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  1. Merry Christmas to all,I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. All the best for the New Year, let's all stay happy and healthy. Cheers. Smiles always
  2. Thanks for all of the info, appreciate it. We probably won't be deciding fir sure for a little while, but at least we can go into it with some knowledge. Thanks.
  3. So we are maybe looking into getting a VW diesel maybe a golf wagon or passer,2010 to 2015. Are there any things I should be looking for asking questions about, listening for when driving.? Thank you for any info you can give us would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Yes I agree,the bumper was on the truck,I do like the sport bumpers,like I said though if I could find me a black sport bumper or adrenaline bumper that someone might want to trade you just never know,or this might grow on me you never know. Might even think about making it black and then it wouldn't stand out as much. Always options just got to figure out which one. Yeah right.🤯😱 Thanks for the comments they are always appreciated.
  5. The bumper was on it when I bought it,it's not to bad.with the truck being black you can't see the gap,if I could fine me a nice aftermarket bumper I might be inclined to change it,but I also might fill the hole in the bumper with a light bar as to draw the attention away from the gap. Gotta get the lights in the bumper working,but to frickin cold up here now so that will have to wait tell spring. Thanks.
  6. 98 12v quadcab 5spd 2wd,got it from a buddy for a steal,plus a truck load of extra parts and performance parts.
  7. So I have the option to buy a 98 quad cab sb 12v 2wd 5spd. But to do that I would need to sell my truck first. Only issue is I don't/won't be able to list it as I won't be able to show it to people as I will be going in for cancer surgery July 11th and be laid up for awhile. If anybody knows of any body looking for for a clean stock 95 2wd clubcab auto that spent all of it's winters in Arizona. Let me know.
  8. Well,I took it to a tranny shop here and they took it for a drive,with me in it. The tranny guy said that it shifts at the required points and shifts smooth,kicks down. He did check the fluid when we got back to the shop and said that the level was good,fluid didn't smell burnt,but should be changed,he said flushed. Which was reason for question about flushing. Eventually would either put a stick in or build tranny for towing. But right now just need it to last as we justed moved,so alittle tight for awhile. Plus before we left New Brunswick i was diagnosed with cancer,so hopefully start treatment soon as we don't move into our new house until June 21st,so we are living in our travel trailer until then. Thanks for all the info.
  9. Thanks for the reply's Now,question is is a tranny flush really neccessary? I have heard that they can actually make tranny worse by pushing crap into areas or by pushing crap out of areas that might have been better off staying in there.
  10. My new to me truck is 95 dodge 2500 2wd club cab auto. All of my other trucks were sticks and never had any issues with 5th gear but.2 off them had NV4500,one 5600 and two getrags. So if I did a stick conversion I would have to change ecm too? Thanks
  11. Ok so question is do I put money into my 47rh tranny to upgrade for towing or to I spend money and time to put in an NV4500? Just moved from New Brunswick to Saskatchewan and total weight truck and tt was approx 16000lbs. Hills were not my friend 4% grade would knock me down to 60kph and driving through a head wind was no fun either had to try and stay at 120kph just to maintain forward movement. I have always had sticks but I couldn't pass on this truck fir price and shape,it spend the most part of its life in Arizona. So is in great shape. Any ideas on cost of upgrading a 47rh for towing, trailer is 33' and weighs 6000lbs dry. Thanks for any info. I am glad to be back in the west part of the country again and hopefully start being able to make it to some parties again.
  12. So i did some testing and read alot of info on some forums and tried one of the suggestions and i put a capacitor on the wires on the tps although when i tested the tps it showed that it was working fine.But adding the capacitor made the tranny work properly no going in and out of lock up.
  13. Thanks GTroyer will do that. So the tranny keeps going in and out of od between 55-70mph,checked tps,did the resistor on the tranny temp sensor,disconnected alternator and took for drive still in and out of od(that was from a tranny shop suggestion),still need to check brake pedal switch and ac voltage at alternator. Now i really know why i don't like autos,but couldn't pass on a rust free truck especially out here.Would like to do nv4500 swap but need money to do that and out here hard to fine that tranny and hard to justify the cost to get one shipped up here. So need to atleast get this one working properly and then maybe in future do swap. Miss be able to go to bomb parties. Thanks for any info
  14. Well i did it,found me a 95 club cab 2wd,234000kms rust free, originally from british columbia .Had to drive 5hrs one way to go get it.But the truck is mint body wise. Brand new tires with brand new winters on rims,5th wheel rails,fiberglass running boards, news brakes all around,unmolested truck. Only issue is it is an auto,while driving it home i noticed the tach fluctuate about 200 rpms and i could feel it in the truck kinda like it was shifting. Could this be a sign the torque converter is going or the tps needs work,etc. Also noticed coolant temp seems a little high for my liking,running above the 90 celcius line and close to the last white line on the gauge,temp outside was around 30 celcius. Thanks for any info.
  15. Fuzzy Bear,sounds like an idea. Just let me know when your in the area. Lee
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