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  1. I had multiple hitches too, but with a 2wd sitting lower there was no way I could have gotten some of them level.
  2. livingez_123

    Aug 18th roll call

    Why so serious? I was just joking around.
  3. livingez_123

    Aug 18th roll call

    Your all safe! I won't be attending....I know...I know... here's a tissue for you! In all of these years I have never been to one, maybe someday.
  4. livingez_123

    Look what followed me home....

    I have been picking up some new parts for the Beetle, all new crankcase breather hoses, a bunch of vacuum hoses, downstream O2 sensor, and a few other cosmetic items. I have 2 other cars a head of it so I'm in parts collection mode with it. I also picked up a real nice 2002 Buick Regal LS and it's loaded with all the bells and whistles. I'm finishing up putting a newer low mileage engine in it and it runs so nice and smooth. It has brand new tires on it and they still have the nubs on them. So as soon as that is done and sold I will put a newer low mileage engine in the Firebird and get it sold and then it will be the Beetles turn to get cleaned fixed up and hopefully by then I will have a direction to go in for my next daily driver.
  5. livingez_123

    Our new grocery getter

    Very reliable cars, your wife will get many miles of driving enjoyment.
  6. livingez_123

    Finally Bought a Diesel

    👍 Enjoy your new toy!
  7. Sometimes when your a transporter you have to pickup a special order unit that's maybe had it's axles flipped or some other factor that makes it impossible to get it level so you do your best and continue on. As a professional driver you know that you just don't jump into your truck and hammer down because that's when poop happens. I would always ease up to freeway speed getting a feel for how the trailer pulled. I had a couple from Northwood that I didn't even make it to the freeway before I turned around and went back to the factory. When you get a private haul, all bets are off and I always have the choice to refuse a load and I did...many times.
  8. livingez_123

    Valve adjustment.....

    I did the 98 today and set them at .008 and .018. It's much happier now, they were way out of adjustment! All of the intakes were between .014 -.018 And the exhausts we're between .028 - .030
  9. livingez_123

    Seattle city loud exhaust fines

    So what happens when you have a brand new car that has the OEM exhaust and the popo think it's too loud and you get a ticket? It sounds like it's totally subjective and up to each individual officer. So does this mean every city cop will have a decibel meter? I see fail written all over this.
  10. livingez_123

    Valve adjustment.....

    Thanks Mark!
  11. I have always done them cold, .010 on the intake and .020 on the exhaust. Have you guys tried running anything but the Cummins recommend settings. I have a 98.5 and a 04.5 to do this week.
  12. livingez_123

    Look what followed me home....

    What they don't know won't hurt them? I don't know yet, I might keep it and drive it for a while or it will go down the road after I get a new engine in my Firebird. I have a Buick I need to finish first but with only a couple of hours a day to work on it will get done when it gets done. I should have it running tomorrow.
  13. livingez_123

    Thinking about a new(er) truck

    I'm confused too! But the one pictured above looks much newer.
  14. livingez_123

    Look what followed me home....

    The guy was moving to NY the next day and he needed cash and I was lucky enough to be number one in line. It needs a few things, like a coil pack, brake light switch, O2 sensor, rear brakes and some cosmetic TLC. The interior is real nice, monsoon sound system, heated leather.....
  15. I just don't understand why these things keep happening to me. I think it could be the German in my genes! 2001 VW Beetle, 1.8 turbo, 5spd, 157k, leather, heated seats, blah blah blah. I only gave $200 for it!