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  1. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! I know when I was kid there was no such thing as the Bank of Dad! It was the bank of Get yourself a job!
  2. HOSS

    Engine oil leak

    turbo oil line? Oil filter? these are the first things I would look at
  3. I feel your pain Russ! Are you planning on taking the same route that myself and Dave took and going with a Aisin? I still find myself reaching for the shifter once in a while but when I do I don't miss it Every Friday is drive the truck to work day because I don't even want to drive the Jetta in stop and go traffic.
  4. HOSS

    Fifth wheel damage

    That sucks! Good thing they are footing the bill not you!
  5. HOSS

    Winch wiring on 2018 Ram

    I was thinking a switch similar to the second one Mike posted, similar to the emergency power off switch I used on the race truck. That way you could install it close to where you are normally when using the winch and have a quick way to positively cut power when you needed it and if for some reason you wanted to leave the winch hooked up for a period of time it makes a nice safety against accidently powering it up.
  6. NICE SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ol' Tom Sawyer whitewash the fence trick!!!!! I wonder how many are thinking "who is Tom Sawyer and what is whitewash?"
  7. Travis I have a friend who has a 2017 6 speed truck he is a die hard hand shaker as well. He did a south bend clutch in it already because the stock clutch was having issues with towing his 5th wheel and the clutch slipping. He has driven a couple Aisin trucks now and if he had it to do over would have gone with an auto. I know I am glad I made the switch! With all that said the transmission works very well and he likes it he just has a huge 5th wheel and I think that the fact that these engines love REALLY low RPM's make it harder on a clutch to live.
  8. This is exactly what I found when I tore mine apart. The seal between the pump and the motor allowed fuel to get into the motor side and end of story.
  9. Nice!!!!!! Good on Ben and your dad for helping out and you for doing your own work!!!!!
  10. July 13th and 14th From Multi engine tractors to diesel trucks! Anyone interested? I am really wanting to go AND WATCH!!!
  11. HOSS

    Sled pulls at Skagit Speedway!

    You should have brought her to the pulls!
  12. There is a time and a place for everything. On a public road with a camera in one hand is not the place to be going that fast. I don't care great of a driver you THINK you are things happen way to fast at those speeds to make the required corrections and people die because of it. A closed course go for it! With that I was young and dumb and thought I was bulletproof once too. Stupid is as stupid does and man was I stupid in my day.
  13. HOSS

    Sled pulls at Skagit Speedway!

    In this last picture my phone created a panoramic shot from 2 pictures but it cut out the sled in the second half
  14. HOSS

    Sled pulls at Skagit Speedway!

    This is a tractor Bob Grenzo worked on http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5d2b5bd987f1e/VID_427820805_014038_288.mp4
  15. HOSS

    Sled pulls at Skagit Speedway!

    I had a great time last night with Dave and Wendy and Rusty. There were a lot of NWC trucks there and Jason Burton and his son both pulled. DJ Callaway was there as well and his truck looks awesome! They did not have huge numbers of trucks which was actually good because they had diesel trucks, gas 2wd and 4wd pulling trucks, smoker tractors, multi engine pullers. There was something for everyone they even had a few lawnmowers. Rusty and I went into the pits after it was over and checked everything out. I talked to Jason for about ten minutes about racing at Spokane and pulling.....I don't think he ever figured out who he was talking to [emoji1787]. After a few minutes I thought "he doesn't know who I am" at that point it just seemed to awkward to say anything. DJ was busy wrenching on his truck trying to repair something so I stayed out if his way. I was thinking about going back again today. They pull at 2:00 today.
  16. HOSS

    Got moles?????

    I found the ultimate mole killing machine! This thing is cheap, easy to use and it works!!!!! I ordered it off Amazon for $32.00 and it showed up last Saturday afternoon. In 24 hours I got 4 moles with this one trap and I have 7 total now. I am running out of moles to catch. I keep looking for new mounds and today on the way to the shop from the house I saw a couple new mounds so I set it. On my way back to the house an hour later I saw the tell tale yellow and pulled out another one! It's called a Gopher Hawk you need to get the kit that comes with the tapered point tube and the trap itself. Inside the tube is a rod that you use to find a tunnel. You do not dig up mounds or anything else. You buy additional traps for just over $20.00 if you want but I am having no problem getting them with just one. This thing is plain fun!
  17. While replacing the NOX sensor in my truck I had to remove the passenger side front tire, when I took the tire off I noticed what looked like a quarter stuck to the tread right in the middle of the tire. It wasn't a quarter it was what is left of the head of a huge bolt or screw stuck in my tire! I came to Les Schwab after work and when they removed it they said they can't plug it the hole is too big ( yeah I know the story of my life) [emoji1787] So a new set of 285 75R 18 Toyo AT2's are going on right now. My feelers are not badly hurt I hate those highway tires that were on it anyway.
  18. We just got hit with an earthquake that shook the house big time!!!!! It did not last very long but man we moved a lot!!!!!!! I was just sitting here having a cup of coffee and replying to a PM and all the sudden we started to shake! My coffee cup was full and it actually spilled coffee out of my cup. I am awake now! My mom would be freaking out right now if she was not in Nampa. The E word (she wont say earthquake) is her biggest fear!
  19. HOSS

    1997 Dodge 2500 4x4

    That's a win-win! and you didn't have to deal with a ton of Craigslist dough heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. HOSS

    1997 Dodge 2500 4x4

    This sounds like a "it was meant to be" thing!
  21. HOSS

    1997 Dodge 2500 4x4

    I am glad you had a quick painless experience!!!!
  22. HOSS

    Got moles?????

    I always probe for the tunnel away from the mound. I just got my first one in a few weeks today. Terry found some new mounds around her garden. I found a fresh mound and probed around it until I found the tunnel and then I opened up a hole into the tunnel and used the probe to open up the tunnel and see where the bottom was, then I put the Gopher Hawk in the bottom of the tunnel and set it. That was yesterday and we got home today and it was yellow! Success!!!
  23. HOSS

    Sled pulls at Skagit Speedway!

    See ya there Dave! Rusty is going also