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  1. I've has the Sirius subscription for quite a few years now. It has been great when taking long road trips. On my 2008 dually I had to get a magnetic antenna because the slide in camper would cover the one on the roof. That has worked well except when I was living in the woods and the route to work had trees all over. Wife's 2016 Toyota 4Runner has it and she is very happy to have it. I have it now on the 2016 2500 and again long road trips it is very nice. Today my wife asked for the login so she could get the online streaming. She had Pandora but it is now part of the Sirus/XM group. I have not subscribed to the UConnect services as I don't feel the cost is worth what little it provides. A couple years ago they tried to really nail me for the subscription renewal. I called and was able to work out a significant discount. Sort of like what goes on with the cable companies. Doug
  2. Fuzzy Bear

    weight dist hitch, what type?

    My trailer came with a newer version of the EZ Lift system. The bars ride on the bracket on the trailer tongue and slide into holes on the hitch. Our 2 week road trip last year we had no issues. Of course I was towing with my 2008 dually. Haven't had it out yet with the 2016 2500. That is next week's adventure. Doug
  3. Fuzzy Bear

    new to me truck

    Haven't yet towed with my new to me 2016 that has the 3.42 gears and 68RFE transmission. I did notice the other day when I was doing some highway driving that the RPMs at 70 mph were under 1500. That makes it really nice for highway driving mpgs. Will get my first towing experience in a few weeks. Our 30' travel trailer is not a really heavy load but it should be just right for this new setup. Still running on the first tank of fuel and the lie-o-meter is saying 17+ mpg. A good improvement over the 12-13 with my 2008 DRW. Doug
  4. Fuzzy Bear

    New to Me 2016 2500 Megacab Longhorn

    Will be saving on registration as it can be registered for 2 years and at a lower cost. Annual inspection will be less as it will not require an hour of shop labor they charge for doing commercial inspections. Going form a 2008 to a 2016 my annual excise (property) tax will be a couple hundred more for the next year or two. After 5 years it goes down to less than $100. Really looking forward to having veteran plates again. And if we do move to New Hampshire later this year it will be even better. Doug
  5. Fuzzy Bear

    New to Me 2016 2500 Megacab Longhorn

    And being a Longhorn the interior is dark brown saddle. Would make you feel right at home. Looking forward to our first camping trip of the season next month. Headed north to New Hampshire to scope out a new place to live. Doug
  6. I listed my 2008 3500 for sale last year when we decided to sell the Lance camper and go for a travel trailer. Not a whole lot of interest from the online ads and the dealers were only offering auction prices. That wasn't near enough for a very clean west coast one owner truck with 118,000 miles. Then about a month ago a guy from upstate NY contacted me to see if it was still available. We managed to work things out and so I had to look for a replacement. Hard to find a good clean used truck without a lot of rust here in the Northeast. Add in that I didn't want the usual black, white, grey, red or silver. But the stars aligned and I found a clean one owner 2016 Ram 2500 Megacab Longhorn in Western Brown. Not a great deal on the price, but it was local and in line with what I could find many miles away. So Friday I finally got my new truck.
  7. Fuzzy Bear

    Airbag install

    If you're ever going to have a slide in camper you might want to out the valves elsewhere. My current and former trucks have them at the bottom of the body just in front of the rear wheels. Easily accessible and never had a problem with the valves getting gunked up. Doug
  8. Fuzzy Bear

    Winter weather

    Still haven't had any measurable snow here on Cape Cod. We've had plenty of cold weather, just nothing with a good accumulation of snow. Western parts of the state have had several occurrences. It caused us to cancel a trip see our puppy at the breeder's. We are planning to go over next Friday to pick her up. More incentive to move to New Hampshire. Stay safe! Doug
  9. Fuzzy Bear

    Another properly loaded monster toy hauler

    Duh, it's the warehouse for the Canadian syrup and whiskey😀 Can't just leave those things out in the open. Doug
  10. Fuzzy Bear

    Finally found our camper!

    I had them that way for my campers. I gave them to the new owner. Doug
  11. Fuzzy Bear

    2018 f450 update

    Seemed like I could never get my tires balanced right. Finally ordered a couple sets of the beads. Added them to the set of stock takeoff wheels and tires I bought last year. Resolved most of the problem from when I had them broke down to replace the rubber valve stems. Rubber valve stems do not stand up to 80 psi I would run when loaded with the camper. Decided to swap back to my slightly wider Nitto tires and added the beads to those. Been running them all summer and no more problems. My opinion, worth the price as it saved me from several attempts to get them balanced. Doug
  12. Fuzzy Bear

    Camper Cover

    To take the load off the camper jacks when it was off the truck I used 4 adjustable jackstands, some pressure treated 4x4s to go side to side and on top of those some 2x6s to go front to back. The jack legs themselves were on those yellow plastic blocks. To keep the jackstands from sinking I had some pieces of 3/4" pressure treated plywood under them. As a portable platform I took a 4x8 sheet of pressure treated 3/4" plywood and cut it into 4 2' x 4' sections. Notched each halfway through in the middle so two pieces could be slid together to form an X. If the ground was not level some rocks or wood blocks could fix that. Those sheets rode under the rubber mat in the bed for the entire time I've had them. Passed them on to the new owner when I dropped off the camper. I also provided a little more room between the bed rails and the side overhang of the camper. Doug
  13. Fuzzy Bear

    Camper Cover

    Not primarily but if the leaves are there it will be all the more enjoyable. We were up that way last year and really liked it. Haven't done any camping this year as we sold the truck camper and just recently picked up a lightly used 2016 Grand Design Imagine 2600RB. This will be our first adventure out with it. We spent several days at Schoodic campground last year and really wanted to go back and tour all the areas we couldn't go with the camper on the truck. We wanted to do two weeks so we could check out areas in New Hampshire and Vermont. Should be some cool places to explore as it will be harvest time and in Vermont that means cider and doughnuts! Doug
  14. Fuzzy Bear

    Camper Cover

    For my truck camper I always used the antifreeze in the lines and traps. It only took a couple gallons and was fairly easy to do. Hot water tank bypass made it easy. Running fresh water through the lines in the spring is not that big a deal. Going to be a whole different experience this winter with our new to us trailer. The previous owner included the worn cover as well as a brand new one they got under warranty. The old one got wore out at the corners at the rain spouts even when they used tennis balls to cover them. First trip coming up in a few weeks. Two weeks in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Will be nice having more room and not having to skirt around two HUGE dogs. Doug
  15. Fuzzy Bear

    need help deciding

    Probably won't happen this year. Trying to get all settled with the new to us travel trailer. Finally got it into the storage lot yesterday. Have to make a few improvements and get through a huge project for work. Then we'll be off for some relaxation. We'll be at the Schoodic campground for a week and then heading west to Vermont. Did the Maine part last fall and it was fantastic. Doug