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  1. Fishin2Deep4U

    Anybody coming from Hoss's area south?

    This one done. We can cancel the call. Dave
  2. I need to have a camper shell moved (2nd gen) south. Anybody on the road? My truck is down for a few days, so the earliest I can get out and about will be this weekend. Thanks! Dave
  3. Fishin2Deep4U

    Painting my Hull

    I am in the process of getting my ready to sell. I have to pull my locket and put the Yammy back on. And take care of some minor details. But it's going to be on the market soon. I may have to touch up the bottom paint. Dave
  4. Fishin2Deep4U

    Painting my Hull

    I dont. But we have some yards that allow for DIY work. And they have travel lifts, so that's nice too. If you have all your stuff together, it's not a long layup. Dave
  5. Fishin2Deep4U

    Painting my Hull

    I am going to have to a bottom paint job myself. With the new regulations coming, I am considering if I am going to go with a copper based product or one of the new biocides. I will also be doing barrier coat. Although this is a vinlyester gel, it"s a good preventative measure. Sure would be nice to have an indoor location to do it. I envy you there. Dave
  6. Fishin2Deep4U

    Honda eu2000i generator for sale

    Don, I think I am going to hold off. My plans are changing by the minute. If you have a buyer, jump on it. Thanks Dave
  7. Fishin2Deep4U

    Failed harmonic balancer.

    I don't know what that means. But I'll pass it along! Dave
  8. Fishin2Deep4U

    Failed harmonic balancer.

    That would be great. Dave
  9. Fishin2Deep4U

    Failed harmonic balancer.

    I would be inclined to agree. I have not cracked the manual open. Dave
  10. Fishin2Deep4U

    Failed harmonic balancer.

    It was blue, but that is their version of high strength high heat. Funny thing is I don't believe the factory uses a thread locker. Dave
  11. Fishin2Deep4U

    Failed harmonic balancer.

    Did that last time around. Dave
  12. Fishin2Deep4U

    Failed harmonic balancer.

    LOL She would. But she sounded like she was too busy purse shopping for you. Sorry, that was all her! Dave
  13. Fishin2Deep4U

    Failed harmonic balancer.

    Well, It happened again. Just a deep thudding rhythm on shutdown. Reached up into the pulley, bolt missing. Pulled the belt and you could easily rotate the balancer by hand. I have no idea why this is happening. So, I get to do the dance again of remove and replace. Considering ARP bolts this time, but I don't know that it is a holding torque issue. I suspect a vibration issue from the bottom end or torque convertor. Or perhaps the hard shifts and engine speed changes are enough. In any case, I am in repair mode. Dave
  14. Fishin2Deep4U

    Honda eu2000i generator for sale

    Is this the earlier 98.5 or the current 121cc? Thanks! Dave
  15. Fishin2Deep4U

    New hitch needed.