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  1. Nice find! I'm still enjoying mine after 17 years! This spot is only 5 miles from where I got stuck on my motorcycle last month.
  2. Great seeing you guy's! Have fun at the coast, Gary. Pleasure to meet you, Mike. Hi Hutch
  3. A few photos of the Saturday ride over the mountain to Skip's house. The first pic shows Loren getting his face cleaned by Jake. zoomed in Getting our bearings from another group with a map. The next few miles are quite memorable...this is where the trail got challenging. Made to Skip and Myra's
  4. Hey Cliff, It's mostly logging roads...but there are some sections of trail that are quite challenging! Steep and rocky! It was all I could handle on my '83 xt550 beast with dual sport tires. I think it was even pretty hairy for Jared on his modern Yamaha 450. It was fun, though. This is Jared on his bike and Dave (RiverRat) getting ready to ride. It was great to meet you guys. Mike and Sallie, thanks so much for hosting again...we had a great time. Thanks to all the chefs...the food was fantastic! What a great bunch of folks to have a campout with. We look forward to it every year. I wish we could meet up with Kelly (Sky King) and Mary in couple weeks at the campout they are planning, but I will be in San Jose at a meeting for work.
  5. Looking good, Wes! Glad you made it home safely and without any significant problems other than have to go straight to work. I have heard that all you need to do to BOMB one of those things is to show it to a certain Electrical Engineer!
  6. Our place will work! Hope a few of the locals can come over. Does Bill need a shady spot to park for the night?
  7. Fellmans will be there even if diesel is 6 bucks! Got another old bike...Yamaha XT550. Dave (Mr. Cob) will miss it this year...he is going on a 'round the country solo advetising trip on a new Ural that his local Ural distributor is modifying and loaning him. He leaves next week and won't be back until mid/late Sept. Man, what a lucky guy! Mr. Cob's excellent adventure
  8. Sorry I will miss this one, Chris....we are going out of town to visit my brother this weekend. Hopefully we can have some good meetings/BBQs in this area this summer/fall.
  9. Welcome to our neck of the woods! Vaughn probably has more recent experience with 97 but I drove it on Feb. 2, 2007 when I drove down to Shasta Lake, CA to pick up my Honda motorcycle. It was great then...no problems. I would think it would be better than 395 but it has been over 6 years since I used 395...seems like there was more twisty sections on 395. I remember getting the least expensive diesel in La Pine of all places! Gary, if you "iron butt" it up to Kennewick, you are welcome to use our guest room. Then you will have an easy driving day to get to CDA and have daylight to unload. If I wasn't going back to wo... wo...WORK next week (after a short 9 year break!) I could go with you to help unload.
  10. I will most likely be able to come by. Maybe do an oil change and fuel filter change.
  11. I got an email the other day that is supposed to be forwarded to 10 people...I will post the idea here instead. The gist of it was that consumers could possibly start a gas war by singling out Exxon/Mobil and boycotting their products. I don't know if it would work but it might be worth trying since they are the largest and most proffitable company and they might start aggressively lowering prices to regain market share. Problem is that too many people would be unaware of a boycott or just ignore it to save a buck on a fillup. The only way it might work is if the boycott is worldwide or at least nationwide and people stick to it until prices get down to where WE want them and the oil companies can still remain in business.
  12. Donyo did me a favor and checked out this Suzuki for me last week. He gave gave me the "Looks good to me, can't go wrong for 500 bucks" and that was good enough for me. I now have a legendary poor man's BMW 1982 Suzuki GS650G. Fixed a few items and changed fluids and it is a nice runner!
  13. Truefilter TMD25 is supposedly the right one for a 12 valve cummins. Anybody want to try one? Here is a link for one for $150 free shipping Trufilter
  14. I installed some Firestone bags on the Chevy I used to own. The bags are not very big and it takes very little air to pump them up. I installed the valve stems inside the wheel wells in a protected and accessible spot and just used a hand bicycle pump and a pressure gauge to set them.
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