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  1. n7gxz

    Hey Russ or Kevin

    Various folks (including myself) were having problems this morning getting access. It was working around 4am but later it was not and now it seems things are back. Kevin
  2. Hoss, There is a thread on the TDR about modifying the cross member to allow access to that row of bolts. https://www.turbodieselregister.com/threads/aisin-crossmember-mod.258253/ Kevin
  3. n7gxz

    Big Load

    A shaft for what if you don't mine me asking? Kevin
  4. n7gxz

    Hay elevator wanted

    Here's one for $100. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2003080833284760 And another for $200 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/148293982509896 Kevin
  5. Do a search for semi truck and trailer repair shops. Kevin
  6. Dave, When you try to do the cut-n-paste are the 2 tool bars at the top of the text input box grayed out or can you select things like the font, size, text formatting? I'm guessing you can select things. If you click on the icon on the far left of the upper tool bar (the one with the font/size on it), this should switch things and the tool bars will become grayed out. You should be able to paste your text in at that time. If you want/need to selective format things just switch back by clicking on the icon again. Does this make sense? Kevin
  7. n7gxz

    Airbag advice

    Starting with the 4th gen (2010) models the bean counters decided that a 3500 SRW did not need overload springs, only the dualies got them. Kevin
  8. n7gxz

    Airbag advice

    I put Pac-Brake on my 2011. I also added 1 gallon ping tanks and electric valves to fill/dump the bags from the cab. I have an engine mounted compressor (alla Kilby OnBoard Air) with a 5 gallon tank. Kevin
  9. n7gxz

    Need lower shift boot, 93 Getrag

    Is this the boot you're looking for? https://www.ebay.com/itm/89-90-91-92-93-1993-Dodge-Ram-GETRAG-360-First-gen-5-speed-SHIFTER-BOOT-PARTS-/132148190598 Kevin
  10. n7gxz

    Need lower shift boot, 93 Getrag

    Is the boot you're looking for the one that seals the shift tower to the shift lever? There is talk of a CV boot that will work. https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/moog-driveline-products-cv-boot-kit-9415/10198261-p?c3ch=PLA&c3nid=10198261-P&c3apidt=25035926521&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4L6m7LGr1wIVS5N-Ch1ZJg7WEAQYASABEgIcdPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Kevin
  11. n7gxz

    New noise

    Also check your pinion bearings as well. Kevin
  12. My dad is selling his 2001 truck if anyone is interested. Details - 2001 2500 white exterior/gray interior, 4x2, standard cab, 8' box, V10, 3.54 gears, AT, AC, PW/PL, If interested please contact me. Kevin
  13. n7gxz

    Tow dolly brakes

    What is the coupling on the back of the xfer case for the rear driveline? Is there a yoke directly on the output shaft or is it a slip yoke? If it is a slip yoke you'll have to disconnect it at the rear axle and tie it up under the Xtera which mean you'll need to reattach it if you want to move it under it's own power. My preference on trailer brakes are electric. Kevin
  14. I know that the very early used a smaller input shaft, 1-1/4" I believe vs. 1-3/8" on the later. Kevin
  15. n7gxz

    Anyone have any experience with old dozers?

    Hard to tell. If it has been sitting for some time the clutch disks could be rusted to the plates. The steering clutches are multi disk type, on the D2 there are 8 pair per side. Looking at this website (I got my replacement steering clutches from them) it looks like the D4D used both dry and then oil type steering clutches so you'll need to find out what the serial number is. http://www.tractorparts.com/ The D4D look to have used the bimetal type disk on the dry clutch so that is a good sign. The organic type would absorb moisture and swell. If this machine has the bimetal you might just be able to pull the clutch pack and take things about and clean then put it back together with out needing to buy new disks. Kevin