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  1. livingez_123

    Tech II

    Anyone in the Portland area have a Tech II scanner with GM software? I need to have a car scanned and the security system reset and a door module function tested. Got some Gremlins that need chasing. 06 Cadillac CTS.
  2. livingez_123

    Electric Turbo Boost, no lag, garrett

    Formula 1 has been using electric assisted turbos for the last 5 years.
  3. livingez_123

    RIV-NUT, NUT-SERT, 3/8-16 thread

    I know I have 8,10,¼" and 5/16", not sure about ⅜" I can check tomorrow. if all else fails you can use a ⅜" bolt, nut and washer..
  4. livingez_123

    Work truck ABS issue

    It's a fairly common problem with the GM ABS.
  5. livingez_123

    Dim reverse lights on the '13 Beetle

    I think these under the rear cover/bumper would be worth a try
  6. livingez_123

    Dim reverse lights on the '13 Beetle

    Just be sure to check the depth of the light housing, some LED bulbs are longer and don't fit.
  7. livingez_123

    Serious- Wanted - Greyhound Bus - , you read right

    Needs a bedroom slide out!
  8. livingez_123

    Dim reverse lights on the '13 Beetle

  9. livingez_123

    Dim reverse lights on the '13 Beetle

    Yup the Beetle does lack in the back up lights for sure. They have plug in module that goes between the LED and the vehicle plug, it fixes the can bus issue. I had to run them on the fog lights on my EOS or else it thought they were burned out. My back up lights on my EOS are just has bad.
  10. livingez_123

    Work truck ABS issue

    Yes it does, but once it's apart it really easy. If I remember correctly, you just have to take controller off the pump and the rest stays on the truck, no bleeding of the system is needed. I found several videos on YouTube about how to fix it but it has been at least 6-7 years since I did it.
  11. livingez_123

    Daytona Beach Turkey Run 2019

    Twin tire rims, they use to be a thing in the late 90's, they used motor cycle tires.
  12. livingez_123

    Work truck ABS issue

    My Denali had a ABS issue and it was the circuit board on the abs pump. I guess it's a common problem. I re-soldered 4 pins on the board and no more issues. Might be something to look in to.
  13. livingez_123

    Nonfunctional hatch latch, fixed

    Not fun to get to for us bigger guys, had to do it once.
  14. Kids around where I live Love those things.