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  1. How much of a hurry are you in to have the stuff picked up? I was trying to wait till I had to make a trip that way or I can just make the trip - either way.
  2. I am just across the freeway from you, either way
  3. I would like the front receiver hitch. I work all over skagit county and can swing by anytime - once I knwo where exactly you are at...
  4. It falls under the pretense of not holding someone hostage. You can't sell them something without access and then ask for more money to actually enjoy the use. It is just unfortunate that the next person that buys the original piece ends up with an easement across them. The only recourse is to go after the original owner who is usually long gone.
  5. When property is land locked, you can usually supply a chain of title that shows who failed to give access to the courts and they will give you an easement to your piece across the parcel that should have given it when it was cut off/subdivided. It usually makes for a mad neighbor to say the least.
  6. 2018 dodge 2500, no towing I get about 4500 miles on 5 gallons of def
  7. I have one of those mats I could through in on top of it. His bed is so bad that it holds a good amount of water and when he takes off it is a big whoosh!!
  8. His bed is so beat up and rolly polly that I don't want to put much into it, just make it thick
  9. My sons 2003 f250 short bed needs a bedliner. We were going to wire brush the inside, then pressure wash it, then not sure and what kind of roll on liner we should get - Ideas or experiences??
  10. Good question, following along as I have an 03 jetta with 238K on all orignal everything. Had the car since 37k miles.
  11. Took the family to Disneyland in our 03 6.0l Ford excusrion and took it 0 miles left to empty and put 50.18 gallons in a 44 gallon tank(harpoon mod done). I wanted to break 1,000 miles on a fillup - wife was not happy with me, but I never get to drive non-stop on a freeway.
  12. I have tried to attach a video of the scan gauge while cranking, not sure if it worked. ICP reads 1300psi, IPR jumps to 68% then down to 44 %while cranking, FICM is 47 V. I have replaced the HPOP. I have also replaced with ford oem IPR, ICP, j-tube, standpipes. I still get a hot no start. I have attached a video of the scan gauge reading??? I currently have the truck tore apart again and I am looking a the HPOP. I have watched almost every DIESELTECHRON video there is!! and also no codes IMG_8548.MOV
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