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  1. Fishin2Deep4U

    Mounting a new ham radio in truck

    https://www.digikey.com/products/en/cables-wires-management/heat-shrink-tubing/483?k=heat+shrink+tubing&k=&pkeyword=heat+shrink+tubing&sv=0&pv37=330893&sf=1&FV=-8|483%2C849|122694&quantity=&ColumnSort=1000003&page=1&pageSize=25 Dave
  2. Fishin2Deep4U

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    Yeah, I don't know what your trailer looks like. But if it is in a plain white wrapper, I don't think you'll get hassled in Washington state. Now if it's wrapped with xyz racing, all bets are off. Dave
  3. Fishin2Deep4U

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    Interesting. Dave
  4. Fishin2Deep4U

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    I keep hearing more stories all the time. Many first hand. I really do think it's a matter of time before all trailers, other than RVs, are scrutinized. Dave
  5. Fishin2Deep4U

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    Did he have to hit the scales for some reason? Dave
  6. Fishin2Deep4U

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    If you meet any of the weight requirements, then yes. In you case, if the trailer has a GVRW 10K or more, then yes. Dave
  7. Fishin2Deep4U

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    I actually have a DOT# for a couple of states. It was required for those permits. I do know it will not be required in my case. Dave
  8. Fishin2Deep4U

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    Yeah, for now! Dave
  9. Fishin2Deep4U

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    I completely agree with what you are saying. If the state had a clear omission for my situation, such as with RVs and horse trailers, it would have been much easier. But now that I have enough stuff to jamb in my pocket, I'm far less worried. It would suck to get halfway to the coast for a fishing trip only to be parked waiting on a CDL licensed driver. As a note, there are many pickup and flatbed guys getting caught up in the CDL issue as well. I believe they were calling them safety checks. But, the drivers would tell the cop they were going to x- rodeo or hauling for someone else. Immediately got popped for no CDL. In California, a modified bed (flatbed) is no longer considered a pickup and is subject to commercial vehicle laws. Ths is most common is on Donner Pass. The CHP is posting all the time about people skipping the scales, CDLs, ect. I'm sure with pickups having higher and higher ratings that its only a matter of time before the state sells to regulate (profit) off the motoring public. I feel good about where I am at for now. But I can see a day coming where certain weight vehicles will require a different license. JMO Dave
  10. Fishin2Deep4U

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    Okay, circling back around. The State sen me another document that more clearly defines what a commercial vehicle is. At least in print that can be used with LE. This is the same general information that has been circulated. But, the State tells me this should make it clear I do not need a CDL. However, if I accept any money or enter into any competition with the boat that may have any prize associated with it, I MUST have a CDL. I don't know how they would police that, I guess I'll have to leave the wrap off the boat that says sport fishing for hire on it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/13yHg0f7ZVXIujzcwXmkW5wzaJx6k3IB7/view?usp=sharing This is the most official document I have seen. I have also started this same process for Oregon, the only other place I am likely to tow the boat into. So, for now, I'll keep a copy of this with my permit, keep a copy of the conversation with the State DOL officer and hope for the best. I will still have to have permits, I will still have to stop at open scales and be required to have oversize load signs on. I know some disagree with this, that's fine. But unless you are going to pay for a wrongful death suit, this is the way I must go. For me. Dave
  11. Fishin2Deep4U

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    I do sleep better with mine! I do not want to give it up. I am fully rested after only a few hours of sleep. Dave
  12. Fishin2Deep4U

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    Interesting. I'll have to dig deeper into mine. I wonder if I will see something different permitting under the new truck. I am still running on my old permit. Well, until 11-1. I am due for another. Dave
  13. Fishin2Deep4U

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    I wonder if it's regional. Both my 3 day coming back from Michigan and my monthly permits say 12'. Dave
  14. Fishin2Deep4U

    Do you need a DOT# or CDL?

    I have sleep apnea. Sort of. I really do not need my machine any longer as with the diet change, I lost some weight and the snoring is about half of what it used to be. My last sleep study I had to demand a machine. They were not going to give it to me as I was below borderline. But Louise likes her sleep and it stops the snoring totally. I was unaware that had to be claimed. I did know abut the diabetes thing. Since mine is completely diet controlled, that's a non-issue as well. I understand that if you require insulin injections they a=will not issue a CDL. Dave