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  1. n7gxz

    Got moles?????

    I have 2 of them and they do work. Took 1 out to the gun club to get rid of the moles there and like wise no more moles. Kevin
  2. n7gxz

    Fifth wheel gooseneck prep into 2011

    In 2011 a factory under bed gooseneck option (2010-18) was offered but not a 5-th wheel hitch option (2014-18). Gooseneck package - https://moparonlineparts.com/2500-gooseneck-prep-p-6780.html 5th wheel package - https://moparonlineparts.com/2500-fifth-wheel-prep-p-7131.html Kevin
  3. Something else to think about tying the car down by the wheels or axles is the body will bounce around so you have to make sure you have clearance for that to happen. Kevin
  4. n7gxz

    New truck def gauge

    Gary, I don't think that will work as the fuel tank on the cab-chassis are aft of the rear axle which would allow space where the pickup fuel tank sits to allow a larger DEF tank on the cab-chassis. Kevin
  5. n7gxz

    Trailer supply places ???

    Not sure what the shipping will be but here's one for you. https://www.etrailer.com/dept-pg-Fifth_Wheel_King_Pin.aspx Kevin
  6. n7gxz

    12' G56 clutch tricks or tips?

    I've been running Redline MT-L in my G56. https://www.redlineoil.com/mtl-75w80-gl-4-gear-oil I see they now have a MT-LV which is a slightly lighter oil. https://www.redlineoil.com/mt-lv-70w75w Kevin
  7. Hoss, they do ship a cap for that plug with new trucks. I got one with my truck. Here's a picture of what you need. Kevin
  8. The article says the problem is: "The testing confirmed that the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems were defective". The pickups didn't get SCR until 2013 or 2014, cab chassis had it starting in 2010. Kevin
  9. n7gxz

    Pay It Forward Tool Box

    I'll be back down a Evergreen again July 11 to 15 if one of those days would work out. Kevin
  10. n7gxz

    Pay It Forward Tool Box

    Hey Ben, if you can get it up to Littlerock (Evergreen Sportsman's Club) Saturday I can get it to Dan. Kevin
  11. n7gxz

    New bags for the pickup

    I put PacBrake bags on my 2011 and I have B&W gooseneck/5th-wheel hitch and no problems. Kevin
  12. n7gxz

    Hey Russ or Kevin

    Various folks (including myself) were having problems this morning getting access. It was working around 4am but later it was not and now it seems things are back. Kevin
  13. Hoss, There is a thread on the TDR about modifying the cross member to allow access to that row of bolts. https://www.turbodieselregister.com/threads/aisin-crossmember-mod.258253/ Kevin
  14. n7gxz

    Big Load

    A shaft for what if you don't mine me asking? Kevin
  15. n7gxz

    Hay elevator wanted

    Here's one for $100. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2003080833284760 And another for $200 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/148293982509896 Kevin