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  1. Now that things are calming down, I am going to get my hands on some HID bulbs and ballasts and try those in the factory projector housings. If that does not work well, I'll get a set of projectors to retrofit. Dave
  2. FWIW I would use the slowest turning motor that you can for your application. Although, the smaller HP motors are rarely low RPM. Also, if it's a 1HP, I would skip the phase converter and swap in a 220 single phase unit and be done with it. Most of the rotary systems are really based around a 5HP idler/ generator. And it would actually be easy to build a smaller setup with a couple of caps and a mag switch if you have to stay with 3 phase. Now, if you plan on adding other 3 phase devices, I would go up in size and have a shop based system. Dave
  3. That's not a bad price. I used to pay $8.50 for 12" 18 gauge rollers. Don't think I have an immediate use for them or I would be all over this. Dave
  4. And why are you changing oil? Didn't you get lifetime pills filter changes when you bought that thing? Dave
  5. I have always partially filled them. The couple of seconds without lube pressure will not hurt anything. At least if it was recently ran before draining the oil. But I don feel the need to top them off and make a mess. I just like to get some oil in the media for that first start. Dave
  6. https://www.digikey.com/products/en/cables-wires-management/heat-shrink-tubing/483?k=heat+shrink+tubing&k=&pkeyword=heat+shrink+tubing&sv=0&pv37=330893&sf=1&FV=-8|483%2C849|122694&quantity=&ColumnSort=1000003&page=1&pageSize=25 Dave
  7. Yeah, I don't know what your trailer looks like. But if it is in a plain white wrapper, I don't think you'll get hassled in Washington state. Now if it's wrapped with xyz racing, all bets are off. Dave
  8. I keep hearing more stories all the time. Many first hand. I really do think it's a matter of time before all trailers, other than RVs, are scrutinized. Dave
  9. Did he have to hit the scales for some reason? Dave
  10. If you meet any of the weight requirements, then yes. In you case, if the trailer has a GVRW 10K or more, then yes. Dave
  11. I actually have a DOT# for a couple of states. It was required for those permits. I do know it will not be required in my case. Dave
  12. I completely agree with what you are saying. If the state had a clear omission for my situation, such as with RVs and horse trailers, it would have been much easier. But now that I have enough stuff to jamb in my pocket, I'm far less worried. It would suck to get halfway to the coast for a fishing trip only to be parked waiting on a CDL licensed driver. As a note, there are many pickup and flatbed guys getting caught up in the CDL issue as well. I believe they were calling them safety checks. But, the drivers would tell the cop they were going to x- rodeo or hauling for someone else. Immediately got popped for no CDL. In California, a modified bed (flatbed) is no longer considered a pickup and is subject to commercial vehicle laws. Ths is most common is on Donner Pass. The CHP is posting all the time about people skipping the scales, CDLs, ect. I'm sure with pickups having higher and higher ratings that its only a matter of time before the state sells to regulate (profit) off the motoring public. I feel good about where I am at for now. But I can see a day coming where certain weight vehicles will require a different license. JMO Dave
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