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  1. rollincoal

    Two 3500lb trailer axles w/brakes

    Somebody's gotta need these things!
  2. rollincoal

    Two 3500lb trailer axles w/brakes

    Price drop 400
  3. rollincoal

    Two 3500lb trailer axles w/brakes

    Yes it is for both. And no offense taken. I couldn't find them when I searched so I was going off price of others. So needless to say I'll take less. Somebody just has to make an offer
  4. rollincoal

    Two 3500lb trailer axles w/brakes

    Anyone interested. Really need to sell these!
  5. rollincoal

    Two 3500lb trailer axles w/brakes

    Asking 600 obo. Thought about cutting and extending but I'd rather have a solid tube at the right length
  6. Two lippert 3500lb trailer axles with electric brakes. They are practically new. Too short for what I need. 68.5 spring centers. 83.5 Hub face. 5x4.75 lug pattern. Underslung leaf spring mount. Also have u bolts and brackets and some seals and spindle nuts. Have pictures I can text also
  7. rollincoal

    03 cummins ram

    Pm'd you
  8. rollincoal

    Trailer axles

    The old axle fried a hub bearing and chewed up the spindle and hub. Wheel ended up coming off. Luckily it was in driveway while I was backing up. Other idea I had was cutting off spindles on old axle and doing new spindles and either new brakes or use the brakes from new axles
  9. rollincoal

    Trailer axles

    But how do you leave the arc if you cut and sleeve in the middle where the arc peaks?
  10. rollincoal

    Any bow hunters here?

    What broadheads are you guys using
  11. rollincoal

    Trailer axles

    I have pictures that I can text
  12. rollincoal

    Trailer axles

    Two lippert trailer axles. 3500# rating each. Low miles. 5 lug pattern, electric brakes, comes with u bolts and everything to mount besides leafs. I bought these used and they're a little too short for my trailer. Center of leaf mount to center of leaf mount is about 68 1/2 inches. Asking $450.00 obo or trade for comparable axles that are wider. Message on here or text/call 425-327-3712 if interested or have questions
  13. rollincoal

    IDI injectors?

    My buddy has two 94 idi turbo trucks. Both 2500. One manual and one auto. He wants to get new injectors for the manual truck. Anybody have any recommendation on where to buy them. He'd like to get a little more power out of it for towing his camping trailer. Nothing crazy just reliable. He's also going to swap an intercooler into it. Any suggestions are much appreciated. He's looking at these http://idiperformance.com/injectors.php. But we can't find much for reviews
  14. rollincoal

    Looking For a Bow

    Check out archery talk.com. Tons of bows for sale in that range. If you get a chance go shoot a Prime at a dealer. That's what I'm going to get when I decide to upgrade
  15. rollincoal

    Looking For a Bow

    What's your price range?