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  1. Canadian??? what??? we allow Canadians on the site. Since all of us have things we need to share or things that are helpful to others, blocking a person is not my first choice. If a thread or statement is offensive to me I can simply ignore it and rise above it. I never need to escalate an issue. If no one replies to a thread it dies on it's own and is gone. See James 1:19
  2. Well I have not yet even placed an add to sell the 3 cars I have plus a motorcycle or 2 so could be a while.
  3. We shall see what happens. I have been waiting for this Covid thing to stabilize a bit and then put all three on the market and see what sells.I want to get down to just one car and the truck. I will check back with you if I get ready to buy before you sell. Looking for fun to drive as the Firebird but better mileage and comfort.
  4. Not a bad price and actually I am thinking about going to a single car but I would have to sell all three of my current cars before I could buy it. Any one in the market for a 98 Ford Contour, 95 FIrebird Formula, or a VW diesel jetta?
  5. OK! the BOMBER express strikes again. The goat world thanks you....
  6. Wooo Hooo the boxes have started their journey. A big thanks to Dan and Dan from Dan.........
  7. These are still on the track schedule, we shall see what happens. July 3 thru 5 $25 for one day $40 all three. I am planning on attending all three days. Free camping at the Goat Ranch (just a few mile drive to the track) for this and the No-Prep Kings.
  8. I forgot to get back to this one, turns out it was caused by a bad alternator. I don't know if it was voltage or frequency or leaky diode causing AC instead of DC or ??? issue but now with alternator replaced.everything is good. The dealer fixed it so I don't know the specific details.
  9. Yup, the old one is a very heavy old thing. They don't make them like that any more. All cast iron, frame, all front end parts, rear axle housing and diff. etc.
  10. Good to see you Chad, I should have taken some PICs of the Loading...it was nice to have the lawn tractors help.
  11. He is close to long view and the Tractor Supply store is just off the freeway if he has time to meet you there. But he can answer that......
  12. I will help load it on the first truck or trailer that shows up for it..... It is a real solid tractor, real clutch, heavy transmission and cast iron differential etc. Also still has tire chains on the rear tires....I NEED to just start getting rid of stuff, I may need to sell this place in a few years and build a new place on my Pateros site.
  13. I have a 60s vintage Cub Cadet that has been sitting for many years and needs restore.... Free to good home. Ran great when parked 15 years ago, I was using it to plow snow on our steep private road. I have too many other projects pending to even think of dragging it out for me to do anything with it.
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