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  1. If you buy the basic ones you don't have to do any welding or metal fab other than bend and screw or bolt and can use mostly wood structure with sheet metal skin overlay. should be cheaper and can be built to the size you really want/need.
  2. Buy one of the basic frame ones and build your own. My daughter is building one 5x8. I think it has 13" wheels I will take pics of the start tomorrow if it dries out....kinda wet out right now. I don't remember if it was good for 1500 or 2000 lbs.
  3. That's about the same times I was running on stock motorcycles in 1980. It is interesting now though that cars are getting way closer to motorcycle times. They were not even close back then. In 1999 I was running mid 11s, you are getting almost there in a car, that is impressive.
  4. Crumb, I am already committed to going to Oregon and back and then dinner with a neighbor. If you go again, hopefully I can make it then. I live only a few miles away from the track.
  5. Ok this is on for sure. Leaving early Sat. the 27th empty truck and flatbed down to Rickreal just west of Salem. coming back with space in the truck and maybe some on the trailer. Making another round trip in late April or early May but somewhat loaded both ways.
  6. I love it up there, lots of great hiking from Longmire and Paradise. Best to hike in the Spring when the crowds aren't as thick. In the 70s the ice caves were pretty good as well.
  7. And you get all that free exercise and conditioning without the expense of a gym membership....
  8. Playing logger the last few weeks.. Skidded a 100+foot tall 34 inch diameter log up the hill with the truck (lots of cable and a few snatch blocks) on the neighbors place so I could cut and split it up and then used the truck and winch to pull down a 95 foot tall fir on my place. Still need to limb and buck it up and haul the wood from the neighbors place. I have already hauled a few loads from the neighbors place.
  9. I like teh folding ones like that and you can attach them with latches so can be removed easy for cleanup.
  10. Looks like this might happen on March 27 and then some future date as well
  11. Yeah well,, no bids form me. I could really use some of the metal cabinets and a few other things but.. I currently don't even have space to get my truck into the shop so I need to do some space clearing before I add any more stuff. I am starting to think I need to sell the boat,sell 3 or 4 of the motorcycles, finish the VW bug project, build a shelter for the travel trailer.. etc..
  12. i don't know anything else about this but if you are looking for any office type stuff you might want to check it out. Shelves, cabinets, desks, chairs, tables, etc. The metal shelves and cabinets might be good for the shop. https://cyberauctions.com/PreviewAuction.php?cid=0&aid=972&srid=49#_
  13. E rated tires on trailers like the 80 lbs, it helps prevent sidewall cord issues when making tight turns. With dual axles the trailer tires actually have to slide side ways and get a pretty bad twist load to turn in parking or even some tight intersection turns.
  14. It looks like I may be headed to Portland with an empty truck and flatbed trailer in the next 30 days. Might not have much room on the way back.
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