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  1. I bought a 2003 ford f250 6.0l with 152k miles on it. I pulled the transmission pan and found the attached scribing on the transmission, it is on the back part. Any idea if it's factory or anyone recognize it?
  2. ish


    Thank you!!, Good to know - I bought the truck
  3. I am looking for just the screen for a Banks system. Bought a theft recovery truck and they stole the screen, but left everything else. Just looking to buy the screen, guessing 2013 era... or older. I don't think it matters what truck it's for... but it is a 2003 ford 6.0l See pic of what I am guessing it looks like.
  4. ish


    Anyone have a hookup or buy one - need to run a vin number??
  5. http://www.fourwheeler.com/how-to/129-1107-massive-multi-winch-shootout/ I went with the Engo based on this. It seems to be pretty good, but not much use....
  6. I just hit 4002 miles and my DEF light came on. Filled it up with exactly 5 gallons of fluid - I didn't realize it looked like water. The gauge was a little under a quarter.
  7. Just received the notice about "welding the nut"
  8. I noticed the same thing, it must be to reach the two ratings they advertise
  9. Nice to meet ya, thanks for the hookup!!
  10. How many gallons of DEF does it hold?
  11. I have the same truck as you and have 750 miles on it so far and I am just a tick below full. I haven't filled it yet.
  12. I'll take it for my kids truck.
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