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  1. Now who am I going to call every night on the radio in the off chance that boat is fishing? Dave
  2. Radar going on this weekend. Going to be headed to the coast soon. Dave.
  3. At least. We have some 12k and heavier ones arriving in a few days. Dave
  4. https://www.mtea-us.com/en/products/marine-429hp-1568hp/tier-3/?per_page=50&sort_by=1&displayMode=grid Dave
  5. I get to sell certified Tier 3 engines to 1700hp. All mechanical. But anything over the road is going to be T4 with after treatment. Hard to do that with mechanical. Although I do have access to a mechanical 1260hp T4 with SCR and DEF that is still an all mechanical engine with a confuser on the after treatment. So, maybe with enough money, anything is possible. Dave
  6. I just need you to post which lot numbers you are interested in so that I can run the price up. lol It is amazing how cheap you can get some of this stuff. I was looking recently at a set of cabinets to cut down and use for the base of a TIG cart. Dave
  7. what clearances are you wanting to check? Since we have adjustable valve trains, the only thing you could potentially check is the cam bore dimensions. Unless the pushrod length was grossly out of spec from an undercut grind, they can be reused. And most guys are not setup to do the checking of bores in vehicle. Dave
  8. Many diesel engines consider the cam to be sacrificial and the tappets are to be reused. Most manufacturers have a harder material for tappets, they are just designed not to wear. I would have to grab some of the overhaul manuals on our engine lines, but it’s pretty universal for our stuff. I do not have a ISB manual, so that dispute my opinions. That said, I always feel it’s best to replace them when doing a cam swap and at the very least do a thorough inspection. Cams usually fail due to improper break in. The lobes need some time to mate up to the tappets. Additional zin
  9. A cam really woke up the bottom end spool on my second gen. Have to imagine that it makes more of a difference as the model years get newer. EGT relied was a great benefit as well. Dave
  10. If you are set on compounds for whatever reason, sticking small is advised. If you are going to be at or stay under 500HP, the Old BD setup with the twin S300's is hard to beat and spools fast. Hindsight is always 20/20, but my '02 would benefit from a smaller secondary even though the smaller primary helped a TON. If I had to do iut again, I would have stuck to a box, M4s and a set of BD small compounds. My truck will be someone else's issues if I ever get it on the market. lol Dave
  11. Timely post. I just came across a bottle of PowerService that was leaking in a cabinet. Best guess, it's 10 years old. Dave
  12. IIRC, that is not compatible with the '99 an older trucks. Different MAP voltages. I would have to check my notes. Dave
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