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  1. Yes indeed! The prerequisite to the high idle fooler is to either have a Smarty tune, or to have the ECM re-flashed for 3 cylinder high idle. This setup simply allows you to gain manual control over the high idle functions. That way you don't have to wait for the perfect cold conditions to automatically start high idle, you can choose between 6 cylinder or 3 cylinder mode, or you can make the engine high idle indefinitely. Only the high idle fooler switches allow you to do this...
  2. Though I'd share some of my installation pictures of Mopar1973Man's High Idle Fooler. It should be noted that this BOMB only works on the 98.5-02 VP trucks. For detailed information about the purpose, design, and function of the high idle fooler, please visit the following link: http://articles.mopar1973man.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=51:high-idle-mod&catid=26&Itemid=107 I wanted the three high idle control switches to be easily accessible, but otherwise out of sight when not needed. After looking around for mounting ideas, I decided to locate the switches in the factory ashtray. Figure 1: Factory ashtray taken out of cab, flipped upside down, and the decorative faceplate removed. I drilled the sloped portion of the ashtray to accept three DPDT micro switches to control the high idle functions. Once I had the switches in place and tightened, I soldered the necessary resistors and wire leads in place. Figure 2: Once all the wiring was done, I snapped the decorative faceplate back on the ashtray. All the wiring beneath the ashtray is neatly concealed by the faceplate. I wrapped the remaining wire leads in 1/4" plastic conduit. Figure 3 Finished product, with the three high idle switches labeled: ECT- Engine Coolant Temperature, IAT- Intake Air Temperature, MSS- Mode Selector Switch (6 cylinder default). Figure 4: The final result. Now all I have to do is open the ashtray and flip a switch to enable the high idle function (Note: I also have my TST Comp box remote mounted in the ashtray). Once the high idle mode of my choosing is enabled, I simply close the ashtray and the switches are neatly hidden away. Cool! I tell ya, this is a great modification. The high idle fooler works like a charm, and is going to be a wonderful thing to have during the winter. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  3. The 7x.009" are rated at 75HP. With mild pintle lift (.010") they are rated for ~90HP... The CPP's are nice. Did you opt for the SAC or VCO nozzle? I just upgraded to a set of SDX 7x.012" SAC injectors with pintle lift. All I can say is- WHOA!
  4. My answer- Upgrade your injectors AND stack with a Smarty. The Smarty will let you de-tune (sw #0) to where no smoke is produced if you need to meet emissions. Beyond that, larger injectors will allow for quicker turbo spool, more power, and perhaps even better fuel economy. IMHO- 100's are the limit the HX35 will support before smoke and EGT's become a real issue. If you are going to stay with the HX35, you will probably want to look at 50-75HP injectors.
  5. All that, and only a Class I receiver hitch out back of the boot...
  6. I believe they are the same. There are no carrier breaks, so you should be good to go for the swap...
  7. My setup consists of the ported wastegate / adjustable actuator that came with the Killer B2, in conjunction with an adjustable boost elbow. Very plain and straightforward, nothing elaborate. To make ~50+psi boost (from 40psi)I manually adjusted the wastegate to dump at ~47psi, and then adjusted the boost elbow to gain an additional ~3+psi. In short, it's nothing special. I'm still happy to provide pictures if you would like...
  8. Kewl! I figured it had to be either an SO or HR VP44 to fuel the 250's. Thanks Paul...
  9. I may eventually take you up on your kind offer... BTW- I noticed you have an HO motor. What IP were you running when you made that awesome 671 HP?
  10. Now you have x2 offers, and one is even in the same state!!
  11. What's an EGT gauge? I thought 1400 was the number of party points I was earning for the run...
  12. Amazing!! Just imagine if it hooked from the line on...
  13. I know it's very far out of your way, but if you want to come out to CDA, I'll remove the cat/muffler and weld in the new delete pipe for free (provided you bring the proper sections of delete pipe ). Just wanted to throw that out there as a consideration...
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