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  1. Thanks, I went 17" too... raceline / allied rt-81 15x8 5-4.5 part number is rt 8158012 Looks like a soft 8 modular style. I've seen them go for 242 a wheel nowdays, but can't remember what I paid a year ago. I'm asking 750 for the full set of 5... 4 of them had tires mounted on them, but never bolted on a rig I put them on craigslist etc, but only nibbles so far...
  2. You need some beadlocks on that jeep??? I have a set of 5 in stock that are brand new 15x8. Changes sizes on the current lj build....
  3. Ya, pretty close. The old trucks getting used to haul firewood already too!
  4. Looking to thin out the herd around here. Have had this truck for about 6 years or so. 244k ish miles 4.10 gears. steel deck flatbed with gooseneck, p3 brake controller no headliner, rubber floor mat, nice seat out of a 99 (color doesn't match but is very low mile seat.) pw, pdl, hot heat, working ac. power drivers seat, gauges work, not rusty. kdp done, timing 16.5, 370's, exhaust brake, all valve springs and 4k gsk. 4" exhaust. nv4500 with 98+ top cover, larger input shaft and dual disk 3250, valair hyd. 241dld dana 80 rear, open diff, drum brakes. hd rear leaf springs, no air bags needed! dana 60 front, has newer moog ball jts, axleshaft u joints, performance rotors etc 285/75/16 toyo m55 tires with about 6k miles on them. has real alcoa wheels that need polished. (not ford wheels) cruise control stopped working green paint is ugly, I put a nicer green front clip on, but the cab could use paint. leaks oil, 1 quart every 2k or so rear brakes getting low I'm sure there is more that I don't remember. Diesel outfitters did engine and front end work. I can try to get some pics to someone to upload if anyone's interested. Hope to get 6k ish for it. Thanks
  5. I copied Mr Hoss too, same size just a toyo rt instead.
  6. Put me in line on this if it doesn't work out. Can't buy a kit for a cab and chassis so it has to be "custom"...
  7. I was just happy having pw, pdl, ac,tilt, and cruise... Fancy enough for me! LOL
  8. Thanks! It sure drives nice. Mr Hoss, don't worry, I ordered some 285 75 18 toyo tires to be like you... Now just to find some alternative weight reduction parts (autocal).... pretty tough at the moment!
  9. Made it home!! About 3k miles total. 1050 in 1 day. Fuel economy suffers a bit going 85-90mph!! These 4th gen trucks sure drive nice, still getting used to an auto...
  10. yes, the vin on this truck always raised red flags... even though its a srw... Geico didn't ask any more details so I'm not volunteering any. heading to sea tac shortly!!!!!!!!!!!
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