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  1. The weather kept us off any decent fishing areas Nothing but dogfish caught today. And caught a lot of air under the boat. Got into some fun weather a couple times.
  2. They are both doing fine so far.
  3. Truth!!! I don't know if they changed something in the parking brake system on the 4th gen trucks but the 2014 is no joke! It holds very well! My 02 will stay on level ground and that's about it. I think I would kill the engine before I could make the Jetta move with the brake on.
  4. Nice!!!!!!! By the time I am 70 I will need one of these to get me from the house to the shop! But mine will have to have a turbo on it!
  5. I am taking Ben and Pat out halibut fishing this morning! Making Ben get up at 3:00 am priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting them out in my boat and heading to Hein bank when the forecast is calling for 3-5 foot seas by 11:00 am even more priceless!!!!! Any bets on which one of them I can make puke first???????? Its going to be a great day!
  6. Boy do I get this! My 02 has a emergency brake I could not trust to even hold the truck let alone a trailer and add the camper and all bets are off. I replaced the pads and adjusted it as best I could and still nothing. I was planning to replace all the cables hoping that would help and man they think those things are gold plated! I wouldn't mind if they actually worked. On the flip side the new truck has a parking brake that could hold a train!
  7. If there was ever a truck that screamed "I need to be a dually!!!" this is it!
  8. Speak for yourself! I am kissing everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. As far as I am concerned it's still a go. I feel pretty confident that all this stay at home crap will be over by then so I ain't scared.
  10. Great job!!!!!!!! Ya gotta love passing on the knowledge and love of being your own warranty station!!!!
  11. A non lockup 47rh????? Why the heck would they even do that? I realize that getting the lockup converter to work is a pain unless you do a mystery switch (a button to lock the converter) I put a 47rh in a friend's 93 and when he decided he needed the lockup to be automatic not on a switch I had to turn it over to Diesel outfitters to complete because figuring out the electronics to make the lockup and overdrive work was outside my paygrade. It works great to this day several years later. I would seriously consider making the transmission perform as it was designed to. Give Mike a call and ask him what it would take to make the lockup work.
  12. The buildup would not be a concern I am sure that's what you were saying just wanted to clarify
  13. The sure cure kit from transgo correct? and a billet accumulator piston? I wasn't sure if I was confusing the first gen trans with a second gen.
  14. The stuff on the magnet was is really fine or course like drill shavings? I would not be at all surprised to not be able to see the magnet as long as it's fines and not chunks. I am trying to remember what all we did to Terry's first gen auto? I would think a line pressure issue would be an easy fix. Mark Smith knows much more about these than I have forgot
  15. This is Marks complete sentence "Two stock trucks, side by side with similar body configurations..... the duramax will be your better/cheaper tow rig. "
  16. HOSS


    that sucks!!!!! I was bummed when one of mine died after a tire rotation but luckily Les Schwab replaced it for free.
  17. Nice! A guy has gotta love doing his own maintenance
  18. I would take Grandpa's truck for a try out also. if its a 3500 I bet you will like it, most likely with stock suspension and tires it will be a more stable tow rig.
  19. Just sayin......this pertains to cars also
  20. Man I don't want to be coming at you and have the sun reflect off that bumper!!!
  21. COOL!!!!!!!!!! I hope this happens its been a long time since we have seen each other!
  22. Did he pull the old one on with the new one?
  23. The truck looks great Wes!
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