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  1. That also makes you a big Ass, but that's ok I'm glad Kelly will get some use out of it.
  2. I don't think it would make it past my prostate!
  3. 2" is too small for my son's project so you can give it to Kelly but since you already did I'm glad it wasn't the right size.
  4. What diameter tubing is it Shawn?
  5. You know what they say about slip and fall accidents.
  6. It really depends on the truck. My 2wd that was loaded more often than not didn't have enough angle on the joints. In a 4x4 they use blocks to get the extra 2" out of the rear axle. In the end you can end up with not enough angle on the front joint, about the right angle on the center joint and not enough on the rear. The rear axle wrap only happens when your loaded or under hard acceleration, the rest of time it's just sitting there looking stupid until you lay into it again or......if you shorten the center support your putting more angle on the center joint and almost eliminating the angle on the first joint. You can use a magnetic angle gauge to find all of you angles but you need to do it with it's normal load and unloaded. Anything less than 1deg is going to eat joints. I try to shoot for 1 to 3deg you can run up to 6deg but it will start to kill the milage you get out of them. After I dialed in my angles the current joints have over 250k miles on them and I highly doubt they will need to be replaced any time soon.
  7. 3rd Gen's had incorrect driveline angles on many of the trucks. It caused rapid Ujoint failure. Dealer had shims available for the center support bearing to correct it. I had to shorten my center support bracket ¾" to get my angles right. Never had a Ujoint failure after that.
  8. I sure my new ones, much better than the recalled ones.
  9. I can't go on the ocean in anything less than 50ft in length. I've even had to give up roller coasters 😞 but I'm fine on lakes and rivers.
  10. My whole trailer is protected. I run this one... Progressive Industries EMSHW30C, 30amp lead goes into the unit and then into the trailer. I also have my electronics connected to an APU so it smooths out any spikes that might get by the primary. My neighbor runs a big Huges Autoformer. I wouldn't live in a park without one.
  11. That's one heck of a drive. I drove from Orlando to Portland by myself and left Orlando around 3pm Friday and got home Sunday afternoon...I even slept in 2 hotels. Very long days, but in a Z06 it was enjoyable. I wouldn't even think about doing it again without a co- driver. My son and I are going to Meridian Idaho tomorrow, I hope he will do most of the driving.
  12. Power Stop is what I use 90% of the time. Never an issue and always fit. The pads work real nice too!
  13. I just tossed out a pair of MKIV steering knuckles. I always kept a pair around when I was doing a lot of the MKIV VW's I would just install new bearing AND hubs and just swap them out with the bad customer units. I made tooling many years ago for pressing them apart and back together. Always use a new nut and torque them by the book. Step #1...Tighten to 221ft lbs Step #2...loosen one turn Step #3...Tighten to 37ft lbs Step#4... Tighten an additional 30deg I'd you don't tighten in the proper steps you will significantly shorten the bearings life.
  14. The 98 2500 I work from time to time gets reman calipers and rotors tomorrow. I did them last in 2014 and one of them is sticking already. So 6 years isn't so bad for a reman.
  15. Craftsman tools has a new plant back east bringing tool production back to the US and hopefully better quality... I did get replacement Jack stands the other day from HF.
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