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  1. HOSS

    OXE 150 at Miami Boat Show

    From the link about the engine Cylinder Block and Head: the cylinder block is made of strong gray cast iron, with five main bearings. To minimize weight, it features an aluminum cylinder block, Huh????????????
  2. I always used Stanadyne when I added anything. I haven't used any additives in quite a while. Never in the Silver truck. I suppose I should. A 2001 I did a bunch of work on recently needed the in tank pump replaced and I was surprised to see the inside of the take spotless. This truck sits for long periods of time, I am talking is spent over a year without moving recently. and zero water in the filter canister and nothing but clean diesel in the tank. This truck has never had any additive of any kind used.
  3. HOSS

    Fishing 2019

    I am looking forward to getting my TR1 dialed in. I have the same poles! Good Kokanee gear!
  4. HOSS

    OXE 150 at Miami Boat Show

    I slobbered all over the 200 Oxe at Dave's work when he showed it to me. Your right Ben I NEED one!
  5. HOSS

    OXE 150 at Miami Boat Show

    I want a 200hp version but they are way out of my price range.
  6. HOSS

    ISO Canopy for new truck

    Looks great!!!!
  7. HOSS

    Winter weather

    I am going to have to replace the gutters on the shop this spring. The last time we had snow like this when it slid off the shop roof it took my woodstove chimney out and tore up my gutters. I put up a deflector to save the chimney but I just patched the gutters. They will be trashed again after this but this time I am going to put up some type of gutter cover (leaf guard or something) so that the snow won't grab the gutters on the way off the roof.
  8. HOSS

    Winter weather

    On the news they have been showing apartment building carports collapsing under the weight of the snow and marina covered moorings as well. Very similar to in 2008??? I think when the same thing happened. I shoveled the snow off the doghouse roof because I don't trust that building and I am afraid it will fall under too much snow.
  9. HOSS

    Winter weather

    We got dumped on again last night! I haven't gone out to measure but I bets its at least 6 more inches. A lot warmer here so its very wet snow not the cold dry stuff.
  10. HOSS

    Winter weather

    Those block heaters are energy hogs! I don't remember the wattage but its a lot! I would plug it in by itself I bet its fine.
  11. HOSS

    Know this pickup?

    Your close the Aisin is in 2013 and up 3500 Rams that are designated Heavy Duty. Note not all are Aisin! not including cab and chassis like Mr. Smith said. Reminds me of a Judas Priest song! Just look for the trans fluid dipstick on the drivers side of the engine compartment. That's an easy way to know its a Aisin
  12. HOSS

    Winter weather

    We got a few more inches this morning the drive in to work today should be interesting depending on what was done last night as far as plows go.
  13. HOSS

    OK Help me

    Yes sir! I couldn't have it any other way.
  14. HOSS

    OK Help me

  15. HOSS

    Winter weather

    It's 10:30 and we have 3" of new snow at the house so far and it's dumping more!