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  1. NWDave

    Aug 18th food list

    There's as many different ways to prepare pork belly as there is to grill a steak. Me, I follow the KISS principle, much as you do. Remove excess fat layers. Score the remaining fat (only deep enough to barely touch the "meat". Rub with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) to allow the spices to "stick". Salt, pepper, add some "secret squirrel rub", marinate over night (12-24 hours) in the fridge. Next day: smoke until about 190 - 200*, then grill the sliced and chunked pieces to get that crispy edge that's so popular. I'm cheating for the 18th, by using 2 packages of sliced pork belly (yeah, the thick stuff) and a solid piece of pork belly for a different run. I'll smoke all of it Friday to about 190 degrees, wrap in foil and refrigerate overnight. Saturday, toss the foiled packs onto Hoss'es tiny smoker to reheat back to temp, cube and slice, as appropriate, then into the cast iron skillet to crisp. Makes for tasty appetizers. Gonna need a lot of toothpicks.
  2. NWDave

    Aug 18th food list

    Guess I'll bring some of the all-American food, no, not bacon, but it's bigger brother, pork belly. Mark has already said he's got a corner of his smoker I can use.
  3. NWDave

    Aug 18th roll call

    Looking at the smoke report, we're not getting as much smoke as you over on the dry side, but, we're getting a fair amount, at least here in Whatcom County. More than enough to be noticeably irritating. I hope this isn't going to be a annual summer/fall event going forth. Last summer wasn't much fun either.
  4. As many know, I have no shame in borrowing a post and posting it to another forum for our kindred spirits lurking over "there". The wheel has come around and here's one from a gun forum I troll. https://www.youtube.com/embed/0BLsYRfgHWI Enjoy.
  5. NWDave

    Aug 18th roll call

    Unless the home front situation changes, I plan on drifting down Saturday.
  6. NWDave

    OK Help me

    It's engine #4 and I am going to put the NWBHOSS plates on the new truck.
  7. NWDave

    Updated forum!

    Careful with that old, Gary might get upset.
  8. NWDave

    Hey Russ or Kevin

    And here, I was blaming the crazy electrons again. Figured the negative electrons had won a battle or two and was doing a denial of service to a select few (me included).
  9. NWDave

    Hey Russ or Kevin

    Always wanted to say this: "I'm b-a-c-k..." I don't know about the rest of you, but a day without a dose of NWBombers is just too trying on a person. Well, it seems the site is up and running and I want to give a special thanks to those who stepped in and kickstarted the site or who talked to those who could. It's very appreciated.
  10. NWDave

    OK Help me

    In the words that I've seen posted around this joint: "GIT 'ER DONE!!!!!!"
  11. NWDave

    OK Help me

    As the saying goes, the ball is in your court, Mark.
  12. NWDave

    OK Help me

    Bad juju? How in the h-e-double hockey sticks does the plate name attached to a truck that gave you great service over many, many years constitute bad juju? I vote you keep NWBHoss. It's a tradition, it's history and it has a direct link to NWBombers (for those in the know). Personal note: I always wanted to plate my truck with "ITBEME" but someone else beat me to it. I reiterate: keep NWBHoss. It's as original as you and in my book, that ain't a bad thing. Any newbies or lurkers to this site, when they see that plate cruising somewhere, will say "Hey, I know that guy". Heck, you might get a free cup of coffee out of the recognition.
  13. NWDave

    Another long weekend

    Actually, Mark, I was referring to you as "well, except for a couple of them". The other one use to live somewhere around Marysville, then moved south, ya know, down far, far away from the corruption of EveSeaTac politics. You two have old school, OG values.
  14. NWDave

    Another long weekend

    Hey, youngster, I was being polite not dragging you in, BUT.....well, if it weren't for OLD PHARTS like you and me, these kids wouldn't know how to act.....well, except for a couple of them.