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    25 Good Years

    That's a dang good run!
  2. I have not removed that knuckle yet to try to get it out. I am sure it will be no problem in the vice once I remove it.
  3. This weekend I got the 6 speed done on my friends truck and another buddy of mine brought his 04.5 down and I did a 1000 mile service on his rebuild that I put in and replaced his bent lower control arm and put on a set of Nerf bars for him. Then I did an oil and fuel filter change on the Jetta and rotated the tires. Once those things were done I drug the wife's Santa Fe out of the lean to and towed it into the shop to start bringing the Enterprise back to life. I am going to remove the engine and transaxle and replace them with a low miles used replacement. Travis came by while I was still on the Jetta and dropped off a load wood so I have something to do in my spare time. I call her car the Enterprise because that AWD V6 will boldly go where no one has gone before. A set of studded snow tires and you cannot get that car stuck! Until you loose the timing belt. Which was the factory belt with over 200,000 miles on it. Yeah I dropped the ball on the maintenance of this car.
  4. It's nice to see the cam and crankshaft timing marks all line up correctly! It is coming along quickly now but I am stopped by the broken crank position sensor. I ordered a new one and was sent the incorrect part. Now I need to find the right one before I continue too much farther and bury it.
  5. Heads and cam caps are torqued and valve covers installed. The water pump tube and thermostat and intake manifold are also on.
  6. The heads are assembled and the cams are timed. Now to torque the heads and continue
  7. Yep I tried them and Rock Auto and Jegs etc etc.
  8. I have searched everywhere and can't find a replacement carpet kit for this car [emoji3525]
  9. No new wheels or anything but I am going to remove the seats and clean or replace the carpets and thoroughly clean the interior, I am looking for a set of heated seats for it.
  10. So shiny!!! Now the reassembly begins
  11. It took her a year to decide what she wanted to do. I told her she could get a new car or we could fix this one her choice. After we got the truck and she saw the bells and whistles I thought for sure she would want a new car. It was the opposite, she likes the heated seats and all but she does not like all the buttons and doodads to have to pay attention to. Thats what sold her on getting her car up and running again. The least I can do is make it as nice as possible for her.
  12. HOSS

    Builing a compound set up

    Sorry about the thread hijack Your effort will be well worth it! Excellent job!
  13. Yesterday Ben came over and we pulled the head off my 02 to see where the damage was. Number 4 is lightly scored and no other obvious issues could be seen. Head gasket is fine. Ben went home with my spare engine and the head from the 02. Babes engine is 0.020 over and I have a 5 more good 0.020 over pistons exactly like the ones in Babe so the plan is bore the spare engine 0.020 over and get a rebuild kit with all the gaskets and a set of rings. I will pull the Stage 3 Colt cam and tappets and all the bolt on goodies off babe to put on the spare engine. We will get 6 good pistons from the 10 0.020 moly pistons I have and assemble a fresh rotating assembly and put the head from Babe back on and the Colt cam as well as the DDP injectors and valve train. Ben is going to handle the disassembly of the spare engine and getting the machine work done while I remove the bad engine and tear it down and prepare Babe for her 5th heart transplant. Once we have a complete engine Ben will bring it back up and we will install it then get Babe ready for sale. Ben wanted to do the engine work that I had no interest in doing and a running truck is by far the most profitable (boy is that a contradiction in terms!) way to get rid of the truck. So here we go. This is not on any kind of timeline and we are not in a rush to make this happen so when it's ready it will be ready. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  14. HOSS

    Builing a compound set up

    That injection pump is dead sexy!
  15. How did shawns poor vision turn into me not being able to tell the difference between a 6BT and a 4BT???? I have personally removed the engine from this truck alone more times than a lot of mechanics have done these engines....... I am a freakin expert at this and not in a good way.
  16. Got a little done after work today. The water pump, AC compressor, alternator and timing belt pulleys installed.
  17. I have a passenger side front door with glass a driver's side quad cab door and a passenger side Fender and inner fenderwell. The fender needs a little bodywork. It's yours free if you take it all. I just want it gone.
  18. Parts have been arriving daily. I have the new brakes and struts, the head kit (the heads are at the machine shop) I have to take the new guides from the head kit to the machine shop on Monday. The timing belt/water pump and pulleys are here and the new AC compressor, a new crank position sensor and wheel speed sensor, serpentine belt and tensioner and pulleys. Still waiting on the alternator and few other parts but I have a ton of work I can get done now. Time to start some assembly!
  19. You never know if the light burns out either.
  20. A gauge is way better in my opinion. I know WAY to many people who never noticed their idiot light come on. If I was going to put one on a truck I would find somebody who could rig the light to make it flash and use a bright LED.
  21. I have a white front fender and both quad cab doors and one front door I will take pictures tomorrow and show you what I have.
  22. HOSS

    Looking for a small 4X4

    The wife's Hyundai Santa Fe AWD is a great winter car. They are fairly cheap and a lot out there. The 2.7 V6 has plenty of power but not the greatest fuel economy but with studded snow tires on it I call it the Enterprise because it will boldly go where no man has gone before. You can't get that thing stuck I have tried. They are hard to kill also. Terry's made it 213,00 on the factory timing belt.
  23. HOSS

    For Sale 1999.5 VW Jetta TDI

    Yes it was...... Just sayin