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  1. livingez_123

    Beetles last day....

    With me. It's moving on to it's new owner today. This guy bought it for his grandson to get to collage and back...what a nice grandpa! I can say that I will really miss it but Beetles are like butt holes...there will always be another one right around the corner if I so choose. I have an ALH sitting in a corner just waiting to be used. I have it set up on a stand alone ECM so the options are almost limitless.
  2. livingez_123

    Low voltage on the gauge

    AutoZone with a lifetime warranty...you will be replacing it again
  3. livingez_123

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    I could have used that on my old diesel Rabbit, it a great idea. How about using an explosive bolt? Go out with a bang?
  4. livingez_123

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Looks nice Ben! If your day job gets tiring you can always go to work for WDOT and be the guy that removes the reflectors between the lanes! Make a scraper for your oil pan and just air down and drive on!
  5. livingez_123

    Silverwood trip

    Enjoy your trip! What tire pressure are you running on the truck? Maybe it could just be something simple like sidewall flex?
  6. livingez_123

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Chain looks bad ass!
  7. livingez_123

    Cleaning Garage

    The transfer case pump kit is well worth the money. A very smart investment if you have your tc apart.
  8. Very nice setup Dave! I'm sure it will bring you many miles of smiles and the most important peace of mind! Makes me miss my Volvo even more.
  9. livingez_123

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Didn't I ask you this?
  10. livingez_123

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    I thought it was a legitimate question! Armchair quarterback? Seriously? So what your hoping to gain is similar to the panovac system these use on drag cars? I have never criticized Ben's work on his rat. So much more to say....but what's the use. Sorry if I upset the apple cart.
  11. livingez_123

    Trying a couple new cleaning products

    People say alot of trash about Zep products, but they use to have an awesome window cleaner that smelled like cherry's. I still use some of there stuff to this day.
  12. livingez_123

    Places to pull over on I 5 to sleep.

    It always seems it's a few bad apples that ruin it for the rest of us. I have read a few articles about the new electronic logs and how it's making people park sooner to beat the rest of the crowd...I'm not sure that's something I want to get tangled up in again.
  13. livingez_123

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Hopefully there isn't much blowby or you might be wearing it down the side of the rat! Seriously, do you think it might drip enough to drip oil out of your exhaust pipe? I know my 12v liked to mark it's territory. I know you have already thought about this....
  14. livingez_123

    Places to pull over on I 5 to sleep.

    With the new electronic logs when your out of hours...your out of hours. It comes down to finding a place that isn't full.
  15. livingez_123

    85 Chev 1500 4X4

    The LQ4 will bolt in with the right mounts. How about a good 350 and save a bunch of money? Or find a 400sbc and put some heads on it. Maybe a 454? Since your thinking of flipping it I would just put a new or good used short block in it.