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  1. We had a 1958 18 hp Johnson on our boat we used out of Neah Bay fishing in early 70s when I was in High school. It was still running strong when dad sold the boat in the late 70s...it actually ran better than the 1964 one it was paired with did.
  2. I would find them useful for a lean-to off the barn to park the 1947 John Deere B under but not sure when I would get down there to get them.
  3. Or a few wires that have no home..... I did take a few pics of the wire routes so hopefully all will end well. It is interesting on how these are built. Modular unites with different mounting bezels and the heat exchanger is a separate box that attaches to the fan, gas control block. You can't take either side apart without separating them first. It's the 2 week wait for the motor to show that worries me. My memory of how it came apart is not too good......
  4. OOOPppss missed a part... Kinda need this one.
  5. Might be using the trailer in Nov. at the Pateros place. Thought I might need heat and was tired of the blower motor squealing. Made it hard to sleep...Both of the blower wheels were frozen to the motor shaft so had to pull EVERYTHING apart to get the blower assembly out enough to get at the wheels.. Now when the motor shows up, I have a great jig saw puzzle...
  6. I have 110,000 miles of extreme street tune by Innovative Diesel, daily driving and towing 12 to 14 thousand pounds with the same program. easy 400 + HP at the rear wheels and no tranny issues. EGT issues yes and a replaced turbo control ring.but no tranny problems. The programing I have now locks out OD and keeps the TC locked down to 35 mph if I am in Tow haul.
  7. the current tranny is broken? Or he is just concerned?
  8. I redid the stringers on mine, encased them in fiberglass and installed a built in tank in between the main stringers so I no longer had the loose carry on tanks, replaced the floor and covered with thin fiberglass then used expanding foam to fill all voids under the floor. Probably added some weight but easy to clean and no fuel tanks sliding around or taking up space. I think the fuel tank I installed was over 20 gallons so replaced 4 carry on tanks. It also slightly lowered and centered the CG so increased stability.
  9. My first boat was a Mutiny with a 85 Merc. Loved that little boat but the motor finally lost ignition and burnt some wires so I upgraded to the 2052.
  10. Nice truck, My daughter and SIL live in Clearfield so they are pretty close to you. He is the one that bought Old Blue.
  11. Yup I have an adapter for a trailer or if you have a goose neck hitch then I have the comapnion 5th wheel hitch for it. I am just over in Covington
  12. Yup, no burn on DRW trucks, just the size and weight of the camper you want, and the $$$$ you have availble to spend, will dictate the truck you need. With a simpler 10.5' camper with no slide a SRW works great but if you step up to the fancy 12' with slides etc. then a DRW is the way to go. The fantastic rig he bought is definitely in the dually category. If you have a SRW and stay with the slighter smaller no slide camper then you can save money on both the camper and not having to upgrade the truck.
  13. I have never had any issues with a 10.5 foot camper and trailer for livestock and a bunch of goats or 21 foot boat with my SRW F350 with either air bags or now just the extended bump stops. My wife and girls would take cross country trips for goat shows with no misgivings but I can see with some of the bigger fancy campers it might be an issue.
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