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  1. Honestly, probably not necessary for this type of install. Just adds plumbing complexity. But they excel if the fuel is getting aerated or the pickup runs dry. Butr most of boat owners keep enough fuel on board that it's usually not too much of an issue. Dave
  2. I have been looking for a grill in good shape. Dave
  3. Russ documented his parts list. I think it’s here. Dave
  4. I have to check my notes. But it was a metric ORB to JIC IIRC. Dave
  5. I am a fan of 4 bar pressures though. Less boiling and heat related issues. Dave
  6. Nope, no vent, no float. Just a fuel vessel to allow the mechanical pump to fill for a reservoir for the electric pump. You can put a pump inside that and it will aid in cooling, but not required. Dave
  7. Could always retain a mechanical pump and use a surge tank with the high pressure pump. Depending on how it's configured, this has the secondary benefit of fuel polishing. Dave
  8. I had them cut and cc my Pontiac heads. Dave
  9. Russ and I have talked about this before. Max RPM is currently 4500 IIRC. Dave
  10. if it doesn’t make full rpm, more power is not a bad thing.
  11. Good time for some better heads and a cam. Dave
  12. I used to know where there was a pile of those things. Sadly, they went to scrap. Even an old heavy casting would allow you to whittle something down. But darabar is so easy, it's worth the price IMO. Stainless is still the best solution I would think. Dave
  13. It would be nice to find a chunk cast. We could throw it on the mill and get it done pretty quick. But for really cheap, you could use steel plate. And then there's stainless, might be a pain to machine. Just another option. And stainless is readily available. Just the end of a bar or a drop. Dave
  14. Extruded Cast iron. I would not want to run 6061 myself, but either way, it is going to be a consumable part with water flowing through it. We have risers built from stainless that are a pipe in pipe. This allows for a NOX sensor in the interior exhaust stream and water in the jacket. The sensor is down a tube like a spark plug inside a tappet cover. Works very well. Dave
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