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  1. rubystargoats

    want to buy a 8000 lbs Warn winch

    Wow, that's a lot to think about...... Thanks
  2. rubystargoats

    want to buy a 8000 lbs Warn winch

    Pat? Right now he is tempted to try the Engo but?? I have always used Warn with no issues.
  3. rubystargoats

    Fishing 2019

    So if Ben is going you are not planning on actually catching fish????🤦‍♂️
  4. rubystargoats

    Got moles?????

    Remember that body gripping or piercing traps are not legal in Wa. state, so not sure I would post pics if the trap works one of those ways. I have some that will sometime catch 2 at a time they come from Scotland... but I never use them.........I got them from the people that use to take care of the mole problems at the border crossing since they could no longer trap there I saw a lot of mole damage last time I drove thru. That does sound easier to use than mine.
  5. rubystargoats

    want to buy a 8000 lbs Warn winch

    Looking at the VR8 not the M8000 also hawser fairlead or roller?
  6. rubystargoats

    want to buy a 8000 lbs Warn winch

    No one has any input or advice on this????
  7. The SIL is looking to buy a winch for a friend at a Bible camp, thinking that for long term reliable use, Warn is still the best choice? If not what is better for the $$$$$? Also where is best price to buy from, maybe any of the vendors known to this site? It needs to go some where in Montana. Will also need the cable kit to run to the rear of the truck.
  8. rubystargoats

    Fiberglass matting for boat building

    If a roll of woven made it's way to the goat ranch some day I would be VERY grateful. If several rolls made it here for pick up by others that would be fine as well.
  9. rubystargoats

    Elkton to Coeur d’Alene to Indianapolis and back.

    too short of notice or I might have had something. Have a great and safe trip, country is really green and nice this time of year.
  10. rubystargoats

    Are there any other Bombers who drive SxS's

    I was just thinking about Skip and Myra, we haven't heard from or about them for quite a while. So he does still ride at least some?
  11. rubystargoats

    Headstud Comparrison

    I must have missed that. How much was it?
  12. rubystargoats

    Headstud Comparrison

    But how does that compare to stock?
  13. rubystargoats

    OVERPRICED, but interesting

    With it sitting that high up in the air.... just don;t side slope or take any corners......
  14. rubystargoats

    Pretty wicked sounding old motorcycle

    I always like the early H1 that I had but the CBX had the 6 cylinder sound that is just so nice. I have pretty much stopped riding, body hurts too much when I do.
  15. rubystargoats

    Help getting toy hauler home.

    Safe travels, enjoy the trip. Hopefully the weather cooperates..