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  1. Understand and I do not have much diesel experience and no Dodge experiance but I have had several gassers with scored cylinders caused by pistons melting out behind the rings in spots and not showing on the crown. Didn't know if diesels would do the same.
  2. But is the piston all there? Or did it melt off under the rings?
  3. rubystargoats

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    I was too busy looking at the huge turbo and all the other plumbing to notice anything not matching. That's a lot of tubing and welding, looks awesome.
  4. rubystargoats

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    I think some of you guys have maybe become a little over sensitive with him as well. Sometimes we have to give each other the benefit of doubt and not read anything into what is said.. Ben the new pavement is ready for your rat to mark it's territory on again anytime. That is one BIG spinney thing to spool up. It's gonna be good fun, can't wait to see it in action.
  5. rubystargoats

    Diesel Rat Rod (hopefully build thread)

    Nope, Bacon grease gets you in, the maple syrup holds you in.......
  6. rubystargoats

    COYOTES got my dogs attention this morning

    Sometimes there is no way to track and you just have to let it go.
  7. If no one chimes in to say they can take it north from Ben's, maybe just leaving it up here is easiest for now if that is ok. I don't need it right away so what ever works best for you is probably the way to go. I know it would eventaully make it's way back north from Ben's but I don't know if he want's to mess with it there.
  8. I think it is best to not try to meet, that time of day or place I am still behind on too many things here to take much time off on a Sat. There is usually BOMBERS coming north from Ben's area if it can't come north after the party and at least it isn't stuck at Dave's place. I am hoping there should be someone from this neck of the woods that will attend the party and get it close. If no one volunteers before you leave for the party, are you going to be back in Mill Creek for a while and I can try to get up there in a few weeks? Or ???
  9. Oh. just a weigh station. Well there really isn't anyplace good to pull off and traffic will be bad by then so guess best bet is to just get it to Ben's and hope it can make it's way up here after the party or soon after that. If Ben is ok with that. Hopeful it won't stay there at all but........
  10. What time do you think you would be in the Federal way area. There is a rest stop just past the Hy 18 interchange. (if it's open..) They only show the north bound side as still open. Anyone know if the south bound side is still open? Seems like last time I was past there it was closed.
  11. rubystargoats

    Two, WARN snatch blocks SOLD

    Thanks guys
  12. Wow thanks, I don't think we are going to make it down but hopefully someone there can drag it at least part way back up to here after the party. Or maybe I can catch you on your way down on Sat.? You are coming down on 5 ?
  13. rubystargoats

    Two, WARN snatch blocks SOLD

    No one has replied yet, I was hoping they would get a ride during the south BOMB party but ??. Otherwise I will try to get the SIL to pick them up next time he is up that way, he has friends and family up that way.
  14. rubystargoats

    Two, WARN snatch blocks SOLD

    yes to the snatch blocks and the hitch. THe check went out this morning.I did repl y to the PM.
  15. I need the hitch and snatch blocks from Dave/mr. cob in Granite falls to somewhere closer to the goat ranch by Covington before June 10th. Maybe someone close to Granite can take it to the South BOM party and send it back up this way? Or?? Thanks Dan