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  1. That would be nice... I'll have to ask I just ran a carfax on it, clean with no wrecks. Just asked the dude a ton of questions on it so we will wait and see. This is getting to be a hard to find rig that isn't a rusted out ranch truck with 300k miles and roll up windows...
  2. Talked to a registered importer today just to know for sure. Looks like it costs 1500 us to do it and it has to sit in a compound for 30 days i guess before it is released.... If the guy comes down on the price a little bit, it may be a viable option still....😉
  3. Yep, it's missing the stickers on the door I need to get in into the states myself without an importer. If the truck was all stock and in a little better shape I'd probably pony up the extra 2k to get it here. Thanks for the replies fellas. So the search continues....!!
  4. Thanks for the link!! I asked the guy what kind of information is on the door jamb before I get to involved. If I remember correctly, if it has a us dot sticker on the door it's not usually a big ordeal. If it doesn't, forget about the truck.... With the current exchange rate it makes it just over 10k us.....
  5. There is a 2008 ram 2500 that is reasonable up on the Vancouver craigslist. Its a white regular cab 4x4 g56. 14500 can 223 klicks or so. Can someone try to put a link up here and see what you guys think. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Thanks Paul!! It was nice to shoot the sh!t with ya also!!
  7. I've had a couple of little Toyota Tacoma trucks. The regular cab is too small for sure!! Now I'm driving a 2004 extra cab 4x4 4cyl stick. Been a good little truck. Easy and cheap to fix and maintain. Finding one that has is perfect body costs a few bucks if that matters to you. Mine had a few dents already so I got it for a little bit less. Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. I bought a 2001 tahoe in 2007 with 91k ish on it. 5.3 lt no sunroof. Has 172k ish now, no problems except tires, brakes, typical front end wear items. stock trans and tcase as far as i know... been a good rig...
  9. If ya sold it already that's all good, I didn't forget about ya. Just didn't get a reply yet...
  10. Thanks for looking out. Great rig and low miles, but I think the price is a bit out of line for a truck of that age and options. Can get a 4th gen for not much more. Right in my wheelhouse though!!
  11. Dude I'll take it. I don't have a truck for it yet...but that's a steal... I can paypal, send you cash or a check. no hurry for me. Bombers express hopefully....
  12. thanks for the reply... looking for a common rail quiet rig with the large brakes and g56...
  13. Got rid of the nice dream truck I always wanted to help kiddo with upcoming college expenses. Sucks but it is what it is. Looking for a stockish 05-09 srw day cab 4x4 cummins. mechanical problems are ok, hopefully looking for a cleanish body and no rust problems. If it has body issues I won't rule it out. Looking to buy in 1 to 6 months... Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks, I went 17" too... raceline / allied rt-81 15x8 5-4.5 part number is rt 8158012 Looks like a soft 8 modular style. I've seen them go for 242 a wheel nowdays, but can't remember what I paid a year ago. I'm asking 750 for the full set of 5... 4 of them had tires mounted on them, but never bolted on a rig I put them on craigslist etc, but only nibbles so far...
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