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  1. I may be going to Wenatchee area on thanksgiving but not 100% sure yet...
  2. Well I had to ask!! lol..... Probably need to find a beater 4x4 truck to use at my moms cabin for some tree work next summer. Like a ranger, s10 or whatever is cheap and already dented up....
  3. Mr Hoss, I think the offset on the 14 and newer trucks is different?? But I'm not sure. They may rub on the control arms. If they were the same then I would consider that for sure.
  4. Looking for a total of 8 wheels ( one set for me and one for my sister) 285 or 295 70 17 traction tires Set of long bed torklift camper tie downs exhaust brake maybe some other 3rd gen stuff is anybody has anything sitting around in their shop, please let me know
  5. Dealership got my check today..... Should get picked up by the shipper next week sometime.... 😃
  6. Well that sucks!!! Good luck on the search!
  7. Ya, I'm just going to pay the 249 extra. In the big picture that's not much compared to the price of the truck....
  8. Well Shawn, I think you are probably thinking with logic there.... If there is one breakdown, the shipping savings goes right out the window. Plus, off work means not making money. Its at a new chevy dealer and they sent me the total today.... $498 for a processing fee....?????? WTF. I asked what that was about and they didn't really want to take it off the price we already agreed on the truck... They said they would make it half, but it still pisses a guy off....
  9. I've never been there before, that's about a 40 hour drive though.... Plus a used rig that I haven't been able to go through it. Shipping isn't too bad on it so we may go that route...
  10. Well, I put a deposit on a 2006 day cab slt trx 4. 6 speed 4x4. Not loaded with a ton of options. Looks all stock besides the gooseneck hitch. These trucks are expensive and just hard to find used that isn't rusty or beat to death... It should be here in about a month....It's in Knoxville Tennessee!!
  11. Cant find anything for a regular cab so I may as well broaden the search a bit... Hoping for something stock. Thanks!!
  12. Well still not much luck lately. There was an 08 in Ok. I should have bought back in June but it had some dents in the tailgate and it sold super quick. Paul found a 2004 truck that was 90% of the truck I want, but wrong transmission and steep price. I had to put a new roof on the house last week and it always goes over budget...... Wife came into a little bit of money for the college fund. Any of you guys running a new 3500 tradesman day cab 5th gen?? Thanks!!
  13. Still on the hunt..... Tough to find these I guess.. I used to find a rig in 2 months or so.... Prefer an slt trim and not from the rustbelt midwest or east coast rig. Thanks for keeping eyes out!!
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