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  1. Fishin2Deep4U

    OXE 150 at Miami Boat Show

  2. Fishin2Deep4U

    4th gen tow mirrors with light on a 3rd gen

    You have links to the parts you used? May be useful at a future date as the 4th gens age. Dave
  3. Fishin2Deep4U

    OXE 300 debut

    Looks like they are ready to release it. Bet it's gonna be a few bucks. OXE 300 world premiere at Genoa Boat Show on September 20-24 Dave
  4. Fishin2Deep4U

    4th gen tow mirrors with light on a 3rd gen

    Good find. I would be good with that one for sure. I may have to give it a go. Dave
  5. Fishin2Deep4U

    Fishing 2019

  6. Fishin2Deep4U

    4th gen tow mirrors with light on a 3rd gen

    The only change I would make is to make the light flash on and off even with the marker lights on. I think the blinker function gets lost with the background light. But you are right, the kit makes it easy. Dave
  7. Fishin2Deep4U

    Out with the old in with the new

    I really like them! The other thing I love is the spare tire with a complete hub/bearing assembly. If for some reason a bearing does go bad it's just one but to remove and the entire hub comes off and the new assembly goes on and down the road I go! These are the only torsion axles that have removable hubs that can be changed out on the road. That is a benefit of the torsion axles. The ability to swap a spindle roadside. But I think as long as you follow the greasing schedule, it will be peace of mind and nothing more. I don't think you'll ever need it. That said, if I could do the same with straight axles, I would also carry a spare. Speaking of spares, I need to get or make 2 spare tire carriers. Dave
  8. Fishin2Deep4U

    Out with the old in with the new

    You'll like those spindles. I have used them on all my trailers for years. I keep a grease gun in the truck. Usually 2 pumps is all that's required at the end of the day. Rotate while filling. I use a roll up trailer tire changer that picks ups the axle. Two allows one side to be done at a time. My jet sled had 10's of thousands of miles and perfect bearings using this system. With the hub completely full of grease, it can't suck air to any appreciable amount as the bearing buddys do. I am a fan to say the least. Dave
  9. Fishin2Deep4U

    4th gen tow mirrors with light on a 3rd gen

    Cool mod. I was thinking about grabbing a couple or resistors and doing the mirror turn signal/ running light mod to my truck. Dave
  10. Fishin2Deep4U

    Fishing 2019

    Take a win wherever it comes. Tell him I'll stop by and jamb some feminine products up his tailpipe to help improve his trucks braking performance. Dave
  11. Fishin2Deep4U

    Fishing 2019

    Did Ron gain any respect for the new half ton? Dave
  12. Fishin2Deep4U

    First oil change on 2018

    I agree, hard to beat. Dave
  13. Fishin2Deep4U

    Mounting a new ham radio in truck

    I have a holesaw. We can make a spot. Dave
  14. Heard some people bashing them online lately. Could always do a real Bi-xenon projector retrofit. Dave
  15. Fishin2Deep4U

    First oil change on 2018

    I believe the major brands of oil have very good quality synthetics. I don't know you could go wrong with either. Pick a brand and you are good to go. Dave