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  1. Stock units are in fact A518 transmissions. Can’t find literature on a 618. As long as it’s a stock, overdrive trans, it’s what’s under there.
  2. RH/RE is lockup version 618 is OD version of 727. Some reason I was thinking it is 518 though.
  3. You have one band. It controls second gear. Not shifting to second is accumulator piston or apply piston bypassing. Rest of trans is clutch packs.
  4. 55 with a trailer in CA eats up a lot of time. I’d head East and down also
  5. I have never had issue with reusing factory tubes. Remove them completely before removing injectors. Final torque on install to 44 ft lbs. Cummins says 37, but they leak. II recommends 44 also. In fact they have a detailed install that takes through the steps. Never once had issue following their steps exactly. If you get the Bosch injectors and reuse your tubes, ask about warranty. I don’t think II warranties either without new tubes.
  6. I’ve used Industrial remans lots. No issues. They started forcing the replacement of genuine tubes to keep contaminants out. While I disagree, most people aren’t very clean about handling them and it is a valid concern.
  7. I wouldn’t worry too much about 1/8 on just the magnetic plug. Fairly normal.
  8. Not shifting into 2nd can be as simple as a worn accumulator piston in the bore. The fine stuff shouldn’t be that deep in bottom. A layer that you can make finger marks in is normal, but ability to pile up is not. Pull the valve body and replace the accumulator piston with a no leak style. See where that lands you. If it’s not that, the apply piston may be getting cocked in the bore and sticking. Factory rebuild parts aren’t too expensive for your truck. If you don’t put big pieces through the converter, you shouldn’t need to buy new. Just the clutches and steels. Only special part is a press to take apart the overdrive housing. You’ll need a specific tool to allow you to press it and remove a snap ring, with enough stroke to let the load off the spring. If you have a press, I have the special tool I’d let you borrow. Rest is just paying attention and reading dial indicators, calipers and competent use of feeler gauges. If you’re thinking of more, see what valve body mods your builder used. If stock, Transgo shift kit is a must.
  9. Stock. All lifted short bed GM trucks I’ve towed with seem...... twitchy. For lack of better description
  10. I have found that lifted IFS trucks are definitely less stable feeling while towing. Short trucks make it that much more pronounced. The power in the duramax and Cummins is just a program away. Two stock trucks, side by side with similar body configurations..... the duramax will be your better/cheaper tow rig.
  11. Last I knew, that press was still hanging in the snap on truck.
  12. Liquid nitrogen makes things fun too. My freezer sets at -3 to -5. Never found a situation where I needed anything colder.
  13. I’ve taken a month old cutting from a pile of vines. Stuck them in dirt and watered. 9/10 started growing. Year later, I have 7 of the originals that I have to transplant out of their bucket. Cuttings are very hardy. Heard once that the only way to make a grape die is to remove the stump, and now the shoots for a few years.
  14. Old Dominion, oak harbor freight, or peninsula truck lines will most likely be your least expensive option.
  15. FWIW if three different bulbs suck..... possibly it’s not the light source, but the housings themselves
  16. Best h7 bulb I’ve found so far is from Danielsternlighting.com. Osram used to make a 65watt h7, but quit manufacturing them. This guy has them specialty built for him now. basically h9 bulb on h7 base. 100w has a good chance of melting housings.
  17. My capitalist side says good for Costco. Not the business owners responsibility to ration goods. It’s just to sell them. Last I checked, there hasn’t been a price increase.
  18. They have read outs for pressure, but no lights and alarms. One ton pickups don’t require them. 3/4 ton do.
  19. Were those XRF joints???? My CRS on brands is kicking in. As far as install...... they’re fun. Cost snap on a joint press. Make sure your press is up for the challenge.
  20. I beat the snot out of my 99 Frontier. Good little pickup. 200k on it when it went away for my first Cummins.
  21. Want me to send you my pressure tester?
  22. I would hope a zf6 or whatever Ford 6 spd manuals are. The shift nice, and stay nice.
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