so fast you may have trouble breaking the speedo needle off. That kind of response makes the truck a blast to drive. Bigger turbos aren’t so much fun to drive as they are laggy and don’t respond quick.
  11. I always like the parts that are left over after a job like that.🤣
  12. If you want an off the shelf option have a look at Power Driven Diesel’s towing twin kit. It’s a K27 over a 369 SX-E. I have installed one of these kits and they are very impressive and small enough to be a lot of fun in a manual truck. https://powerdrivendiesel.com/product/ultimate-towing-compound-turbo-kit/
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