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  1. marksmith

    New trucks are so expensive

    Somebody likes the new trucks!
  2. marksmith

    School me on 5th Wheels.

    Move heavy stuff around and get the nose heavier.
  3. marksmith

    Trailer hitch adapter/reducer

    I used an oring I had laying around and drove it home when it pinched between the tubing. When I upgraded to the 2.5” receiver, I had to drive it out. IIRC it was a 1/16 thick buna 70 material. 2.25” ID From memory.
  4. marksmith

    We are starting our 2 week trip today!

    Don’t worry, Yellowstone is only about 16 hours one way now. Lisa will show up with two pillows this time.
  5. marksmith

    1000ftlbs of torque

    When I bought my 18..... dealer had in writing they’d cover leveled vehicles with no larger than 35x12.50 tires. Could have been a Dave Smith only type of thing. Figured 37’s threw that section out the window.
  6. The only thing that I wish was better on my pickup was brighter headlights. Having ridden in one that has been swapped to 9011 HIR bulbs, I knew this was going to be an easy upgrade that doesn’t break the bank. I bought four bulbs off amazon for 60 bucks. First remove the plastic cover off the radiator. Remove the grille. Four 10mm bolts attach the top. Pull forward to unsnap it from holders. Lift gently then pull forward to get bottom to release. Head lights are easy after this point. Mark the heads of the two 10mm bolts to make it easier to position the housing when you’re done. The flap in the fender liner hides the retaining mechanism for the housing. Slide the white tab up. When the tab is slid up, and the bolts are out, the housing comes out easily with a gentle tug forward. Careful with finishes. Unplug the housing and move to the bench. Behind the cover plate is the meat and potatoes of the projector lights. The modifications to make the 9011 bulb fit into the 9005 housing is simply making half of one tab go away. Here you see the initial cut, then second picture is smoothed and ready to install. Simply replace 9005 bulbs with modified 9011 bulbs. And put it back together. Before and after. It’s hard to tell but they are definitely much brighter. By the numbers it’s 1700 lumens on the 9005 and 2350 on the 9011 bulbs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. marksmith

    Thinking about 33X12.50X20's

    It’s a device that allows for tire size, diff gears, tpms adjustments, and fogs on with high beam.
  8. marksmith

    Thinking about 33X12.50X20's

    Also, radius arm rigs don’t need lift for fitting tires. Proper offset and trimming the bulge on the back of the fender well will clear 37’s with a leveling kit. 37’s on 18” wheels rides awesome. 18’s and 35’s would be a nice combo too.
  9. marksmith

    Thinking about 33X12.50X20's

    Not sure what year Russ truck is. ProCal works on 13-17 and with adapter on 18. The 19’s are a different animal again from what I gather. The 14 will be no problem.
  10. marksmith

    Thinking about 33X12.50X20's

    Not sure you’ve thought about ride quality or not. I went with 33 on 20 wheels on my pickup. Magnified square edge bumps terribly.
  11. marksmith

    1999 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Laramie 5sp 4X4

    22x14 wheels out of the question??? or we up to ‘two footers’
  12. marksmith

    70 charger for sale

    ....... anyone want to spot me 14,999??? pretty sure the owner would come down a dollar for me.
  13. marksmith

    1999 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Laramie 5sp 4X4

    Bust your balls and you get all serious and stuff. Should I find a 4th gen bumper then???
  14. marksmith

    1999 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Laramie 5sp 4X4

    Shouldn’t you focus on making it move under its own power first???
  15. I recently had the displeasure of borrowing dads truck and having his Reese brake controller fail. Now I was raised that if you borrow it, and it breaks when you borrow it, it’s fixed before returning. Ive always used prodigy controllers. Years ago, someone here recommended them over all except the one Gary ran with the cable attaching to the brake pedal itself. So, I threw a P3 in as a replacement, and after arguing with dad about twice the cost of the Reese unit.... he finally got to give it a try. Needless to say, there’s another convert. Does anyone run the P3??? Only question I have is the display. On his Chevrolet, and my Ford, it’s always on.
  16. marksmith

    Prodigy brake controllers

    This is my first p3. I ran a P2 in my last three pickups.
  17. marksmith

    A good day on the water

    Seems you came away a rich man. Glad the day was near perfect.
  18. marksmith

    Sublimity harvest festival Fri,Sat,Sun

    Next time you see tanner ask him about stomping in a ground wasp nest. Seems 100% boy earned him a life lesson about yellow jackets while we were at grandmas. Has about twenty stings to drive that lesson home
  19. marksmith

    Sublimity harvest festival Fri,Sat,Sun

    Thank you for coming down! Whats not being said is the crazy guy volunteered to suffer my clan getting together to rip off and replace the deck on the from of my grandmas house!!’ Talk about all work and no play! There was blood sweat and tears donated by everyone that showed up. Grandma gave it a test go about 530 yesterday. She’s good for getting out of the house know. i cannot thank you enough for the help. Next time, we will have to do something normal like fishing.
  20. marksmith

    First Gen

    Sounds like you’ve been around a while!!!
  21. marksmith

    Looking at a 4th gen 2014 3500 day cab 4x4 stick....

    14’s should be good to go with a long press of traction control. if that doesn’t work, unplug one front abs sensor and let it rip.
  22. marksmith

    First Gen

    Valve body has to be dropped. Doesn’t need taken apart, just dropped as a unit. 1.25 inches from seat of spring to adjustment plate has been my go to for years. No leak accumulator piston and toss the spring out when you drop the valve body to adjust the line pressure. I refill with 3 qts non detergent 30 weight. Top off with atf +4
  23. marksmith

    First Gen

    Fuel pin. Governor spring. Increase line pressure a touch.
  24. marksmith

    First Gen

    Fuel pin and governor spring first. Advance timing. Look at supply pressure. Replace both soft fuel lines at back of block. Drive it and enjoy 20 mpg.