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    Fire pit patio project

  2. HOSS

    Fire pit patio project

    I dont think we will go to Park Lake but I want to try and get to Banks or Roosevelt for Walleye.
  3. HOSS

    Fire pit patio project

    I think you should take it all apart and do one row straight and the next sideways and alternate each row!
  4. HOSS

    Fire pit patio project

    Damn thats going to look good!!! I plan to tear out my back deck and replace it with pavers they work so well around here they dont rot from rain and they dont crack like concrete. I hope to see it in person some day and sit at the fire with ya!
  5. HOSS

    Fire pit patio project

    I have been on the wrong end of a plate tamper doing paver driveways when I was working for a landscaper. Don't miss it one bit.
  6. HOSS

    clutch not disengaging

    Call Peter and get new hydraulics
  7. HOSS

    Fire pit patio project

    What a nice yard!!!!!! Very cool!
  8. HOSS

    12 Valve Injectors question

    I think he is looking for some info on these injectors not which outfit to buy injectors from. Here is some info on sac injectors. I know nothing about the Contagious diesel company sac vs vco
  9. I went to visit Ben yesterday and take some parts down for operation Babe and on the way I stopped to see Dave Conrad and picked up a TR1 Autopilot from him!!!! A huge thank you to Dave for the great deal I cant wait to get it installed and running. This will be a game changer for me being able to run the boat and work the gear on the deck for Terry. Its a very stressful situation now when I cant run the boat and help with gear at the same time.
  10. I was at Nelson petroleum fueling up a couple hours ago and I scrolled though the info on the dash and when I hit the tire pressure page it showed my driver's side rear tire 15lbs low! I grabbed my tire gauge and checked myself and it was dead on what the truck said. I started looking at the tire and saw a nail dead center in the middle of the tire. I am at Les Schwab getting it fixed now. I would not have noticed until it was most likely too late if not for the pressure gauges on the tires. The worst part is I was heading home to load the camper on for a trip in a couple days. That would have sucked to have it let go with the camper on and the boat in tow.
  11. HOSS

    One more sleep

    Sure it should.......half way though an exhaust change!
  12. I was just wondering how many miles people go between oil changes specially on the newer trucks. Dodge says go 15,000 between changes in my 2014 and I can't wrap my head around that. I am using delo 400 not Amsoil or any other full synthetic. I couldn't bring myself to go past 5000 miles before the second oil change. I did a complete fluid change on the entire truck right after I got it home. I plan on doing 5000 mile oil changes just for peace of mind. What are the rest of you doing?
  13. I think I will just stick to my 5,000 mile intervals. That's what I do in the Jetta as well even with full synthetic. With over 200,000 it just seems like cheap insurance to me. At least it works in my head.
  14. HOSS

    My new project

    Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. HOSS

    Anybody coming from Hoss's area south?

    Good seeing you and catching up Dave!!!
  16. HOSS

    I got a new Diesel in the garage.

    I cant wait till the upgrades start! HOOD STACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. The new truck has horrible brake dust. I assume they are the original pads and they have quite a bit still left on them but man they turn the wheels dark in no time. The previous owner did not bother to clean them at all and they have slight pitting in a few spots but it nothing that can't be cleaned up. The brake work well even with the camper and boat (the exhaust brake is awesome!) But when I do the brakes I would like to use a pad that is not so bad on dust. If I have to sacrifice braking for less dust I won't bother but if I can get good braking and less dust please let me know what to use.
  18. I have been going through my winterizing of the camper getting ready to put it away in the shop for the winter. Flushing and draining all the tanks, antifreeze in the P traps, replacing the anode rod, removing all food any other unnecessary items. One thing that happened this summer that surprised me is the trim seals started breaking apart. Mostly where it wraps around the front of the camper. The more I looked the more I realized it was the same everywhere so I went to camping world and picked up a 100ft roll of the stuff and started removing all the old stuff and replacing it. It's easy to do just time consuming and leaves tiny broken pieces or trim all over the place. It's very brittle and breaks apart easily. Installing the new stuff you just push one side into the groove and pinch the seal to get the other side in then run your finger along the edge to push it into place. Here are some before and after pics
  19. HOSS

    I little family bombing

    Ya gotta love that! What a great weekend
  20. HOSS

    Terry's birthday fish

    They are rainbow
  21. I took Terry to Rufus woods fishing for her birthday since our trip to fish Columbia River salmon got cancelled. We had a great weekend the campground was almost empty and very few people fishing. I would have loved to find some walleye but this is a lousy time of year for fishing them. We caught few decent fish the first couple days and on her birthday Terry got a real treat! I had just got lines in the water when the first pole went off and she brought in a nice 8lb fish and she got that pole back in the water and I was cleaning her fish when the same pole went off again. Before she could get it out of the pole holder it started taking line! She fought it for 10 minutes and I had to beg her to not try to horse it to the boat. The first time she saw it she went nuts! After a couple trips to the boat and a couple runs we got it in the net. She landed a 13lb hog. That was the best birthday present I could have got her. The first couple pictures are the 8lb fish the rest are the big boy.
  22. HOSS

    Quartering a moose

    Yes it is!!! I knew they were big but until I actually stood next to mine and started gutting it I did not realize how big. Ivan has a really slick setup for transporting and quartering moose!
  23. HOSS

    Question on brakes

    I use my exhaust brake almost all the time as well. I don't know why Ben was always telling me I didn't need one. These things are great!
  24. HOSS

    Thank God for new technology!!!

    I am glad they dont have a warning myself. I change my air pressure so much that I dont want a damn bell going off every time I drop a few psi. I run more pressure when using the camper and towing and in the summer in general and air down for traction in the winter. I have 70 psi rear and 60 psi in front right now for hauling and will lower to 50 in front and 45 in the rear when empty.
  25. HOSS

    New shoes!!

    Yep those are limited wheels. They are really nice but Byron says they are impossible to keep clean