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  1. HOSS

    25 Good Years

    That's a dang good run!
  2. I have not removed that knuckle yet to try to get it out. I am sure it will be no problem in the vice once I remove it.
  3. It's nice to see the cam and crankshaft timing marks all line up correctly! It is coming along quickly now but I am stopped by the broken crank position sensor. I ordered a new one and was sent the incorrect part. Now I need to find the right one before I continue too much farther and bury it.
  4. Heads and cam caps are torqued and valve covers installed. The water pump tube and thermostat and intake manifold are also on.
  5. The heads are assembled and the cams are timed. Now to torque the heads and continue
  6. Yep I tried them and Rock Auto and Jegs etc etc.
  7. I have searched everywhere and can't find a replacement carpet kit for this car [emoji3525]
  8. No new wheels or anything but I am going to remove the seats and clean or replace the carpets and thoroughly clean the interior, I am looking for a set of heated seats for it.
  9. So shiny!!! Now the reassembly begins
  10. It took her a year to decide what she wanted to do. I told her she could get a new car or we could fix this one her choice. After we got the truck and she saw the bells and whistles I thought for sure she would want a new car. It was the opposite, she likes the heated seats and all but she does not like all the buttons and doodads to have to pay attention to. Thats what sold her on getting her car up and running again. The least I can do is make it as nice as possible for her.
  11. HOSS

    Builing a compound set up

    Sorry about the thread hijack Your effort will be well worth it! Excellent job!
  12. HOSS

    Builing a compound set up

    That injection pump is dead sexy!
  13. How did shawns poor vision turn into me not being able to tell the difference between a 6BT and a 4BT???? I have personally removed the engine from this truck alone more times than a lot of mechanics have done these engines....... I am a freakin expert at this and not in a good way.