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  1. My understanding is that those northern areas are very well settled....... by flys and mosquitoes...
  2. I check the ball joints every time I jack up the front for any reason.
  3. Trip is on but only going to SLC, not Yuma. Leaving at noon on the 5th returning on the 16th. Can take the truck if needed but planning on the Jetta.
  4. And it has more POWER than most of our trucks..... I would lose my license very quickly with a car like that and my budget would not support the tires I would kill. But it would be great fun... Great car, enjoy and stay safe.
  5. The best value is just going to another 7.3, the market will be bigger and the cost less. You would just need a short block from a forged rod engine and swap the rest over. If you were going to keep it and wanted the 6BT or had a customer in line that would pay $$$ for the 6BT then maybe. But that's just me.
  6. It's alive....It was the ECM and now It runs pretty good and sets a code for the TPS. Next steps are plugs. plug wires, fuel filter, and TPS. Also need to drain and clean out the fuel tanks, seems it must have been sitting for a while and the back tank is full of really old smelling fuel and if the front was that bad and the previous owner ran it thru, there may be residual gunk in it as well. I think I will run a bunch of injector cleaner thru it and leave the injectors alone for now. I am hoping that the daughter can get help with the fuel tanks because I still can't use my right arm for a few more weeks. She can do the wires, fuel filter and plugs and maybe I can talk her thru or just do the TPS.
  7. I would love the car and great price but...... I can't be trusted with something like that. My self control in that area is not very good....
  8. Looking at road trip to SLC and maybe Yuma March 6th thru 21? weather allowing.... Probably taking the Jetta so nothing really big. Taking I90 to 97 to The Dalles and 84 to SLC. Could take the truck if needed.
  9. During the last outage here, we cleared the lines our selves so we could at least get in and out. nylon ropes on the tree pieces and cut a section at a time. But then it was easy because one of the neighbors had a boom truck at the time.But it could still be done if you have a fiberglass ladder.
  10. The daughter got stuck on the west side of the Hood canal last night due to the winds closing the bridge. had to drive around to canal, so got home pretty late.
  11. We usually go late March or early April but in April you need to avoid spring break.......We would sometimes see new snow at Grand Canyon and Carlsbad Caverns but other than some freezing nights the rest was great.
  12. My youngest daughter used to go to all 3 days but now she is in SLC. anyone want to join me? If you only go one Day, Sat is by far the best day. http://sovrenracing.org/pacific-northwest-historics/
  13. I am just a few miles from there if anyone wants to camp here.
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