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  1. That is unreal..... If that railing gave just a little, they wouldn't have to worry about clearing the truck.
  2. I use a local Guy in Longview where i can talk to the owner directly now. I will never go to LS again. It's been 6 years.
  3. Denver Off-road made the front and rear bumpers on my Mom’s Earthroamer. They are no joke. Some of the best quality bumpers I have seen. Did Buckstop stop making aluminum bumpers? You know me, let’s make one!
  4. I figured it was something like that. I saw the pin but didn’t want to mess with it since we got engine pictures already.
  5. I got down to the yard and took a few pictures of the blower set up. I didn’t get any pictures of the engine as it appears the bumper has to be moved in order for the hood to open. For sure it is deleted. So, are you Guys still thinking $95k to $105k? I just want to give that feedback to his Mom. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks Dave! I will try to find out exactly what it is.
  7. I'm going To the yard probably tomorrow. Laura told me the engine installed was a CAT and that Robert spent the extra money to have it dressed with chrome parts. I hope to get a picture of it. The work was done by Kustom Trucks in Coos Bay, OR.
  8. It currently has a CAT engine installed. Robert's Mom also has the original Cummins engine that came with it. I believe it needs an overhaul. She need to determine a valve on it as well.
  9. The truck is currenlty located in the JJWiliams yard in Longview, WA. I may stop by this afternoon and see if I can get some pictures.
  10. I think the yard Robert was driving for, is interested in buying it. I think Laura just needs to put a value on it. Also Robert had the blower installed for dry bulk discharge. Lord only knows what other modifications have been made. Robert certainly didn't mess around when it came to getting quality work done.
  11. I'm trying to help Robert's Mom get an accurate value of his truck. She needs to sell it to balance Robert's estate. I really have no idea what it is worth or who could be contacted in order to determine the value. I was hoping a Member here, could help. I have the following information. 2018 Peterbilt 389 SH Color: Blue Bumper to bumper 396" Wheelbase 273.944" Cab to axle 54.700" Mileage 391221 Front axle load 14600 lbs Rear axle load 40000 lbs Eaton 18 speed transmission 78" sleeper with 2nd bunk Refrigerator Storage closet 2 piece flat windshield Interior color Artic Gray I know the engine has been changed recently but I have no details on it, or when exactly it was done. I know it has been deleted. This is the extent of the information that I currently have. Does anyone have an idea where to start with this?
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