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  1. Only issue is if you want to regulate fuel pressure. base pressure will be 40ish. You can use a passive bleed or use a lighter spring in the pump (I do not have a source for that) or some type of pressure regulator with a bypass. Mine is still run full bore. But a spring swap would make sense. Actually thought of machining a new cap and be able to adjust pressure with shims. Dave
  2. You have a retrofitted in in tank pump? If you do, I actually prefer the DrawStraw 5. Easier connection in the module by using a fitting that replaces the pump. So, draws fuel from that location. But is only compatible with the in tank option. Dave
  3. Missed that. Wrong direction for sure. Dave
  4. Where is it located at? I might be able to roll over to lend a hand. Only thing I am doing is putting the boat in. Dave
  5. If there are no takers, let me know. I want to build an aluminum front mounted boarding ladder and plank. So I could use parts of this. But to be clear, I would be cutting it up. If someone can use it, that is how it should go out. Dave
  6. 40psi for me. That's with a clipped spring. LOL Dave
  7. If he's truly not going to add power, you have lots of options as said. Personally, I would not touch the fuel pump until it an issue. A way to monitor pressure would be my first mod. Many of us ran around with relocated stock pumps on the frame rail near the tank with big fuel lines. Perfect time to add a DrawStraw to deal with any potential restrictions. Ben's suggestion is a good one. Even without tapping the wire, you can have up to 65HP. And the ability to have some gauges all in one. EGT, fuel pressure, trans temp ect. But with any power upgrade, some type of trans upgrade should be used. With a trans in good shape, the old TC and VB worked for many of us for years. But I would avoid adding power until.he determines he had to have it. Do the KDP and fuel pressure monitoring. After that, it starts to get expensive real quick. JMO Dave
  8. Came across this today. Looks like Torklift is getting into the front hitch game. https://www.truckcampermagazine.com/news/torklift-international-announces-north-hitch/ Dave
  9. Dontheybfit all models of trucks? Thinking about a camper down the road. Dace
  10. As long as it ain't me! I would attempt it if I had a place to spray it. Might be a good job for Maaco. Dave
  11. I'm looking into having the roof and hood re-shot. They aren't horrible, but I think it will seriously affect overall value. Or, just list it a little high, take the hit in the sale. Dave
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