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  1. Hey guys I am a long time Alaska lurker and seldom post but I wanted to invite you all to Alaska this summer. The 907Diesel club is having its second "Prowl for Power" June 24-25. There will be a track day with a dyno at the track and probably another full day of dyno's done at a local shop along with some vendors and camping at the track. I did not get to go last year and probably will not this year but it sure would be cool to have some guys from down your way come up for some fun. So if you are coming to AK this summer maybe you can come by or maybe this is the reason you were looking f
  2. And watch out for the guy selling them for $150 bucks... he says he has hundreds of them... They are all from china.
  3. Like Lenny said, you need to think about something bigger than an HX35. I made the same mistake you are about too and I paid for it 6 months later when I had to get another trurbo. When I had my HY on the truck I was running RV275's and the EZ + Power Edge (before they made one box called the comp). My truck was blazing fast but my EQT's where terrible as I was running 40 psi through that poor little turbo. Then I went to an HX35 from PDR, it helped but not nearly enough... I soon had to switch to an HX40-16 from PDR.... I still have it but its getting replaced soon... well its getting a p
  4. I would also unplug the MAP sensor from the Edge harness and plug it back into the map sensor itself. Otherwise its like not having a MAP sensor at all..... don't ask how I know this.
  5. So if a guy just wants to install studs how do you go about it? Do you just take one head bold out and a time and replace it? or do you take them all out and then install them all in the proper order? I would think that removing them all would/could weaken the head gasket?
  6. I have on on my truck, bought it at NAPA for about $25 bucks. I don't have a part number or anyting, I just went in and asked for one. We use them alot in the oilfield on our trucks. They do make the oil pressure come up fast. When I installed mine I used silicone sealer to glue it down. Then I covered the entire area with more silicone and glued a nice layer of tin foil over it. I ran the power cord up to the front of the truck and plugged it into one of those short multi plug extension cord things. That is where the engine heater is plugged too. If you want to get real crazy you
  7. I would not worry, I got a couple of those too about my trucks. It turns out the NAPA shop that did my breaks and swaped my tires sent it to me. Just trying to drum up some business.
  8. I had the same experience with a couple of comp boxes I have had. I sent a regular comp back to be replaced with a drag versin and the drag version felt weaker than my origional comp. So I sent it back again and it came back much much better. Anyone have an old Power Edge Hot box for a dodge??
  9. Well I would like to do it my self, but I am a little scared of messing up the whole thing. Especially after reading the sticky porting thread. I don't know if I trust anyone here in AK with the porting....
  10. I recently acquired an ATS exhaust manifold and was thinking since its just sitting here I ought to have it cleaned up a bit before I install it. Is there anyone out there who ports and polishes these things?? Thanks, John
  11. If I where guessing I would say that he now has a regular 9 to 5 job that does not require having his head under a truck all the time. I wish him well and hope he has great success at PB.
  12. Nice site Opie, but you need a prices and contact page. I need a mitusa... do you make a kit for those of us who have moved our stock lift pumps back by the tank already?? John
  13. Yest limit the boost on your Piers HX40 to less that 40. Mine gets to 38-39 and that is it. Any one have a part number or even a place to buy the solonoid that is used.
  14. Does this mean that you have your wastegate set to open at a very low boost?? I guess that way the gate just pops open quite easily. The only draw back on that would be if the Hobbs quit then you would have to go out and reset your wastegate to make the truck drivable?? Thanks John aka JR2
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