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  1. PM replied to. Not a ton of work if you have the factory tow hooks. I basically clamps onto those. Just a little work to get in to the bolts from behind the bumper but no big problem there. Doug
  2. I have one of the ones that mounts to the tow hooks sitting in my basement collecting dust. It was given to me and I would be more than happy to pass it on. Doug
  3. If you're needing a BHAF air filter I have a slightly used one I need to get out of my basement. Yours for free. I will try to make a trip up to Diesel Outfitters soon as I need some things done in preparation for a very long trip east. Doug
  4. I think that was Brad loading up the resupply ship for the islands. I know he would do that.
  5. I used http://brakeperformance.com/ for the rear brakes on mine. I went with the slotted/dimpled rotors and their premium pads. I had done EBC on the front of my wife's 4Runner and found these were of just as good quality at a significant savings. I actually like the pads over the EBC pads. Doug
  6. Mine needed a full rebuild at 70k. Metal in the pan when I went to get the fluid changed. Guess the overdrive clutches aren't heavy duty enough for the load. I have to say I know its because of how I use it. Loaded with camper, wife, dogs and provisions we're at 13.5k. Took a coastal trip down through Oregon and California mostly on Hwy 1. A lot of speed up, slow down driving. I always use tow/haul mode with the camper on and the exhaust brake is always activated. But having all of that weight in the truck is pushing it. Unlike those that tow heavy trailers that have their own braking, mine is all in/on the truck. I agree that the shifting needs work and will probably get the H&S box. Doug
  7. Moving to Cape Cod to be near my wife's family and just a days travel to mine. Closest I've been since leaving for the Air Force in 1976. Kids are on their own and I can work my job from just about anywhere. Time to be around family again. Doug
  8. They wore out too quick and didn't seem to stop any better than the stock ones. Not worth the price for what they cost. The Brake Performance rotors and pads I put on the rear are way better than stock. Truck stops a lot better, especially when hauling the camper. Never detected any brake fade even when driving HWY 1 down the California coast the last two years. My truck loaded with the camper and everything weighs around 14.5K. Even after 3 years and probably 40K miles they are still going strong. And there is no uneven wear on the rotors. I think you would really appreciate that setup towing that big 5er you have. Bonus for you not having rear duals is you don't have to remove the axle shaft to replace the rotors. I'm hoping to do the front ones this year before my big move back east. Doug
  9. I didn't care for the EBC I ran. Bought slotted/dimpled rotors and pads from http://brakeperformance.com/ . Been very happy with them. Doug
  10. Just looked at the window sticker for my 2008. The BLUETEC Ultra-Clean Diesel System was a $9K option. The BLUETEC Diesel Badge is even listed in the Optional Equipment. Anyone want to add that option to their truck? I'll gladly sell you mine Doug
  11. Yeah Kelly, been very, very busy here. We are getting the house ready to sell. Trying to get work to let me be a full time remote employee versus the unofficial mostly full time remote. We are hoping to be able to move back east to be with family. Medical issues with elderly parents mean we have limited time left. We've both been away from family for close to 40 years and its time to be back nearby. A lot of work and cleaning out from 15 years of accrued stuff. Doug
  12. Hey Paul I have an older depth/fish finder with side scan if you're interested. Cleaning out the basement and finding lots of things to get rid of. Doug
  13. If considering Fort Stevens I'd go north over the bridge to Cape Disappointment. Shorter walk to the beach and nice and quiet. Heading south we usually make a detour to Pacific City to hit the Pelican Bay Brewery. Our overnight south of there is Beachside State Park. It is a tight fit for the bigger rigs. Our other favorite is Humbug Mountain State Park. Nice spots and from the lower campground its a short walk to a very nice beach. Enjoy it all. The Oregon coast is a great adventure. Doug
  14. Very nice camper. Same model as mine but newer. Lots of room. I have dealt with Lance a couple times for things for mine. Call them with the serial number and they can tell you exactly how it was configured from the factory. The dealer in Yakima is good if he needs them. Doug
  15. Check for codes. Key on/off 3 times quick. Some other things could be loose or damp injector electrical connections, but that would be indicated by a trouble code. Doug
  16. Paul, if he needs any information about the camper I can help as I have a 2007 Lance 1191. With that estimate I would guess his is about the same. I would be a bit cautious if it were an 1121. Several folks on the RV Forum with the older 1121 models have had problems with the frame under the slide. Not many issues with the newer 1191 models though. Nice campers, a bit heavy, but lots of space. We find ours still has a good amount of room inside with both the 100 pound St Bernard and 230 pound Mastiff. The dealer in Yakima, Hill's RV is very good too if he needs them. Doug
  17. Try brake performance.com. I have their pads and rotors on the rear of my dually and prefer them over EBC at a lot less $$$. Doug
  18. For good quality brake stuff at good prices I go to http://brakeperformance.com. Just checked and they list brake lines as well as calipers, pads and rotors. Doug
  19. Although I have pretty good AT&T coverage at my house I still use the CenturyLink DSL at home. The cellular network is my backup. Doug
  20. I have bought rotors and pads from http://brakeperfomance.com. Great products and a considerable savings over EBC. Running their dimple/slotted rotors and premium pads on the rear of my dually. Great stopping performance over stock, especially important hauling over 5K of camper. Plan to do the fronts when I have the ball joints done soon. Swapping rotors on a dually is just a bit more work as they are bolted to the back of the hub. Doug
  21. Depends on the part of Nebraska you're going too. The state is 500 miles from Pine Bluffs to Omaha. When I go to Omaha it takes me two and a half days by myself with the camper. I prefer the I-90 route across Montana and South Dakota versus I-80 across Wyoming and Nebraska. Probably because I spent so much time on I-80 when I was stationed in Cheyenne and Omaha. From where you're at its a toss up to go across Idaho to Salt Lake and then east or jog up to I-90. Of course you could do one way going, the other coming back. I usually make a stop in Cheyenne as my ex-inlaws are there and its still good to visit with them. Doug
  22. I got mine the other day and it once again only applies to parts previously replaced with their parts. They are not offering anything for the recurring parts failures of their less than adequate factory stuff. They only issued this because some of the replacement parts have had failures that could result in loss of steering. So my guess is that unless you have paid the dealer to replace the worn out parts and they used defective replacements, they aren't going to do anything for you. Doug
  23. Hi Ben. Will be up one of these days to see you and Mike. Need to get that front seal replaced and trans serviced. Do you have a good place that can balance tires correctly?
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