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  1. I'm here daily just don't post much. I feel I'm in good hands with my surgeon so all should go well.
  2. I'd be a maybe depending on timing.I have surgery scheduled late February but should be good any time late March forward.
  3. Are you having cold start issues like smoking and rough idle till warm? If so buy some Rev-X and try that, it will help drastically and bring back the life of your injectors unless they are already dead. As far as individual replacement, it's just too expensive to replace a whole set when one or two are bad and is not necessary.
  4. Thanks, everyone. I was calling it venting, for the fact I feel horrible for not completing her story almost like letting her down. As far as a great memory that will last a life time I couldn't agree more, my daughter only has a couple years left at home and getting to spend one on one time together has been priceless even the small things like our "ghetto coco".
  5. So this year my daughter really wanted to archery hunt, she decided this late in the game but I said why not, After purchasing a bow and finding out she could only pull 15lbs (40 min for hunting) I told her the bad news with just two months till hunting season... she didn't waiver and got to work. With 2weeks to hunting season she got herself to 40lbs and could shoot well. On to hunting, This season she has proved to me beyond a doubt her dedication to hunting by how much time and energy she has putting in to this sport. She has twisted thigh bones that causes problems with her knees and thig
  6. Hate to hijack... but how well does the SPOT work? My wife wants me to get one since I hunt alone a lot and usually when I have company hunting it's my daughter of which she would be little to no help to me except making sure I wouldn't die alone.
  7. Best advice I can give is from what I see Is remember you can use all the spots on that target. You will find arrows and fixing them become expensive when you start whacking each other. I usually shoot no more than two at each target to keep from ruining arrow parts. If your looking to get into hunting I would recommend one of the walk through courses where distance and angles varies as you will never have a perfect shot at an animal in the woods. Also practice holding your arrow for longer periods as an animal that
  8. I think I seen a Canadian # on my phone I remember mentioning it to Mack. You plan on swinging by or need a place to stay?
  9. I own 20 acres in Okanogan County, we took a trip up there in the spring and it was loaded with deer. Woke up every morning with a herd of 24 which was cool. Took one trip on our last Friday after dinner over to the DNR land that is 10 minutes away actually looking for deer and in under 2hrs spotted over 60 deer. Not sure if the herds moved up to escape fires or what but the place was crawling with deer. If my daughter didn't have school I'd be hunting over there, maybe when she graduates I can take her on a trip for hunting.
  10. Yup it's raining here. Maybe next weekend will be better. So far the weather is looking descent for next Saturday. I got your number now and will call you later next week if things are still looking descent still.
  11. weather is looking descent for tomorrow. between 10 - 11 work for you? i'd call but lost your # with my old phone
  12. Have you checked for leaks? Cracked boots or leaky pipes in the bellows (would smell smoke in cab with bellows leak). Just never know with things getting moved during the rebuild
  13. Hello Dave Dan if you would like to get together Saturday I have an SCT that has 3 SCT "canned" tunes you could try and see if that changes your boost. It also has a boost gauge which you could check against your boost gauge.
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