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  1. Everything I have read is that the tuning takes care of the throttle issue. I don't know first hand. But most that get a tune end up selling them? Oh, and there is no trans tuning for the Aisin transmission, only the 68RFE. Dave
  2. The general consensus I read is that CTT is the preferred source of intact tuning. I have not researched it to see if they used emissions equipment to perform that tuning. But all roads point back to them. Dave
  3. Yeah, you would think it would be burning some oil if it had a bad ring. It'll be interesting to see what you find out. The good news I finally got eh Pontiac manifold milled and installed. I am getting reedy to get the MS hooked up and a test fire myself. Hopefully, no fuel leaks. LOL Dave
  4. That sure seems like an excessive amount of crankcase pressure to do all that. Since the heads have been done, have you done a leak down? Almost sounds like a broken ring. Dave
  5. If you do not come up with a spring option, I heard of guys cutting down a spring and using a spacer. Basically, reducing the amount of effective sprung stroke. I do not like that idea and think you would be better off finding the right spring or going bypass. Dave
  6. LOL tell me that’s not the pump. Sounds like a starter sticking. Dave
  7. Thank you sir. I'll make a trip up unless someone is coming south. Dave
  8. Looking forward to seeing how it runs! Dave
  9. Honestly, probably not necessary for this type of install. Just adds plumbing complexity. But they excel if the fuel is getting aerated or the pickup runs dry. Butr most of boat owners keep enough fuel on board that it's usually not too much of an issue. Dave
  10. I have been looking for a grill in good shape. Dave
  11. Russ documented his parts list. I think it’s here. Dave
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