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  1. I forget about the air ride compressor, mine did go out but I got ride of all the electronic shocks and went with normal shocks. I put a air compressor under the hood and ran air bags on the rear for a while when I was moving my RV around. My final setup was 2" lowering springs and Air shocks with an in cab controller and gauge on the pillar.
  2. My 01 Denali had the 6.0 and the AWD transfer case. I had it for 12 years and put over 100k miles on it. I replaced the front wheel bearings twice, all of the front suspension wear items, and 2 Ujoints. I think the trans and the rear diff will end up being an issue down the road. The ABS module on the driver's side frame rails tends to fail because of bad solder joints, it is an easy fix. Besides normal wear items you should see another 50-75k miles before the engine gets tired and the lifters eat themselves.
  3. On a positive note, the O2J does come apart fairly easy. You will need to heat up the OD gear and use a puller to get the gear off the output shaft. Other than that it's a pretty simple trans.
  4. Well, the spider gears are weak, the bolt that holds the cross shaft in place will break and the cross shaft will take out the case. Also reverse gear itself likes to shead teeth. And last but not least, the output shaft can push itself through/crack the case and dump oil. It's a weak spot on the 02J.
  5. With my wheels, the lug bore hole is so small I had to get special "tuner" lug bolts with a Allen driver, no room for a socket with stock lugs or studs and nuts.
  6. This was my last Beetles twin, right down to the same wheels.
  7. Someday when I don't live in my trailer I will have to remember to do all of this again.
  8. Your absolutely right Gary, with proper documentation of the repair it shouldn't be that big of deal. Unfortunately we live in a time of some very dishonest repair people. I really don't have a problem with a rebuilt title if I can verify its repair.
  9. Keep an eye on your oil consumption, the one I have been working on seems to think it's a big block Chevy, about 1qt in 1500 miles. It doesn't leak and you can't see it burning it. Changed the plugs when I did the timing chains and there wasn't any sign of oil usage on them.
  10. It's amazing what a good frame puller can do with all of the fancy attachments. It's almost like watching magic!
  11. I think the stock market is like building a transmission with bad parts sooner or later it's going to bite you.
  12. Don't go out of your way, but if you see something in your travels.
  13. Ok guys, I'm on the prowl for a certain car for a project. I'm looking for a 1994-1996 Pontiac Grand Prix GT or GTP 2dr. I might also consider a 97up GTP but it would need to be straight and clean. I'm not worried about the engine or trans being useable because it will all be gone anyhow. Willing to travel a reasonable distance for the right car.
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