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  1. Not sure what fuel filter it takes, who knows, might be, I wasn't planning on changing the fuel filter yet. I will have to research it. Doesn't seem reasonable but it is a VW so ?????
  2. Finally got around to replacing the control panel. Have to remove all the dash covers, end plates, etc, the center console, arm rest stand and all in the correct order..... went back together a little faster than apart but still way more that it should take to just replace some controls. Also got the brakes checked, tires rotated and the oil changed. Hopefully good to go for another 2 years if I keep it. Also replaced the gear position sensor on the 98 Ford Contour so it is back in service. Not the way I would normally spend Thanks Giving day but with no one else around I had nothing better to do.
  3. Both filters are the same, came with 6 liters so just one change of oil.
  4. The kit I purchased came with 2 oil filters. I only find one accessed from the top. Is there another one somewhere under the engine? It has an skid plate so can't see much. Hard to believe it has more than 1 but??? it is a VW.....
  5. Insurance is being difficult, will not pay anything on the canopy and they are classifying it as an accident. I need to see if I can just find a good used one for under $500.00.
  6. Around here they are damaging so much stuff I would gladly harvest them. The deer weren't bad but the elk are way too many.
  7. WOW, that looks amazing. Quite a difference between that and your place...you have some work to do....
  8. WOW yeah, when I looked at the pic even before I read your caption, I was thinking that it was a very large animal for a deer.
  9. I just load them to my computer and use the edit function to resize them.
  10. I have had a lot of issues with the tubers rotting if left in the ground and I lost several of the ones I really liked. Plus I can till and re-mulch the soil every year. Without the wife and daughter to help all the other flower beds are now weeds. the rhododendrons are azaleas are doing good since they require very little care. I like begonias but I never spent enough time to get very many going and then never managed to carry them over to the next year, they freeze off really easy. You grow them in pots?
  11. yup her winter coat is coming in nicely and with all the fruit and berries she is eating, she should be pretty tasty,,,,mmmm bear meet.
  12. This has been hanging around the neighbor hood this summer also 2 cubs have been spotted.
  13. Finding space that doesn't cause exhaust heat and ground clearance risks, might be an issue. I know that without removing the spare tire from under the bed, I would not have a spot to do so.
  14. You could put an access hatch in the bed but the length and size of cable required would be a bit $$$$
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