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  1. rubystargoats

    Covington to Viola (Rob"s) to SLC

    Getting close, Headed over on the 30th, pretty empty from Covington to Viola and back as well as to SLC.
  2. rubystargoats

    2006 Jetta Brakes

    Funny how that works, park in a way they don't like and get written up. screw up parts, buy off stuff on the wrong orders, lose parts, etc. and all is good. just DON"T park a little on one of the lines or stick out of your spot............................I love the place........ or at least I like the paycheck.
  3. rubystargoats

    Fuel milage not as good as hoped

    Well maybe in late April or May I will have time to look at a few things and maybe even see if someone local can run scans.
  4. rubystargoats

    Covington to Viola (Rob"s) to SLC

    Just got back from SLC and it looks like we forgot a few things...😲...... So,,,,,,, I think the SIL will fly up here around the end of the month or early April load the stuff in my truck (don't think everything will fit in the Jetta) and then over to Idaho to get the Blue truck. Probably have lots of space both from here to Rob's and to SLC.
  5. rubystargoats

    Covington/Renton to Salt lake city

    Last chance, Leaving Fri. afternoon. But it looks like we are taking 90 to 82 to 84.
  6. rubystargoats

    Fuel milage not as good as hoped

    Just the stock gauges with EGT and boost gauges added, no check engine light. It has gotten lower as the weather turned colder but runs good and pulls ok so maybe when the weather warms up a bit I will see an increase. It still gets better than the Ford Contour so not too worried about it. Might be a trip to pick up Robs truck when he gets home but not sure. My truck doesn't do well in the winter either unless it was plugged in for a few hours to warm up first.
  7. rubystargoats

    Fuel milage not as good as hoped

    It is not stock. It is the one I got from Ben, I don't remember what mods. Mostly trips less then 13 miles, it's been cold, and it takes it most of the trip just to get up to temp.
  8. rubystargoats

    Fuel milage not as good as hoped

    Last tank was 36 MPG, brakes not dragging 99 Jetta manual trans.
  9. rubystargoats

    2002 rebuilt title

    My son in law is very excited about getting this truck. Going to be WAY better than the 93 we were trying to get running for him......I am now praying even more that you get well and are able to return home......
  10. rubystargoats

    2002 rebuilt title

    It's ok since you don't know my SIL and he doesn't know you, you wouldn't be selling to a friend........I don't think he wants to spend as much as the truck would cost but I don't know that until I know a price and ask him. Is a 2002 past the 53 block issue? Ended in 2001 or some carry over into 2002?
  11. rubystargoats

    2002 rebuilt title

    Still waiting for a price........
  12. rubystargoats

    Covington/Renton to Salt lake city

    It is now firm scheduled. Driving U Haul truck down on Fri and Sat. March 8 and 9th. Shold have space if you need anything delivered to the Dalles or SLC area. Not sure exactly what the route looks like at this time. If the current weather patterns hold we will be going down I 5 to 84 to 15. so could do really quick drop anywhere along that route. Actual route end is Clearfield
  13. rubystargoats

    2002 rebuilt title

    So what is a ball park figure on what it is worth?
  14. rubystargoats

    2002 rebuilt title

    I have no idea of price n something like this but the SIL needs a truck. Not sure he can pay what it is worth but at least shoot me what you want and I can ask. And it is a long bed, yes?
  15. rubystargoats

    Covington/Renton to Salt lake city

    Since Boeing is paying most of their move, I think the Daughter is going to have me drive the Uhaul truck down with her and then buy my flight home. Her husband is driving down March 1 to get what ever place they are renting checked out and ready. The lease runs out on the place they are at up here at the end of Feb. so she will stay up here with me and finish up things and her work up here since the transfer is not until the 15th. I am only planning to stay down there for a day or so. I am thinking we will leave early Fri. afternoon and drive to The Dalles to stay with relatives for the night and then on Sat. to SLC. Probably fly home Sun or Mon. But things don't always go per plan.........