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  1. A trailer has been found!!! Daughter is on her next whirl wind adventure!!
  2. she will have full sewer water and power hookups. Probably do a 120 gallon standing tank.
  3. She graduated college and is trying to pay off her school loans, but at the same time have her independence like being at school. I have full hookups next to my shop and just built a lean-to off the side so the trailer can be covered (and also covers my stuff). The trailer doesn't really need slide outs or anything fancy. As it will be outside and lived in how do you keep things from freezing? Does it need to be a 4 season or can you make a three season work? Budget around $3k, no mold though. I respect that she wants to pay her loans off and also have her space so I am trying to help her out.
  4. Stumps are not joke!! They take alot of work!
  5. I have sold to out of state and I have bought out of state. I fly to buy and they fly to buy. Never shipped a vehicle... I do the wire transfer at the bank since it is instant before 1 pm pacific time.
  6. So true, it has been great for my boys to see frustration and the reward of it being fixed! But this is my skill level
  7. Just went out to start it and if fired right off. I am guessing after replacing all the lines and then letting it run it still had some air in the lines and so the second restart it still stumbled until I pumped the primer. Now 3 hours later it fired right off, so will try tomorrow and make sure it still fires right. We shall see!!!!
  8. Okay still have the same problem, things done to this point: 1: new fuel filter 2: dropped tank and cleaned out 3: Larry B Overflow valve installed 4: Larry B new fuel lines to and from tank installed 5: Fuel Shut off solenoid moving fully 6: Cleaned and removed fuel heater screen 7: New lift pump installed After truck sits for about 15 minutes it will just crank with a no start. If i use the primer about 40 times then it will fire. Any ideas?
  9. Ordered an overflow valve like marksmith said to try. Then i will try replacing the lines. I rebled the system and it stumbled to fire, it will run and restart right away, but if it sets for more than 5-10 minutes it is hard to restart, unless you pump the primer 40 times, then it will restart.
  10. NOPE!!! Went back out to start and it just cranked, if it sits more than 5 minutes without starting you have to hit the primer 40ish times and then it will start to fire and then take off and run with a lope. Any ideas
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