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  1. Don't blow through the heater core with air!!! You will certainly be replacing it if you do, they are very weak and prob to leaking and plugging up. They are also not very fun to change, I've done 3 and have it down to under 5hrs. I have seen brand new water pumps with a loose impeller, plastic ones are the worse. I know you just did the head on it, what brand of gasket did you use? Also they don't like being overheated, it will take the HG out in a hurry. A vacuum radiator filling tool is a must on VW's Are you getting any coolant flow across the radiator? Disconnect the small bypass hose from the reservoir and see if you have a steady stream of coolant flowing, if not check to see if the fitting on the head isn't blocked.
  2. Bad water pump? Plastic impeller coming loose?
  3. That info would have been nice.
  4. A few names stand out, Flowmaster had to pay a $270k fine and others were under 5k. The big one, Performance Diesel Inc, $1.1 million!
  5. Your guys info backs up the research I have been doing. I'm going to pass on the truck. It was a 08 Dodge 1500 quad cab short box. That's ok, I have something else on my radar...09 VW Tiguan SEL with 125k on it, it needs an engine and I just happen to have one!
  6. Big thing with the DSG is to change the fluid and filter every 40k. The motronics don't like dirty oil!
  7. What Skyking said, check for power when the key is on, lift pump could be on its way out. Is that pump in the tank?
  8. Most shop won't rebuild the VW autos, just buy a new one, I have seen them in the $1,500-$1,900 range brand new.
  9. Pre DSG are junk, I won't even buy a VW with a slush box. Now the DSG is a decent gearbox. I have know knowledge on the latest autos but they can only be better then the MK IV and MK V units.
  10. Ok guys, I have come across an engine I know very little about. It's a 08 Dodge 4.7L V8. It has single overhead cams is all I know. So if any of you have known or have someone who has had one of these engines are they worth a crap? Any known issues? I need to make a decision about a future project and I don't want to dive in without any knowledge.
  11. Absolutely, I get some killer deals on marketplace.
  12. My Denali is in that picture on the Facebook page!
  13. Your foot is on the brake when you try to shift it out of park?
  14. Is it a reputable VW shop with the Proper vcds software? Also does it start for 2 seconds and then quit? If it was the immobilizer you would see a key symbol in the cluster. Also the 109 relay is in the engine compartment on the firewall in the master cylinder area.
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