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  1. Powerstroke7.3TurboDiesel

    New Years Eve Bonfire and Ride/camp

    I am getting a few people together for a bonfire and optional campout new years weekend. We're gonna go to Darrington and stay somewhere in the hills near there so we can ride, shoot, camp, and generally have a good time away from all the people that will complain about various kinds of noise and so on. Open to all, dont care who you are. I will be bringing a few quads and will have extra machines if someone wants to ride one. all i ask is if you break it, you fix it or buy it. Its alwasys lots of fun when we do go. pm me here, email me kimbercustom1911@gmail.com, or call or text 3607203572.
  2. Heres the link to the thread in the forum, followed by an explanation. http://dcatv.com/forum/index.php?topic=1604.0 So heres the deal. For those of you that have quads of all kinds, there is a "club" not unlike NWB. This club is centered around Woodland, WA. I have yet to ever meet or ride with them because its a little of a trip from up here in the north sound area. I have recently been talkingto the owner of the club and he said thatthere are alot of people around up in this area that are in the same shoes. they dont want to go al the way to Oregon to ride for the day. Therefore, he is interested in opening another chapter or charter up here in the sound or NW WA area. So, for those of you that are interested, we are being invited to come to the next club ride which is in January at a place called Nicholi. I have never been there, so i am unfamiliar with th area. if someone has, please share the information that you do have. I am going to try and make trip for the weekend pending my head gasket cab off adventure. I have extra machines that i will be bringing if need be. I am looking forward to this myself since i have the new sportsman and am actually trying to get out and ride more often now. I have a few placed to ride nearby here and the more people that get involved, the more places we can find to ride and the more often we can ride!
  3. Powerstroke7.3TurboDiesel

    Smoke On The Mountain 2011

    I saw 1 NWB sticker so I wanted to post here too. He was a 2nd gen red 2wd, with NWB decal on canopy. The videos thbat were taken on my camera we're uploaded on my page. Www.youtube.com/2005powerstroke4x4. Sadly a couple of teenagers took most of the video. I apologize in advance, lol.
  4. Powerstroke7.3TurboDiesel


    ok, If you have me on the facespace, you can see all my pictures there. i did upload 2 parkinglot drivebyt videos on utube.
  5. Powerstroke7.3TurboDiesel

    Smoke on the mountain 2010

    Thanks to all that came and Bob V for organizing and leading the way. We had a decent showing for the crappy weather. The food bank was happy to see us and was very glad we came by. Hopefully more shows next year. Anyone get the final counts?
  6. Powerstroke7.3TurboDiesel

    BBQ and Burnouts Saturday Aug 14th

    Are there any Ford Guys coming to this. I noticed it wasnt on the NWFD board. I gotta head up that way to get my tow straps and all anyway. I tink i will be out numbered by lots of less cylinders ppl, lol. Good thing No dyno, i would be embarassed by the stock 12V trucks, lol.
  7. Powerstroke7.3TurboDiesel

    Bremerton Dyno Day July 31!

    I might have to make this so i can see where i am at...
  8. Powerstroke7.3TurboDiesel

    Stuck truck, neeed help please

    The Extraction was complete about 6 or so. Thanks a million to Mark and Robert. Couldnt have done it witout ya. alot of winching required but we got it out. i hope i can repay one of you guys someday for all the help. Thanks again! definately appreciated! we hoped to have a video of the dodge pulling the ford out so you guys could ge ta laugh, but the battery died. darn the bad luck....
  9. Powerstroke7.3TurboDiesel

    Stuck truck, neeed help please

    My truck is stuck off of Hwy 2 near stevens pass. I will load a picture to give and idea. The picture shows worse than is, we dug most of the snow around the truck out. just need a pull to get traction. Anyone that can help please call 3607203572 as i will probably nor be online. I have chains, straps, and a cumalong. thanks guys,
  10. Powerstroke7.3TurboDiesel

    Common rail auto tranny strangth stock

    So obviously I am a Superduty guy. I am thinking of steping up to a CTD. I am interested in doing things in the name of common sense and realistic possibilities. I want a manual trans, but i know how hard they are to find. that and havin to deal with it in traffic. I am mostly worried about the limits of a stock auto trans on the 04-07 5.9 trucks. I know they can be rebuilt for 6k or so but that is a little out of my range, so i am llloking at what mods can I realistically do without bloing it up? Will just a intake, exhaust, Edge and smartie blow it up? My 2 options that i am considering are the dodge if i can swing something in an auto or an 05 or newer superduty cause the the 5r100 is actually a decent trans and the truck will make 400hp and the trans will hold with the right tunes. Thanks for the input guys...
  11. Powerstroke7.3TurboDiesel

    Memorial Day BBQ in Lake Stevens

    Yeppers. Monday, 26. around noon or 1pm or so.
  12. Powerstroke7.3TurboDiesel

    Memorial Day BBQ in Lake Stevens

    Dogs are ok by me. Just be aware that there might be kids around so if they are large or wild, take appropriate precautions.
  13. Powerstroke7.3TurboDiesel

    Memorial Day BBQ in Lake Stevens

    dieselfreak, on a different note, i have a KLR650 now. would love to go ride with yall sometime. I was the guy that took my 4x4 Polaris quad to tahuya last year with daryl.
  14. Powerstroke7.3TurboDiesel

    Memorial Day BBQ in Lake Stevens

    Yea i figure there wont be much of a turn out as most pple will be doing family things or dune trips or whatever. there is a group of s going camping in Darrington, but will be back home on Monday to grill and whatnot.
  15. Powerstroke7.3TurboDiesel

    Memorial Day BBQ in Lake Stevens

    I am primarily on the NWFD board, but want to have an open invite for this as i have met quite a few of you Bombers at eh Bomb parties and Smoke on the Mountain. Also, I am not currently a member on NWD, so if there is anyone from ther that wants to come its cool. I am going to do a BBQ at the new place out in Lake Stevens. I have plenty of room for parking. If you have a wuad or other off road machine bring it too, i wanna clear the overgrown trails out on the back of the property anyway. email (colt45packinredneck@hotmail.com) for address and phone number. Will start around noon or so and go till????? I can provide burgers, dogs, chips and similar. bring whatever you want to drink in the form of booze, beer etc...... For those of you not familiar with the area, I am about 20 minutes from Everett to the north east.