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  1. rubystargoats

    Got moles?????

    And they are cheaper now I think they were $15 when I bought them 20 years ago.
  2. rubystargoats

    Got moles?????

    I use these but not sure they are available anymore and the one Hoss shows looks like maybe easier to use. I have caught doubles with these but not lately as I only have a few moles a year now. They are half barrel traps from Scotland. The couple that trapped moles at the Peace Arch park sold them back before the law against traps.
  3. rubystargoats

    Project revive 93

    Well........😩 I finally got back to the beast and...... Compression was 300 on 4 cylinders 400 on one cylinder and ....... 170 on 2 cylinders. I didn't bother checking the last one. At least now I know why it was only popping on one cylinder even after everything else checked out good. So next time I get time to mess with it, the heads will come off and maybe a death warrant signed. I do have a set of rebuilt heads on the shelf so if the bores Look good I may still revive it, maybe. 😕 The rest of the truck is nice enough, I hate to junk it.
  4. rubystargoats

    Front hitch on new truck

    I went and spent the $$$ to get the Warn kit for plug at the back bumper. It comes with connector, heavy wire, and a relay with a switch to cut power to the plug when not in use. It was easy to install and works GREAT. It also makes dragging stuff onto the trailer easy with the winch in the back receiver. If my memory is any good the mount was built by Lucky Jeff. I need to build another one for the SIL to send to a friend in Mont.
  5. rubystargoats

    Out with the old in with the new

    Much better, I need to do that for my boat if I ever start to use it again.
  6. rubystargoats

    What tires do you like?

    SIL put Goodyear duratrac on his this spring, he likes them so far but not enough miles or time to see how they last or traction in all conditions. So far in wet roads and light snow they have been good. I have always run BFGoodrich on the 2004, they have worn well and have good traction in everything but wet conditions, after a few years, they are pretty slippery on wet roads.
  7. rubystargoats

    Phat Kaw's Spring Maintenance.

    I have a tire machine... makes it really easy.....
  8. rubystargoats

    want to buy a 8000 lbs Warn winch

    Wow, that's a lot to think about...... Thanks
  9. rubystargoats

    want to buy a 8000 lbs Warn winch

    Pat? Right now he is tempted to try the Engo but?? I have always used Warn with no issues.
  10. rubystargoats

    Fishing 2019

    So if Ben is going you are not planning on actually catching fish????🤦‍♂️
  11. rubystargoats

    Got moles?????

    Remember that body gripping or piercing traps are not legal in Wa. state, so not sure I would post pics if the trap works one of those ways. I have some that will sometime catch 2 at a time they come from Scotland... but I never use them.........I got them from the people that use to take care of the mole problems at the border crossing since they could no longer trap there I saw a lot of mole damage last time I drove thru. That does sound easier to use than mine.
  12. rubystargoats

    want to buy a 8000 lbs Warn winch

    Looking at the VR8 not the M8000 also hawser fairlead or roller?
  13. rubystargoats

    want to buy a 8000 lbs Warn winch

    No one has any input or advice on this????
  14. The SIL is looking to buy a winch for a friend at a Bible camp, thinking that for long term reliable use, Warn is still the best choice? If not what is better for the $$$$$? Also where is best price to buy from, maybe any of the vendors known to this site? It needs to go some where in Montana. Will also need the cable kit to run to the rear of the truck.