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  1. The gray silicone works great in place of the rubber or cork end seals. I learned to never use them when I was 17. A wise old man told me to throw them away and use silicone. I listened to him, he had a real bad azz 57 Chevy pickup with a whicked small block in it. I learned a lot from him, saved me from making rookie mistakes. I'm glad you got it running good, now fix that oil leak and put some hrs on it!
  2. These are popular on retrofits but very spendy.
  3. Using the mechanical pump to feed the high pressure pump is a good idea if you do have fuel issues. Walbro is a better choice than the 044.
  4. I know Holley goes over this, but make sure you put the fuel pump as close to the tank as possible. Electric pumps love to push, but not so much on the suction side. I'm sure your going to enjoy your boat a lot more with the efi on it.
  5. Will you be running one or two O2 sensors?
  6. Is there enough wiggle room in the exhaust system for the extra riser height?
  7. I like the Terminator X system. I did a LS swap in a friend's 67 Camaro and the install was fairly easy and getting it up and running was a breeze. Then it went off to a local tuner and dialed it in on a Dyno. The Sniper will tune itself and the setup is super easy so it might be the easiest way to go in a boat. Can you get a riser with an O2 hung already on it?
  8. If you have AAA just have them tow it home.
  9. That also makes you a big Ass, but that's ok I'm glad Kelly will get some use out of it.
  10. I don't think it would make it past my prostate!
  11. 2" is too small for my son's project so you can give it to Kelly but since you already did I'm glad it wasn't the right size.
  12. What diameter tubing is it Shawn?
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