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  1. Dontheybfit all models of trucks? Thinking about a camper down the road. Dace
  2. As long as it ain't me! I would attempt it if I had a place to spray it. Might be a good job for Maaco. Dave
  3. I'm looking into having the roof and hood re-shot. They aren't horrible, but I think it will seriously affect overall value. Or, just list it a little high, take the hit in the sale. Dave
  4. More than I would have thought. I guess I better get it cleaned up and on the market. Dave
  5. What shape was the paint/ body in? I am leaving the twins on. I have thought about de-bombing, but I am feeling lazy. Dave
  6. Getting ready to put the '02 up for sale. What are these things going for? I did some research, but tough to get a read on the market. 231K 15K on rebuilt axles w/ R&P. Includes all steering components and front wheel bearings. 60K on built trans. sticks, cam, injectors, compounds, box, ect new dash, heater core, ect few years ago. Good drivers seat, small tear on top of center console (elbow wear) and work steering wheel. Needs the typical paint on hood and roof, which I may due if it jacks the value. chips and scratches but straight body. Whatca think? Dave
  7. A good article on wet weights. Remember, Arctic Fox does not include the standard "required" options in the dry weight. "When we took the 2015 Arctic Fox 990 to the CAT Scale, the well-optioned camper weighed 5,185 pounds, fully wet and loaded with our stuff. With late model single-rear-wheel one-ton trucks maxing out in the low to mid 4,000 range, the Arctic Fox 990 requires a late model one-ton to be within payload capacity" https://www.truckcampermagazine.com/camper-reviews/colorado-crazy-with-a-fox/ Dave
  8. Not sure what configuration your truck is. But mine has an advertised payload of 4320lbs. However, when you look at GVWR it's 12,300. This is for Crew Cab, 8' box, 4x4, Aisin. But, with a full load of fuel my truck weighted in at 8740 lbs at the local CAT scales with me and a passenger in it. That really only leaves 3560 lbs of true payload capacity if I want to stay within the sticker. A dually would obviously have greater payload capacity than the SRW. It could be up to 14000 GVWR depending on options. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dsr5yqmGzeMVPn455VHQczi9BrgHtnQU Dave
  9. I was looking at the specs for the Supertruss. I can't data on anything outside of the 48" length. And that will require weight distribution for me. I wonder if they have published values for shorter lengths anywhere. You will have 1500lbs of capacity remaining? Did you get a lighter camper? Dave
  10. Stableloads basically clamp to the lower overload leaf. You can rotate a wedge to engage the spring pack. basically, fills the space between the overload and the pack. This is then simply held in place with a drop in pin. Same thing with it rotated out of the way. It's an interesting concept, but I have no first hand experience with it. I'm still researching extended stingers and load capacity. Need to be able to haul the boat with the camper on board. Dave
  11. I don'tknow that is a specific problem. I can remember many years ago when we had bolt on overloads on a Toyota truck that we hauled wood in. But, it used similar point loads to bolster the spring pack. But once it was bolted up, it stayed on until you took it off. The stable loads actually have a pretty good bearing area in contrast to that old system we used. Dave
  12. Aren't the extended bump stops pretty easy to swap out? Just in case you want to soften the ride back up? I think that's the appeal of the lower spring stable loads. Only engaged when needed. Dave
  13. I was looking at the PacBrake system for my bags. I see there is a similar one by AirLift. Either way, I would add a small air tank. https://www.airliftcompany.com/products/compressor-systems/wirelessair/ Dave
  14. The fuel filters re easy IMO. I use an old detergent bucket and a short piece of hose. Not a drop spilled. Dave
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