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  1. Jeepermc

    4bt cummins expedition

    Cool project man. As with the bronco, I want a ride when it's done!
  2. Jeepermc

    Need new tires for the Blue Mule

    Falken Wild Peak A/T's are gonna be my next tire in the 325/65/18 size. 10PR. and 34.6" tall. It will be weird stepping down from the 37" BFG M/T's but hauling the camper sucks with 37's.
  3. Jeepermc

    Jeeps we have owned

    This is what I started with in reference to Lucky Jeff's post on page 1.. It's a CJ-6 so it has an additional 20" behind the front seats before you hit the fenderwells. Fitment issues (not that my scrawny butt has them in a CJ-5 or flatty) are pretty much negated except for the tight door openings. The Perkins is a fun motor to play with but it sure hasn't been trouble free. Mostly just leaks and finding some replacement parts. I picked it up near Clarkston, WA. It had been sitting in a field for a long time.. last licensed in 1977.
  4. Jeepermc


    lol...Only when you let him!..
  5. Jeepermc


    Frankenstein- uh....slightly worn banks hat? I rocked it all day sunday.... Come on over and meet the T-bone next time. There isn't a person he doesn't like or attention he won't hog......I bring him out to socialize because he's a good representative of the breed. He's changed more than a few people's views on the breed. Alot of people have never interacted with a pitbull and have only seen what the media shows them. Alright, enough about the dog. Back to your regularly scheduled programming at the powershop...........
  6. Jeepermc


    Yeppers. That was him....he gets all excited bout the sausage.....
  7. Jeepermc


    They just told me to put my vicious dog in the truck. They did a driveby eyeballin him and then came back 15 minutes later to tell me "hey pal, There ain't a dog in this world that won't bite and when that one does it going to be bad.... Should I post some pics of him sleeping with the cat.....or getting a massage from the cat?? Oh...And definitely a big thanks to the Power Shop for hosting! I had 6 raffle tickets- 5 were winners!